Our Annual Production Statistics-

Each year we provide our production statistics for the JKU, in the Index and Table Of Contents. 

http://sdrv.ms/1bArbYO    }this is the Index and TOC 2014;

Here’s the link list from that document:

Index of JKUs 2014.

All Lists Updated November 2014.

  1. Jae Kamel’s URLs, First Edition. Released 5/1/07. (Lost, 2009) …
  2. Jae Kamel’s URLs, Part Deux. http://sdrv.ms/XOGcNA Released 5/31/07. partdeux1.
  3. JKU, tljc (The Legendary Journeys Continue). http://sdrv.ms/x1hqVV Released 7/2/07. tljc.
  4. JKU, HL (A Tribute to Harmony’s List). http://sdrv.ms/y2PQu6 Released 7/30/07. HL.
  5. JKU, The Equinox Edition of The List. http://sdrv.ms/xfsjWe Released 8/23/07. JKU Equinox1.
  6. JKU, FHE (Fall Harvest Edition). http://bit.ly/zIoiml Released 9/23/07. FHE5.
  7. JKU, The Cold List. http://sdrv.ms/Usuvh0 Released 2/2/2008. ColdList4.
  8. JKU, The Funny List. Never completed.
  9. JKU, The Groundhog Edition. http://bit.ly/xxwbT9 Released 9/18/10. GL84.

10.JKU, The Free List.  http://bit.ly/xTMMZM  Released 4/5/11. Free..

  1. JKU, Research List. http://sdrv.ms/x8nu4J Released in 2011. JKU Research List.
  2. JKU, Academic Research List. http://sdrv.ms/R4hwOv Released 2011. JKU Academic Research List.
  3. JKU, Online Tools 2013. http://sdrv.ms/wkep6I Released 5/31/11. Tools.
  4. Julie Éclair’s PhotoList. http://sdrv.ms/O3ZUBR Released 8/19/11.: Phlist7.
  5. Poetry & Spoken Word List. http://sdrv.ms/xYANGU. Released 6/3/11. Poetry.
  6. JKU One, original JKU resurrected. http://sdrv.ms/MXYngH Started 12/13/11; Released April 1, 2012.
  7. JKU Review, best of the previous JKU. Unreleased. See https://jonedae.wordpress.com
  8. JKU Index 2014. http://sdrv.ms/1bArbYO . (this index and contents). Released 9/23/07.
  9. Julie Éclair’s VideoList. http://sdrv.ms/OxyWpF Released 9/30/12







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