Documents, Electric Universe

.eno-460x288    Jae Kamel is sharing a link with us today. This is the Documents folder “Docs” from the “HST-Electric Images, Videos, Docs” folder. With The List, that is, the JKU, are also some storage folders of immediate interest to users of JKU.

For those that are new to JKU (Jae Kamel’s URLs), HST stands for Hubble Space Telescope, the most important scientific instrument ever made, save only the microscope and its children. EU there stands for Electric Universe, and not European Union. On the EU websites, EU stands for Electric Universe, and not European Union.

He said that there is a new document there for those who want to do their own further research. (I haven’t linked or uploaded that folder to my pages and blogs on the Thunderbolts foums. -JD)


 He said, that the list which most of you willbe interested in, is HST-Electric Links2, in this folder.

Jae also wanted to add, that he doesn’t spend time on making the websites fancy, since he is too busy doing the actual research and study, and compiling and annotating the links for these Lists; and my situation is the same.  We are answering some of those who online and IRL have asked, for example in the present case, “why didn’t you just name that link “docs” so that the word “docs” shows highlighted (in blue on many sites), instead of the URL? Again, too much time to fiddle with every little unnecessary feature. Just click on the link and it takes you to the folder, and that’s the main point, regardless of what the link is called or says.