High Weirdness, Updated.

The Section, I. High Weirdness, of JKU Part Deux, has been updated.

Here’s the whole section; we think that you’ll like the new ones. 

II. High Weirdness.

http://archive.4chon.net/new/2517274.html   }Distinguishing between peaceful and aggressive aliens is easy. A more difficult question is how to discern between positive aliens and negative ones pretending to be positive. This question is important because research suggests not all alien factions are sincere or have our best interests at heart. If hostile forces cunningly imitate benevolent ones, then anyone refusing to acknowledge this possibility invites deception. http://amasci.com/weird.html   }this is the Weird Science website. Not the foolish stuff for kids you saw on TV, but real weird science. Check it out. A few of the sites or subjects are seriousness enough to be on one of our more serious Lists or Categories. Their linklist is recommended. Clean site, easy to use. http://amasci.com/weird.html     }Weird Research and Anomalous Physics. http://amasci.com/weird/windex.html   }these links will take you to real high weirdness, similar to the other sites below, and more. http://amasci.com/weird/wsci.html#emf   }special Fringe Science page of links, Recommended.

http://www.angelfire.com/space2/light11/fdl/index100.html    } The Essays of Brother Anonymous: From Darkness Unto Light: A Cross-Cultural Dictionary of Enlightenment

http://arcturi.com/GreyArchives.html   }none of the many sites on the web, shows what a Gray really looks like. Very close, though, was the Gray in the film, Contact. This site has the video, The Grey Aliens, part one; see also links in VII. Other, below.

http://ufotruth-gr.blogspot.com/2014/03/5-betz.html    }Η ιστοσελίδα αυτή δημιουργήθηκε για να σας θυμίσει ότι μπορεί να μην είμαστε μόνοι στο τεράστιο σύμπαν. Θα σας παρουσιάσουμε περιστατικά, φωτογραφίες και video που δείχνουν ότι δεν είμαστε μόνοι ούτε σε αυτόν τον πλανήτη. Το αν θα το πιστέψετε είναι δικό σας θέμα. Εμείς θα διαλέξουμε το πιο αξιόπιστο και πιο αληθοφανή υλικό για να σας κάνουμε απλά να αναρωτηθείτε. Την απάντηση θα την βρείτε μόνοι σας…

www.burlingtonnews.net/hauntedtours6.html   }orbs and vortices.

www.burlingtonnews.net/rocklake7.html    }see lower part of page “Rock Lake”, about their Pyramids there.

www.burlingtonnews.net/rocklake.html   }how ancients preserved knowledge, etc. The work of Carl Munck.

http://www.catastrophism.com/cdrom/pubs/books/ginenthal/sagan/index.htm    }links to the book that exposes what a knucklehead Carl Sagan was, about the sciences. See below.

www.coasttocoastam.com/art/about.html    }Art Bell. Unfortunately, this is a pay site now, but wasn’t when Art Bell was the main host, back in the early 1990s.

www.csicop.org/sb/9803/art-bell.html   }Art Bell critic(s). 2011 DL Replacement: although the original page is gone, this page is typical of their rants against Bell and the paranormal: http://www.csicop.org/sb/show/art_bells_quickening_is_sickening/     }Csicop’s opinions. http://curbed.com/archives/2014/10/24/guggenheim-helsinki-competition-designs.php   }Let it not be suggested that Curbed is an adversary of innovation. By “weird,” we by no means mean “bad,” although there is some crossover. In selecting these proposals, we have made an effort to draw from the “wow, how cool” and “lol wut” ends of “weird” in equal measure, with a bias toward clear, professional-looking renderings.

www.deoxy.org/mckenna.htm    }Terrence McKenna. An interesting site, check out the front page illustration. Also conversations between McKenna and Rupert Sheldrake, scroll down.

http://www.dmoz.org/Science/Science_in_Society/Skeptical_Inquiry/Shroud_of_Turin/   }open directory project’s Shroud O’Turin links. 3 of the 4 are against the Shroud.

http://www.dubyadubyadubya.com/   }You want to find employees who are a natural fit at your church or ministry.  Sure, there’s going to be a transition period – and probably a lot of hand-holding, at least initially.  But a good a good staff member in the church is worth more than just workplace cohesion. It’s also a big financial decision.  For more on Church staffing check out www.churchjobs.tv.com.

www.earthfiles.com/   }Emmy-award winning TV Producer, etc. Unfortunately, her site is a pay-site too, like Coast-to-coast AM. They amount of money they ask for is small, mere pennies a day; for us, it’s the principle of the thing. Some pages and articles can still be seen for free, and she strives to be serious in her research.

http://www.earthfiles.com/headlines.php?category=Science   }for example, her science page.

http://www.ejgold.com         }links to other E.J.Gold sites. Gold is a unique and controversial person, we leave you to read and decide on your own.

www.enterprisemission.com/   }you have to look at all the links here. Big graphics, page easy to read.

http://www.enterprisemission.com/forbidden-planet.htm    }his Mars page (from the archives), including data and photos of that famous face on Mars. NASA took the photos of it, don’t forget, not Richard Hoagland, not anyone else.

http://www.enterprisemission.com/nasamars.html   }NASA’s recent reactions, etc., with the raw footage (photo) of the Face and the area around, taken by a satellite. In the photo, look at about one o’clock to see the Face.

http://www.europa.com/~edge/14-4.html   }You’ve just entered an area of Internet instability, oblique obscurities, and virtual viscosity. A place where people have ventured far beyond the outer limits of mayhem and out-stretched the spandex of cyberspace. Underground vortices and wormholes have revealed a kaleidoscope of uncanny subcultures, esoteric topics, and bizarre behaviors. If you choose to explore this aberration of cyberspace, you will enter various dimensions of reality, myth, and illusion: where questions become buried in a vortex of disinformation and answers interpolate presuppositions.

http://www.europa.com/~edge/hole.html   }The Astounding Woodstock Mystery Hole just 2 miles west of I-205 located in Portland Oregon. Inside the Mystery Hole you’ll find a Giant Double Arch, Geometric “codes” inscribed on walls, and other oddities.

http://www.fourmilab.ch/rpkp/   }”Retropsychokinesis experiments are now on-line. You can proceed directly to run an experiment, or consult the table of contents which contains links to all documents related to the experiments. The experiments and associated tools require a Web browser which supports Java. A summary of experiments run to date is available, updated daily.”

www.galactic.org/AM.html   }Granddaddy of all New Age Channelers. 2011 Update: This URL redirects you to  http://galacticmessenger.com/gmn/?page_id=59 , and their new homepage is  http://galacticmessenger.com/gmn/   }Allen Michael.

www.galactic.org/Intro2.html   }his Intro. The authors of this List, met and knew Mr. Allen Michael. 2011 Update: the new URL for his Intro (bio), which has been rewritten, is http://galacticmessenger.com/gmn/?page_id=55  }about Allen Michael.

www.galactic.org/EverlastingGospel2.pdf  }The Everlasting Gospel! 2011 Update: this site has been improved and now the pdf loads automatically and so on.

www.gallifreyone.com/links.php   }Dr. Who Links.

www.germanufochatter.com/Supressed-German-UFOs/index.html   }laugh till you see one. Some circular flying craft are hoaxes, of course, but some are not. The Nazis had them. Joe-Bob says, check it out. “A detailed expose of the Suppressed German Technology including: Weather Control, Time Travel, Anti-Gravity, Virus Creation, UFO’s, and Alien collaborations. After looking a this Rare Video you will know that we are not alone! (Video footage taken from a German UFO researcher)”

http://www.gorebaggsworld.com   }Free yacht party next weekend, bring a friend.

http://www.greatmystery.org/events/sedona07.html    }Orbs: Weird Science, and the Conference that discusses and presents them.

http://www.gurdjieff-legacy.org/40articles/glitters.htm    } “secret talks”. More about Mr. E.J. Gold who, BTW, had involvements with the OsTO and not just the Gurdjieffians.

http://hubpages.com/hub/UFO-Aliens—What-Can-We-Know-About-Them   }are we alone? We don’t think so. This site has a brief video, excerpts of the various NASA spacecraft sightings of UFOs, that was recently removed from Youtube, etc.

http://www.idhhb.com/   }this site really belongs on another List, since it’s not High Weirdness, but you can read and judge for yourself.

http://www.interdimensionalphotos.com/mystical/orbs-mystery   }Blue orbs in the lake that carry bodies of information; Almine was teaching the codes of Life, held in a blue ball inside the Earth, when these photos were taken.

http://www.interdimensionalphotos.com/mystical/etheric-gemstones   }The fairies brought many of the gemstones and some were brought by the Kachinas. We were told that both groups contain specific codes.

http://io9.com/previously-unseen-e-t-concept-art-reveals-the-aliens-a-1645917280   }Was E.T. an alien? A gray alien?

www.jovianarchive.com   }here for the Human Design ideas and method. This site too might not be High Weirdness, we offer to you to decide.

www.kheper.net/topics/gurus/Da.htm   } Adi Da, etc. Caveat Emptor.

http://www.kvmr.org/personalities/sadashiv.html       }and Sadashiv. (new link.) Another one of the “characters” from the Grass Valley/Nevada City area in California.

http://www.lauralee.com/index.cgi?hi    }Laura Lee. She’s our second favorite RTH, after Art Bell. “This talk show is devoted to musing upon those age-old questions — Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? What are we doing here, anyway?”

www.learnrv.com/eddames.cfm   }Major Ed Dames (“Dr.Doom”)

http://www.madsci.org/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/~lynn/jardin/SCG  }no High Weirdness list would be complete, without this Surrealist Compliment Generator. Let us know what you think.

http://www.madsci.org/~lynn/juju/surr/   }this is, of course, the Surrealism website. “The Surrealism Server serves itself and no other. It is not indicative of the presence, abstinence, or other sensations, personified or deconstructed, of the maintainers of this site.”

http://www.mcremo.com/links.htm   }a long link list form the Forbidden Archaeology site. Some of these are links to High Weirdness, others to Fringe Science, some to research and science sites, that are not weird, rather conventional. “Right or wrong, you decide.”

http://www.metatech.org/contact_extraterrestrials_intervention.html   }”It is important to be aware that the bad aliens have probably been planning some kind of mass world appearance or problem, whereby humans are meant to ask them to save us, and sign our rights over to them.”

http://members.iinet.net.au/~starline/Articles/High_Strangeness.htm   }As we stood nothing was said, we just looked over the sea. I was picking up a very unusual phenomenon. Everything looked distorted, small and interestingly, we could not hear the seagulls or the noise of the sea. Everything was silent. It was as if viewing the whole surroundings through cellophane paper or, even more bizarre, from another place.

http://members.iinet.net.au/~starline/Articles/Star_Children.htm   }In this article the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN) open its files on research into the ‘New Humans’.  Homo noeticus,  ‘the Star Children’, or ‘the new kids on the block’ and compares Australian evidence with the latest research from America and the United Kingdom.

http://montalk.net/alien   }What we call “aliens” are hyperdimensional beings. They hide behind the veil of our perceptions and can project themselves into our visible reality at will. They are not recent visitors to earth, but have been here for hundreds of thousands of years and continue to live here, mostly in underground bases. Some “aliens” helped genetically engineer the human race, while other factions later crippled human genetics in order to turn mankind into little more than a source of physical and etheric food.

http://montalk.net/alien/150/discerning-alien-disinformation-part-5   }How might the final deception scenario manifest? Since aliens are intelligent strategists, the scenario would have to meet the following conditions:

http://orbstudy.com/BIZyCart.asp?NEXTPAGE=Index.htm&GROUP=Special&STYLE=Base&CLIENT=OrbStudy   }they attempt to scientifically study Unified Field Plasmoids.

www.oregonvortex.com/science.htm   }The Oregon Vortex is a spherical field of force, half above the ground and half below the ground. The word “vortex” simply means a whirlpool of force, like a whirling mass of water. Especially one in which a force of suction operates such as a whirlpool or a whirling mass of air or one in the form of a visible column or spiral such as a tornado.

http://pyramidmatrix.info/   }The HET – NETER SESHINI HETCH HA NUB/ KERA AMEN – RA or the TEMPLE OF THE WHITE AND GOLD LOTUS/ SHRINE OF AMEN – RA is an Afrocentric Kemetic Spiritual Scientific Center dedicated to Healing, Education, Research and Universal Spiritual Development.

http://www.rael.org/home   }What if, out of the thousands of UFO sightings that occur each year, one person actually met the occupant – the “driver” of one of these UFOs? And what if this person were given information by this space-being that explained the secret history of life on Earth and its pending future? And, what if all this information had been published decades ago and acknowledged by thousands of people, including scientists and historians?

http://www.rawilson.com/csicon.html   }so, if you really like High Weirdness, this is the gut who wrote the book: Robert Anton Wilson. Enjoy this website.

http://www.reptoids.com/Vault/phydes_ver1.htm   }Reptoids having tails and non tailed reptoids have been reported over the years. The tails vary in size and are often observed as being held off the ground. Their posteriors are either like that of a human, with a vertical slit shielding an excretory orifice, or are comprised of a rounded muscular area, extending from the base of the spine to the upper thigh region.

http://www.reptoids.com/index.htm#indexwelcome   }In our quest to answer the age-old question, ‘ARE WE ALONE?,’ we’ve been conditioned to search space for Aliens and E.T.’s. This is a classical magician’s distraction! Instead of looking for other-than-human intelligent life off our planet, we should instead be searching Earth’s many thousands of miles of underground tunnels, caverns and caves systems.

http://www.retardbook.com/2011/04/mysterious-light-spotted-during-japan.html   }typical commentary on what might or might not cause earthquake lights, with normal dismissal of UFO sightings (some of which, were convincing if real. That is, there were truly UFOs there, that is, unidentified flying objects. It is only in the webpage author’s mind that this acronym means ‘flying saucers’, or in the typical reader’s mind, etc.)

http://www.rickross.com/groups/millennium.html   }Millennial Madness. Countdown to Armageddon and the Apocalypse.

http://sasquatchpeople.com/   }Yes, that’s right, the Sasquatch People, and their Interdimensional Connection. And again, they have their Annual Conference as well. These people are for real, people just like you, and me. At this year’s Cosmos Conference, they will be discussing “How to Successfully Contact a Sasquatch (or ET)”. “This amazing event will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona, Oct 29 – Nov 7, 2012. For more information and to attend this event, please visit Stargate to the Cosmos at http://stargatetothecosmos.com”  }Well, what are you waiting for?

http://www.shannonsullivan.com/drwho/tv.html   }all the Doctor’s TV episodes.

http://www.shroud.com/library.htm   }the Shroud O’Turin website library.

http://www.shroud.com/library.htm#books   }books written about the Shroud O’Turin.

www.smeter.net/pahrump/art-bell.php  }Art Bell. One Picture Worth Ten Thousand Words.http://www.smeter.net/extraterrestrial/extraterrestrial.php   }strange extraterrestrial radio noises.  http://www.strangemag.com/index.html   }yes, that’s right, this is Strange Magazine. Look, you don’t even have to read this List at all if you don’t want to. Now, The newest issue of Strange Magazine is now available exclusively online! Eyes have been seen to glow, flash, and even project beams of light! In issue 23 we investigate the phenomenon of animal and human eye glow. And, of course, don’t miss the Time-Travelling Sea Monkeys on this website. http://www.surfingtheapocalypse.com/   }come on, surf the apocalypse with us. Maybe high weirdness, maybe news you won’t find elsewhere. –Dare you look?

http://www.svpvril.com/Cosmology/cosunity3.html#P3s3   }includes physics of rotating vortices. This is a science that includes Mind and Heart and their effects on/upon matter and energy.

http://theunexplainedmysteries.com/Betz-Mystery-Sphere.html   }the Betz Mystery Sphere, An Alien Artifact? When the Betz family was examining the damage of a strange fire that had decimated 88 acres of their woodland, they made a strange discovery: a silvery sphere, about eight inches in diameter, completely smooth except for a strange, elongated triangle symbol.

http://theunexplainedmysteries.com/ghost-orb.html   }Tens of thousands of ordinary people around the globe are reporting mysterious spheres of light known as ORBS, which have started appearing on their digital photographs. A few scientists are taking this phenomenon seriously and incredibly claim to have found evidence of beings from other dimensions.. The world’s first conference on the Orbs Phenomenon recently took place in Sedona, Arizona – where several scientists controversially stated that orbs, spherical or circular objects that are appearing on digital pictures – demonstrate good evidence of ‘other worldly’ life forms. Their conclusions, if correct, could have huge implications for the way we view our universe and our part in it.

http://cosmicvault.tripod.com/index.html     }speculative science(s).

http://paceart.tripod.com/index/id8.html   }Rev. Ernest James Pace whilst he was Director of the Missionary Course at Moody Bible Institute, circa 1919. The law of the octave, a novel interpretation.

http://trivortex.com/intro.html   }this man, is a Nenemhah Medicine Man!  So…  Brian David Anderson is a Scientist, Inventor and Owner/Consultant who has developed new pathways that are unique for supporting one’s health.

You’ll find  how to Super Hydrate & Charge Your Cells on an ongoing basis according to your daily bodily needs without swallowing.

http://www.toolsforwellness.com/84011.html   }The nine pyramid matrix technology works like a giant lens which focuses the more powerful energy fields discharging off the tops of 9 pyramids to a point of concentrated energy below.

www.tv.com/sightings/show/3758/episode_listings.html?om_act=convert&om_clk=episodessh&tag=episodes;more   }Sightings, Tim White, Host. Current (2011) URL: http://www.tv.com/sightings/show/3758/episode.html?om_act=convert&om_clk=episodessh&tag=episodes%3bmore   }episodes of that show.

http://ufocongress.com/   }this is the international UFO congress. Ok, laugh; but they are having their 22nd annual Convention and Film Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, and we suspect that most of them are going there to have fun. That is, UFOs are just as good an excuse as any for people to go to resorts and have fun together. Don’t miss the area attractions there.

www.ufoseek.com/   }Paranormal directory and link site, and search engine.

www.ufowatchdog.com/rvdames.html    }Major Ed Dames (“Dr.Doom”) 2011 Update New URL: http://www.ufowatchdog.com/ed_dames.htm   }where’s the proof?

http://www.vortexmaps.com/vortices.php   }gravitational mystery spots. We can verify that at least one Mystery Spot is a real and true gravitational anomaly, and perhaps much more than that.

http://www.unknowncountry.com/dreamland/latest   }Of course, no High Weirdness List would be complete, without including Whitley Strieber, of Dreamland and Unknown Country. One of the few men ever to see Gray Aliens face-to-face, as we have. Only, he wrote books about it, and told the world.

http://sprott.physics.wisc.edu/pickover/pc/realitycarnival.html   } this apparently is the new version of Clifford Pickover’s 10000 links page. This is a great resource for High Weirdness, and other such foolishness.

http://www.ufos-aliens.co.uk/   }Such is true in the greater sense of what Science is about. But the driving force of off-planet investigations has at its core a hidden agenda beyond that of our innate curiosity. The directed goal has been a search for answers to a troubling predicament: Where do the UFO’s come from, and are they local to our solar system?

http://www.ufos-aliens.co.uk/cosmicspecies.htm   }Different parts of the globe seem to attract the attention of different species, with the Greys being very much an American phenomenon.  Perhaps this reflects the interests of the Greys, or reflects the cultural subjectivity of the witnesses themselves.  We would advocate the former, but the inconsistency of alien contact does generally obscure the field of Ufology.

You will find in the following pages a list of species with a short description.  Perhaps we will never know how accurate any of this is, but the claims of witnesses, contactees and abductees is real and paradigm shifting on a personal level.  One day the physical evidence supporting alien visitation will emerge, and truth may once again prove to be stranger than fiction.

http://www.vibrani.com/   }This site represents a portion of what is the “real me,” and my own truth. You can read about me here. Some pages on this site have music or sound files. If you don’t want to hear them, just click the stop button on your browser or turn off your speakers.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Universal_History_of_Infamy   } A Universal History of Infamy, or A Universal History of Iniquity (original Spanish title: Historia universal de la infamia), is a collection of short stories by Jorge Luis Borges, first published in 1935, and revised by the author in 1954. Most were published individually in the newspaper Critica between 1933 and 1934. Angel Flores, the first to use the term “magical realism“, set the beginning of the movement with this book.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cydonia_(region_of_Mars)     }they tried to give a balanced presentation of the face on mars, but just couldn’t explain it away. For a good account of Carl Sagan’s credibility, see Carl Sagan & Immanuel Velikovsky  by Charles Ginenthal; Tempe, Ariz. : New Falcon Publications, 1995. Wiki’s page is thorough, many refs and links.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UFOs_and_the_Bible#Religious_texts   }” Some writers have proposed that intelligent extraterrestrial beings have visited Earth in antiquity or prehistory and made contact with humans. Such visitors are called ancient astronauts or ancient aliens.”