Using Our Lists-

So, these Lists are the issues of our e-zine, Jae Kamel’s URLs (JKU).

When a List is posted here, sometimes WordPress will make the links hyperlinks, and sometimes it will not. When they are hyperlinks, they’re a different color, and you just click on the link to go to that page & site. When they are not, there are two standard methods: (1) select the link and right-click, then select “open link” or “open link in new tab”; the exact wording varies with what browser you’re using; and (2) select and copy the link, then paste it into the address bar. Both ways get you to the page and site.

Let us know if you find any dead links (DLs), and we will replace them for free.

As time allows, either myself or Jae will activate the links, on a List that either wordpress  or blogger has chosen to publish with inactive links. WordPress is especially inconsistent regarding publishing linklists with active or inactive links.

E-zine updates are always found on Jae Kamel’s URLs on FB  .  You can link to posts and documents from there. Each List, is always available as a post on either blog (the other one is Using A Chicken To Measure It With ) , or a a document in the onedrive, below.

The newest copies of the documents can be found here: . See there JKU Index 2016    , the Index and Table Of Contents (TOC), as well. When using the onedrive, sometimes microsloth word will not display the document correctly; if that happens, download the document and open it on your own computer. If that doesn’t work, please notify us so that we can fix it.