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I live in a nice part of LA. called Mid-Wilshire, and walk to the SAG, E! Bldg., and LACMA often, they’re all so close here. A little farther walk and I’m at CBS Television City, and of course Canter’s Delicatessen in Fairfax. I’m one of the few in my socio-economic group or class that walks everywhere she doesn’t have to drive to. But, that’s since Ray Bradbury passed away; and he rode his bicycle across LA often.

I am single. I work with Jae Kamel for our e-zine, and other projects, but we are not married and do not live together. We do work closely together, though.


I have posted or re-posted sites and info, Lists, etc., in other areas, for your interest and approval.


My work IRL is what I spend most of my time and energy in, with recreation, Art, hobbies, and personal relationships all tied for second place. So, these posts will never be daily.


Feel free to write to me here if you have any questions.
Jone Dae.




14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello!
    thanks so much for the comments on my blog. Would you happen to be in the Boston, Massachusetts area? If so you can listen and dance to this wonderful ensemble that specializes in music from the Pirin region of Bulgaria. Their name is Zdravets and you can hear some samples on their web page. I have been to a number of their events, and you can get lost in the music, it is so good.

    Here is the link: http://www.forsyths.addr.com/zdravets/Who_We_Are.html

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  2. Hi Jone, I just found your post on thunderbolts about Gurdjieff & Tesla so I’m just wondering how come someone could have made such a connection… I first started to thik about this a few days ago while whatching a documentary about Tesla on National Geografic…or it was Viasat something.. doesn’t matter. Anyway thay said there that Tesla once talked about the fundamental importance of 3, 6 & 9 (numbers) … and then it stroke me … Eneagrama … the 39 tattvas (all of them are 39 not just the common 5) from the Shivaic Tradition a.s.o. …. well there it is… Should I even go on telling you that I’m currently struggleing to build some RFID like device (yeap… all about EMF technology) and ran into some strange kind of antenna coils..? It seems like It’s all about resonance after all whether it’s the pineal gland or Marconi’s telegraph… And further more, I first saw “Meetings with remarcable men” in ’94 and it was given to me by none other than highscool my physics teacher…
    Interesting ideeas anyway and i’m looking out for more so I’m looking forward to find more…

    P.S. If there’s something wrong woth my english, no worries, I’m from Romania.. ūüôā

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    • Tesla and Gurdjieff were from the same general part of the World, and lived at about the same time; both men were geniuses, and were concerned with electricity, magnetism, the earth & sky, and so on.


  3. Hey Jone,
    I have been reading some of your threads with much interest and look forward to get through more of your posts. My interest in G’s work is mostly in regards to sociology and the present and possible future of spirituality/religion – I have been writing and researching a novel set in 2050 in a positive future – but I have a polymathic interest in all and everything so am very happy to have found someone online to point out and discuss the connections between EU and G.
    RE hydrogens and the periodic table, this workbook has been a blast – https://www.amazon.com/Gurdjieff-Cosmic-Secrets-Russell-Smith/dp/149749351X/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=russell+smith+gurdjieff&qid=1561355255&s=gateway&sr=8-1
    If the link is broken, search Russell Smith – Gurdjieff Cosmic Secrets
    Many greetings and thanks for all your beingpartkdolgduty from Australia!


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