First Book Published!

for Chai…

Writing Den

Yes you read the title right! I have independently published my FIRST BOOK!

^ There you will find my new title “The Shady Path Of Light” on Createspace! It will be available on Kindle and in bookstores in the coming weeks so be sure to look out for it! I write mostly Fantasy, fiction/erotica novels now but I have experimented with sci fi and modern type stories. I’ve found that the modern or “present” times stories don’t really light my creative fire so I try to stick to what I know. I have a writing blog that you guys can also check out when you are curious to see new stories that I putt up for your reading pleasure. and I’ll leave the link here: 

I appreciate any and all amounts of time the readers spend here on my blog and I hope you will continue to visit! Until…

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