Someone else who has tracked down G’s Tzvarnoharno to The Herald Of The Coming Good….

eye of the cyclone



From John Henderson’s website:

“One does not use a word processing program for creating images, drawing pictures, or for photo editing. Well, perhaps some may make the attempt; but, though they may try, it will yield poor results. Unfortunately, we students of Gurdjieff’s literature have made a similar error — we have been trying to make sense of Gurdjieff’s teachings for a long time, but we have been using our comprehension of his words in our attempts. But words, as Gurdjieff tells us, carry only the relative sense of anything (BT, p. 15, 25); accordingly, words carry only some small part of his message. We must learn, as he says, to use our “mentation of thought by form.”

As he tells us in Meetings With Remarkable Men, he was in his youth schooled in a style of writing called “the creation of images without words,” but we have not given…

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