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Important Update –

If you have been trying to listen to the dubshow, sometimes the Dropbox link and folder doesn’t work – but only in WordPress!

The mistake or glitch in is these WordPress webpages themselves. So, just copy and past the url into you browser’s address

bar, and it will play for then. One link is direct to the dubshow, the other one is to the public library there, which Henry maintains

for us in connection with his curating our collections (henryjay.wordpress.com).

These links work, and in wordpress, as of March 9th at 440pm, LA time.



Yet Another Minute, Passed.

First, a correction for the slideshow (link at bottom of post), which some of you tried to watch.

I have renamed both the .exe and .scr to city4, so
that you can easily see it. They open with no problems in, for example, Windows 7, and also XP; but just in case your installation doesn’t
have an app that can play them –  windows explorer should play them – download IrfanView. Not an ad, and I couldn’t say if I did work
for the man, yes? But with IrfanView, any windows explorer can play those files, and shouldn’t really need the IrfanView.
Speaking of my work…. yes I don’t talk about it, from the usual non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, and so
on; but I think L.A. locals will know about what kind of studios and research firms there are in Culver City, which is in my profile.

But at work I make dubshows, temporary ones to listen to when I’m working. So, after Jae and co-workers saying I should share those,

I’m sharing one with you today, and hope you enjoy it. The next one might be, say, some Jazz, then later some Ambient and Deep House mixes, say.

Feel free to comment.

This link works:

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72484081/Freedom%27s%20Waiting.mp3   }the mp3, about 24 minutes, really a shorter dubshow.


More of Today’s News with Jone Dae.


February 17 continued:

    Hi kids! Some of you already know about Henry Jay Koehler. He’s the retired attorney and fine artist, who has been

curating the image collections for 5 of us, usually making collages of them, and posting them on his blog, henryjay.wordpress.com . He was made collages, an art her shares with Jae, of Jae’s facebook albums and galleries.

Recently though, he has been overwhelmned with the image collections themselves. He is working with a total of over 10,000 images, with no more than half of them being duplicates, and that is a lot of work. He has already posted more than 1 gigabyte’s worth of fine art collages on his blog. Jae and me talked about this, and the result is, that Jae will post the galleries of his images, some of them facebook albums, here on my blog. We feel that this will reduce the workload on Henry. Additionally, we may transfer some of the collages of them here too, so that Henry can free-up some memory on his blog.

So, to celebrate this new content of this blog, I’ve uploaded for you his brand new, previously unreleased collection,

The City – Volume 4. Reply here with any comments. This is probably his best City collection yet, but we’d like you

to judge that for yourselves and tell us what you think.


c4042a c4070 c40010 c40012 c40020 c40022 c40030 c40035 c40040a c40050 c40080 c40134 c40190 c40195 c40201 c40210 c40212 c40214 c40230 c40260 c40271a c40272 c40273 c40274 c40276a **SMOKING STARS** Joaquin Phoenix sports a mustache as he stops for a smoke break in Los Angeles c40290 c40300 c40301 c40302 c40320 c40322 c40328 c40329 c40329a c40330 c40332 c40333 c40334 c40340 c40344 c40354 c40356a c40358 c40360 c40360a c40360b c40361a c40391 c40392 c40411a c40412 c40413 c40414 c40416a c40417 c40418a c40421 c40422ab c40423ab c40423b c40423c c40424 c40426 c40440 c40441 c40442 c40451b c40480 c40500 c40501 c40506 c40512 c40520 c40540a c40540b c40541 c40541a c40542 c40542a c40542b c40544 c40550a c40552 c40552a c40553 c40560 c40562 c40621 c40623 c40626a c40670 c40720 c40722 c40820 c40880 c40881 c40882 c4098098

This gallery is best watched as a slideshow, since it is a photo essay on a theme. So,

here is the link to the slideshow https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d63ur0bqs67t8c9/1PC8CEjixS . It’s cbw4s.exe, and if you’d like a screensaver of this, it’s cbw4s.scr.