E-Zine Index

Index to Jae Kamel’s URLs, our e-zine.


There are 15 issues of the e-zine, each of which is updated periodically and published here, on Jae’s blog (see below), or on one of the sites listed below. Links to his publications of the Lists appear in the menu on the right-hand side of each page.

The first entry is to the Index on the Onedrive account, and not an issue of the e-zine. The links below each go to the most recent issues of the e-zine List; sometimes the most recent one is on Jae’s blog.  These are presented in order of their creation date.

1. The Lists on the Onedrive: Index and TOC (Table Of Contents).

2. Jae Kamel’s URLs (JKU), Part Deux.

3. JKU, The Legendary Journey Continue.

4. JKU, Harmony’s List.

5. JKU, The Equinox Edition of The List.

6. JKU, Fall Harvest Edition.

7. JKU, The Cold List.

8. JKU, The Groundhog Edition.

9. JKU, The Free List.

10. JKU Research List.

11. JKU Academic Research List.

12. JKU Online Tools 2017.

13. Julie Eclair’s PhotoList.

14. Poetry & Spoken Word List.

15. JKU One.

16. Julie Eclair’s VideoList.

Additionally, we have produced 3 dictionary-glossaries for your happiness:

17. Jae Kamel’s Dictionary.

18. Julie Eclair’s Image Glossary.

19. Julie Eclair’s Multimedia Glossary.

Jae Kamel’s URLs (JKU) was founded by Jae Kamel in 2007, in Boulder, Colorado, and has been published each year since then except for 2008, 2009, and 2010. Mr. Kamel  is also the chief editor of JKU.

I’m Dr. Jone Dae, editor and co-researcher of JKU. Our “silent partner” is Julie Eclair, a Multimedia Educational Specialist; see her blog Julie Eclair A/V for more information.

We can be found on Academia.edu, Blogger, Facebook, Google Plus, Library Thing, New Civilization Network, the Thunderbolts Forum, and Vortex Based Math, and on other blogs.

Jae maintains 4 Online Public Libraries, stored in Onedrive accounts. See his blog “Using a Chicken To Measure It With” for more information.

All our work is a service, provided to you free of charge.


Re/ the links: WordPress servers or page-scripts are infected with malware, which adds 4 invisible characters, or multiple of 4, for example 8, invisible characters, to almost every URL.  That makes the link broken, or dead.

Lists that WordPress destroyed, are moved to jonedae.blogspot.com , Jae’s account. Check there for all of these E-Zines that were published during the last half of 2016.

So, when you click on a link and go to the webpage, you get a “404” or “page does not exist” message. There are two workaround for this: (1) copy the URL from the List and past it into the address bar, taking care to copy only the URL, and not the 4 invisible characters on the right-end of them; or (2) when the page loads, go to the address bar. There you will see, on the right-end of the URL, the characters “%C2%A0” , “%C2%A0%C2%A0”, or sometimes the characters “%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0”; delete those (backspace key), press enter, and Voila!  the correct webpage appear. We apologize on behalf of WordPress for any inconvenience.