List Updates – August 6 2014.

This List, “The Legendary Journeys Continue” (that is, of Jae Kamel and his famous Lists), was updated in time for the 4th of July this year.

Here is the updated edition.

       Jae Kamel’s URLs

“The Legendary Journeys Continue…”


Special Independence Day Edition.


Wiki-free for your protection.



I. Daily Awareness

II. Global Warming

III. Tools

IV. Music

V. Entertainment.

VI. Shakespeare.

VII. Daily Awareness Science Short List. – new!



 I. The Daily Awareness URLs:


Intro: these are websites you will visit every day, if you want to know what is going on is our world.

  1. }about Mr.Berkland.   }shows the current position of the ISS, and what it “sees” of the earth under it. There are three other websites like this one on this List.

  1. }the World Peace Game.
  2. org/our_programs/who_is_buckminster_fuller/design_science/world_game/introduction_to_buckminster_fullers_world_game }Intro. 2011 DL Replacement:   }Bucky’s description of his world game.

  1. org/our_programs/who_is_buckminster_fuller/design_science/spaceship_earth/spaceship_earth }World Resources Inventory. 2011 DL Replacement: }his World Resources Inventory, worth reading.
  2. org/files/pdfs/dsd/WDSD_WorldGame.pdf }read this, obviously. 2011 DL; 2012 Replacement Link: }pdf, 5 pages, that well describes the World Game.
  3. org/files/pdfs/dsd/WDSD_PhaseI_Doc1.pdf }and this too. See especially page 35(58), World Resources, Trends, and Needs. 2011 DL; 2012 Replacement Link: }pdf from scan of original document.
  4. }alt. type awareness; one reporter’s opinions about Buddhism.
  5. }EM radiation & you.   }Decay predictions for satellites close to re-entry. Find out if that satellite is going to land on you. Watch it burn up on re-entry.

  1. }neurology of awareness.
  2. }scroll down for Planetary Influences.   }the Daily Ponder.   }This page provides information for use by seismologists. The information contained is of uncertain quality and should not be reported or linked to from other websites.
The hypocentral (sic) coordinates and magnitude estimates are obtained using the data available at the time of the estimate. New data or analyses may change the actual estimates of the earthquake location and magnitude. Earthquake parameters may be derived through automatic analysis, and no further quality check is done by EMSC.
EMSC does not provide any implicit or explicit guarantee. Any risk derived from the improper use of the data is assumed by the user.   }Your Sky, the interactive planetarium of the Web. You can produce maps in the forms described below for any time and date, viewpoint, and observing location. Many control and explanations of what the controls mean. Recommended.   }the solar system as it is now, from your location. If you’re in SLO, use 35.23611◦N by 120.63611◦W.   }for download. Release 3.3a of Home Planet, a comprehensive astronomy / space / satellite-tracking package for Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me and Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP and above. Recommended for older operating systems. For newer systems, that is, XP to windows-7, use Stellarium.   }their live earthquakes map. Scalable, click on location for data.   }Live monitoring of ELF and ULF waves, can predict earthquakes up to 5 hours in advance. Monitors world quakes live. Data page links to the Global Incdient Map live earthquakes map.

  1.     }logon or use anonymously. Note that this front page or home page, shows the current postion of the ISS over the earth. It’s an animation which is updated about every 10 seconds. Refresh/reload page.   }his sky chart. You can enter your or any location, and the site shows skies, satellites, etc. from that location.   }Surface wind data comes from the National Digital Forecast Database. These are near-term forecasts, revised once per hour. So what you’re seeing is a living portrait. (See the NDFD site for precise details; our timestamp shows time of download.) And for those of you chasing top wind speed, note that maximum speed may occur over lakes or just offshore.   }the International Tsunami Information Center, of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO.

  1. }Internet (i.e., Web) Public Library.
  2. }brief videos. Watch one Jan Cox video each day, fro your daily awareness. Recommended.   }Jan Cox’ Daily Fresh Real News. Highly Recommended.    }look at where various objects are: real-time satellite tracking. Page loads to space station. Select satellite you want to track. Recommended on full screen setting.

  1. }combined Solar Data: x-ray flux, proton flux, electron flux, magnetometer, etc.   }The integrated Space Weather Analysis System (iSWA) was developed to resolve a critical agency challenge: to accurately specify and forecast both the large‐scale and local space environments and their probable impacts for NASA missions. The iSWA system also addressees the technical challenge of presenting actionable space weather information in a form that is both easily accessible and useful to the NASA customer. All consumable iSWA system data products are referred to as “cygnets”. Each cygnet conveys specific space weather data or information for a specific region, effect, or measurement. The cygnets can be organized into categories or browsed collectively using the iSWA cygnet selection panel. The resulting iSWA system is a flexible, web‐based dissemination system for NASA‐relevant space weather information that combines forecasts from state‐of‐the‐art space weather models with concurrent space environment information from observations. iSWA is customer configurable.   }The SPACEWARN Bulletin is issued at the first of each month and provides a listing of launches and brief details of each launch from the preceding month. March 2013 Update: “With the recent ending of the World Data Center system and their subsequent incorporation into the ICSU World Data System, NSSDC has suspended the publication of the monthly SPACEWARN Bulletin. Consequently issue 692 (July 2011) of the bulletin was the last one to be published. All past electronically accessible issues will continue to be available through the NSSDC, but no new issues will be forthcoming. NSSDC will continue to support documenting spacecraft launches, especially those of interest to the science community. The information from SPACEWARN has always been placed in the NSSDC Master Catalog (NMC). Spacecraft from any given month will continue to be inserted and updated as information becomes available and (with the NMC interface) users can generate monthly listings of spacecraft information or create other queries. NSSDC thanks the SPACEWARN community for their interest and support over the past decades. We hope that our continuing services are also valuable to you. “   }Welcome to the STEREO website!

STEREO consists of two space-based observatories – one ahead of Earth in its orbit, the other trailing behind. With this new pair of viewpoints, scientists will be able to see the structure and evolution of solar storms as they blast from the Sun and move out through space.   }this site shows you what the ISS sees, that is, the earth under it. Live camera feed! (Black, alas, when it is night). I also shows you where the ISS is on a map.   }Welcome to the STEREO Science Center

The STEREO Science Center serves the following functions: Archive for STEREO telemetry, mission support data, and higher level instrument data and analysis software. Processing center for STEREO space weather beacon data. Focal point for science coordination.   }STEREO Daily Browse Images and Plots


Realtime resources: Browse resources:
latest SECCHI beacon images.Plots of latest in-situ and radio beacon dataSECCHI time-elongation plots (“J-plots”)Comparison with helioseismology far-side data

Latest images directory

Current Solar Activity and SEP Conditions

What planets are currently visible?

STEREO image search tool / movie makerDaily browse images and plotsIn-situ plots by Carrington rotation numberLinks to non-STEREO data

Other browse tools available via the instrument data pages

What to look for in STEREO images

See something strange? Check here first.   }here there are 15 video feeds from NASA; some live and some streaming. Recommended. Also   }use this page for best results.

  1. }National Weather Service: national map. View your area by entering zip code. From this page, you can link to past, present, and future weather for your area or any area, and many other features, satellite views, etc.   }national forecast maps.

  1. }”Doppler” Radar. 2012 Update: this is now the national warnings page. Link to other features from here.
  2. }monitoring the El Niño conditions, mostly using moored ocean buoys. Ocean surface temperature was one of the indicators that Jim Berkland used for his accurate earthquake predictions.   }combined display and delivery page.   }All animations and images accessed through this website are in the public domain and are freely available for reuse. Please credit NOAA, along with any other entities listed for each resource. Images are served as either a PNG or high Quality JPEG; some images are available for very high resolution printing. If you need specific renderings to meet your needs please contact the NNVL Webmaster with your requirements. We will consider custom requests on a case-by-case basis. The NOAA EVL uses widely available commercial software for digital content creation, including the Adobe Creative Suite and Autodesk Maya. McIDAS and IDL/ENVI are used for data processing and visualization. Older hurricane images and video were created with the Boeing Corporation’s legacy EDGE software. The EVL is the only full-time science and data visualization program within NOAA. Originally called the NOAA NESDIS Visualization Laboratory, as reflected in our DNS entry, our staff is now more broadly supported through NESDIS/STAR contracts with I.M. Systems Group, and through collaboration with other NOAA organizations and scientists.   }NOAA View Data Imagery Portal. NOAA View provides access to maps of NOAA data from a variety of satellite, model, and other analysis sources. NOAA View is intended as an education and outreach tool, and is not an official source of NOAA data for decision support or scientific purposes.   }The Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG) is a community-based program to conduct a detailed study of solar internal structure and dynamics using helioseismology. In order to exploit this new technique, GONG has developed a six-station network of extremely sensitive, and stable velocity imagers located around the Earth to obtain nearly continuous observations of the sun’s “five-minute” oscillations, or pulsations.   }NOTICE: Detailed analysis of the GONG synoptic maps showed an apparent motion of the polar field with a 1-year periodicity — an artifact arising from insufficient treatment of the effects of limb noise in our data processing pipeline. We have reprocessed all data presented here to remove this artifact from all synoptic maps and models.

However, the reprocessing cadence from 2006-09-17 through 2008-03-20 was every six hours, or four synoptic maps per day. On 2008-03-20 normal one synoptic map per hour processing continued.   }the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center of the National Weather Service.   }Quake Finder. DL 2012 Replacement:   }shows world’s earthquakes for the last 7 days on map, lists below it, click on location to see data.   }Quake Finder has videos now too. DL 2012 Replacement:   }CNN earthquake information center with news and videos. Link here to other areas or disasters.   }quake prep sales in California, 2012.   }Welcome to, home of the National Radiation Map, depicting environmental radiation levels across the USA, updated in real time every minute.  This is the first web site where the average citizen (or anyone in the world) can see what radiation levels are anywhere in the USA at any time.

  1. }more on Kucinich;s Bill(2001). 2011 Update The page is now on Aerosol and EM Weapons DOD uses.   }Emergency and Disaster Information Service. The top of the page is a large map of the world, and all the disasters and emergencies taking place now, and during the last 24 hours, are shown by blinking icons at the location of each.

this map is also on The Cold List .   }General information on observing visible satellites. “If you have ever star-gazed shortly after sunset or before sunrise, you have probably noticed one or two “stars” sailing gracefully across the sky. These are Earth-orbiting satellites, visible due to the reflection of the Sun’s light off their surfaces toward the observer. Hundreds of satellites are visible to the unaided eye; thousands are visible using binoculars and telescopes. Observing satellites has many enthusiasts around the world.”   }the San Francisco Examiner.

  1.    }Similar Health-dangers. She also has a new video about the dangers of Aspartame, which is toxic. 8:44
  2. }solar system simulator, 3d, runs automatically, fully adjustable. Best new one on the Web. 31aug12. Turn music off.
  3.   }a really nice sky chart, but Beta, use at own risk, try refresh/reload. Must enter Zip to start. DL 2011: They seem to have totally done away with their night sky simulator, but you can tell from the graphics on the current site, which is much more commercial now, that they still use the same night sky generator. Replacement:    }sky and telescope’s interactive night sky charts. This is the link for the sky chart itself:    }enter data then sky displays. 2012 Update: This   }is the new URL for it. Now, though, you must register first (free).

  1. }geophysics page. Some DLs. 2011 Update: Deyo’s site is faster than ever and seems to have been redesigned.   }volcano information links.

  1. }a thorough site with many facts and links. 2012 Update: Stan Deyo’s frontpage has been redesigned and is now in a new format. We don’t like it as much as the old one… but some will.
  2. }with a predictably cute FAQs.   }Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go. This app works in windows, mac, and linux OS. Highly Recommended.   }information about geomagnetic storms.   }auroral animation, northern hemisphere.   }auroral animation, southern hemisphere.   }Auroral Activity Extrapolated from NOAA POES.   }sunspot chart. The other solar cycle charts are at   }to help you read these charts, please remember that Jan 01 refers to January, 2001 and Jan 19 refers to January, 2019.  So the two digits represent the year, not day of the month.
Sorry for the confusion & hope this helps.   }Real-time US-Total Electron Content: Vertical and Slant. To ensure the latest movie, hold down the <Shift> key and select Reload or Refresh from the View menubar.   }Real-time US-Total Electron Content: Vertical and Slant.   }this is the home page of Mr. Berkland’s site. He’s retired now.

  1. }Jim Berkland. Successful earthquake predictions. As with many sites, we find this one is easier to read after you zoom-in 3 or 4 times or enlarge text to larger or largest.
  2. }shows where whom/whatever is at. 2011: Site appears to be down. 2014 Update:    }description of the terraserver here. The Microsoft® TerraServer stores aerial and satellite images of the earth in a Microsoft SQL Server™ database served to the public through the Internet. It is the world’s largest atlas, combining five terabytes of image data from the United States Geodetic Survey, SOVINFORMSPUTNIK, and Encarta® Virtual Globe. Internet browsers provide intuitive spatial and gazetteer interfaces to the data.    }TerraServer subscriptions offer advanced mapping features, including interactive drawing/measuring tools and online saving. TerraServer has assembled the largest variety of aerial photos, satellite images, and USGS topographic maps on the Internet. Search & view all imagery for free – then purchase digital image downloads and quality prints/posters. Image downloads come in a variety of pixel sizes and can include a georeferenced (sic) worldfile (sic) with metadata for an additional fee.   }tsunami messages or bulletin issued by the NWS.   }their list of current serious earthquakes around the world.   }their list of current quakes greater than 2.5 U.S. and greater than 4.5 rest of the world.   }simulated views of day and night across the earth, from the U.S. Navy. You enter the date and time you want then it shows the views.   }shows where the ISS is over the earth in (near) real-time.   }their list of current volcanic activity around the world.   }new (June, 2014) weather site. Shows maps, graphs, forecasts by city anme or zip. Works well, Recommended.    }The Random Website Machine used to be it’s own site, ;I’ve now made it part of   }the random website generator is here. Note: on another of our Lists, there is a surrealism generator you might like.   } WeatherOnline Meteorological Services now makes it possible for you to access weather information on demand any time and any place, providing a powerful tool for you to plan your work or leisure. All you need is a WAP mobile. WeatherOnline WAP has been specifically designed to provide you with the latest weather information, from a quick and brief overview, to detailed meteorological information, for every location you choose.

II. Global Warming Checklist:

Notice: this list was made before Al Gore made his, by now famous movie, An Inconvenient Truth.

  1.  }Catastrophe theory…

2011 Update: they have turned this into a registration-first site, the bane of the Web. Pity, their article on Thom and Catastrophe Theory was good. We’ll send you a copy of the page if you don’t want to register.   }search results for climate change on their site. This is the American Institute of Physics.

  1. }a thorough account, with background data. You can search all the essays’ contents. Linklist.
  2. }P.W.Ward’s Under a Green Sky.
  3. }sudden climate changes. “These changes take place rapidly, once the threshold has been crossed, as history indicates,”
  4. gov/climatechange/index.html }the EPA’s bland site, discussing the indicators of climate change.
  5.  }Art Bell interviews Mr. Ward. Unfortunately, this is now a register-and-pay site, but it wasn’t in Art Bell’s day.
  6. }atmospheric absorption, reflection, scattering, and transmission are covered. This is a science site.
  7.  }Rene Thom and Catastrophe Theory. This is a math site, with applications.
  8. }a debunker’s website. 2011 Update: the debunker’s page is down but the rest of the site is up and has good info if you’re interested.
  9. }see Chapter 4, “A Catastrophic Calendar” . Here’s the illustrative figure from chapter 4: }the point being that, in the earth’s history, catastrophes and quantavolutions are unexceptional.
  10. org/ }evolve or die. This site is full of many things, just starting with how to install wind generators.
  11. }another naysayer’s page. He’s “still waiting for Greenhouse”.;jsessionid=EBDF3B1E3B6E3BE7FA2E71C484EF0D76   }The World Axis as an Atmospheric Phenomenon.

  1. }National Climatic Data Center has FAQs.
  2. }National Resource’s Defense Council’s “Consequences” page. On this page the start to hint at the bad news, but it’s much worse than they think it is.
  3.  }Polymath System’s GW page. Many links. The author of this article has one of the highest IQs in the country.
  4.    }physicists look at climate change. 2011 DL, Replacement: }this is the pdf of the actual article. The AIP/Physics Today site moved its location.   ​
  5.  }P.W.Ward’s theories of greenhouse extinctions.   }solar wind and the atmosphere. “This is the first time we’ve been able to correlate these solar coronal mass ejections (CMEs) with enhanced ion outflows from the upper ionosphere,” meaning that the solar wind blows some of our atmosphere out into space.

  1.  }Sierra Club’s thorough site. Repower and rebuild America.   }”global warming” and “climategate”. “Dr. Bruce West, with the Army Research Office, argues that “changes in the earth’s average surface temperature are directly linked to … the short-term statistical fluctuations in the Sun’s irradiance and the longer-term solar cycles.”” He argues that climate change is not man-made. Recommended.   }Polar Wandering
Mar 16, 2011: Leibniz’ beloved adage that natura non facit saltus or ‘nature does not make leaps’ has had to endure a fair amount of comeuppances since it gained currency. Nature does make leaps, when solar system events cause them!

  1. }the Union Of Concerned Scientists. Links to about 30 articles discussing current climate change.
  2. }nice photos, essays, maps. 2011 Update: some of the graphics at the top of the page seem in error but the rest of the page is fine.   }HAARP And Advances In Tesla Technology (2005): Holes in Heaven investigates the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program also known as HAARP. This experimentation is being conducted by our government and top scientists. 51:07.

 III. Tools: (see also JKU Research List and Online Tools 2013 )

  1. com/showPage.html?page=2156181  }engines for searching “the invisible web”. Note: This site is difficult to use and you may have to use a

search engine to find what you want in it – ! 2011 Update: their “InvisibleWeb link is down now. There is no replacement but this page is helpful:   }Has good advice and good links, but we don’t agree with their frequent advice there to use Google searches, since so many better ways to find academic papers and such exist. 2012 Update: We did find a stored copy of the Invisible Web page here   }using the Wayback Machine. Some but not all of the original pages linked to are there.   }uses 15 UK search engines. 2011 Update: Curryguide is still there, but there have been some changes; e.g., its “mp3 search” doesn’t really work anymore. Its “clustering search” feature redirects you to   }and from there, enter the name of the artist you want, then click on “music” in the clustering menu, and you’ll see the mp3 download options. It seems as good as Yippy for that. 2014 DL.     }here are the ones from the other countries.   }another guide. 2011 DL We recommend or as replacements for this.

  1. }one of the authors’ favorite metasearchengines. 2011 Update: We recommend their Powersearch, all-in-one option for this. It’s at }this page is one of our research tools! 2014 Update: “The Pandia Search Central is no more. We have written about search and search engines since 1998, and have learned much about the way the new technology is changing our lives and our cultures. We are now using this knowledge of learning and innovation in other arenas.“
  2. }and another listing/guide. This will find search engines by category for you, and give you links if it finds none specific.   }TsorT is the collective name for a group of initiatives (many contributors having the surname Hawtin). This web site holds a number of items that happen to have been brought together in this location, the list on the left links to the main topics. Music Lists: The most comprehensive list of consolidated music chart data for the 20th centuary available anywhere. Computing: Pages covering computing, such as software we have published, things we have built and things we may build.

Android Apps: The apps and data we have published for the Android platform.

Information Architecture: A set of pages that discuss the Information Architecture and how to implement it. You should probably select one of them.   }another good video search engine. Link is for the Balkan Folk Dance, Alunelul.   }video search engine, works well.

 IV. Music.     }Moby. Cut=? (mix) (replaces “Next is the E”.)   }ISB, Job’s, of course, Tears.     }from the movie. }vocal work. DL 2011 No replacement.   }only love can break your heart 4:19.    }Crazy; new link    }remix of Tom’s Diner. (scroll down or Find) 2011 DL. Replacement: Suzanne Vega – Toms Diner.mp3  }Tom’s diner remix. 3:49.   }Falling.   }Caramel (a recent work). 2011 Page blocked. Replacement:–%20Caramel.mp3 }Caramel. 2:53.   }music link. Dave Groh the featured drummer in No One Knows.   }Queens of the Stone Age.   }music from LOTR film.     }Paul Horn.   }St. Etienne, Fox Base Alpha.   }15-minute folkmusic show, celtic new-style.   }”Spring” 2011 DL Replacement:   }summer, from the same work, Sonic Seasonings. 21:43

  1.  }Bach, realized by W.C. 2011 DL Substitute replacement: }an excerpt of this work, which was used in A Clockwork Orange. 4:18.
  2.  }info page.       }Brian, basically, Eno. Realplayer   2014 DL. Replacement:   }1-1.     }same. Realplayer. 2014 DL. Replacement:   }2-2.   }a sad song.

  1.    }piano music. 2011 DL and no replacement. }Budd. 2011 DL Replacecment:   }This track is labeled Brian Eno with Daniel Lanois, not Harold Budd as originally stated.   }next is the e.

  1.  }about 4 minutes. 2011 DL. Replacement: }Sky Cries Mary. 8:02.   }this is the mp3.

  1.  }Ruben Garcia. 2011 DL and no replacement.  }H.Budd & Robin Guthrie. 2011 DL Substitute replacement:   }open book, 5:20. }W.Carlos. 2011 DL. Substitute replacement:   }some Wendy (Walter) Carlos. 2:59. Possible movie soundtrack.

  1. }Suzanne Vega.
  2. }from her first album.
  3. }her several fansites.
  4.    }W2.Carlos 2011 DL. Substitute replacement: }theme from A Clockwork Orange. 2:27. }her site.,%20Paul-Moon%20Dance.mp3       }Paul Horn.   }Yellowjackets performing “Stick to-It-Ive-Ness” from the Club Nocturne album (Track n.2). 5:34.   }Yellowjackets, “Sea Folk” (Russell Ferrante) 2003: Russell Ferrante (keyboards), Jimmy Haslip (bass), Bob Mintzer (saxophone), Marcus Baylor (drums), 6:34.

 V. Entertainment

  1.  }fun art, photos, poetry.

}features Applied David Hockney (photos).

  1. }real ‘found art’. Requires Apple Quicktime plug-in.
  2.  }weather + beach-cam. 2011 DL Replacement: }still pictures, beautiful, as there is no longer a webcam there. But there are others…
  3. }here’s a really fun website that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Just click on the link or image that you want to see or go to. Don’t forget to fasten your seatbelt first. Please note the oxygen mask above you; and vomit bags are located in the back of the seat ahead of you. Careful where you click!
  4.    }same.    }smaller list, good selection.  }click “panorama”; controls don’t work.

  1.  }Beach Web-cams.   }California webcams, good selection, many for LA, SF Bay Area, San Diego.   } Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakespeare In Love. 3:42.   }Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakespeare In Love. 0:56.    }Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakespeare In Love. 0:20. 2014 DL. Replacement: .   }SIL.   }Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakespeare In Love. 0:20. 2014 DL. Replacement:   }SIL.   }Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakespeare In Love. 0:20. 2014 DL. Replacement:   }Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakespeare In Love. 0:20. 2014 DL. Replacement: Note: Sometimes Outlook’s Onedrive, won’t link directly to a file. Hotmail’s Skydrive did. So, if the folder opens instead of the file, note that the videos named “SIL” are selected. Just scroll down to the esses.   } Paltrow as an artist’s model, 0:20.   }Paltrow as an artist’s model, 0:20. }Paltrow as an artist’s model, 0:20.   }Paltrow as an artist’s model, 0:20.

 VI. Shakespeare.   }the podcast central of the American Shakespeare Center. Mostly lectures, interviews, etc., we haven’t found any actual plays podcast here yet, but LOC or another like that would probably have them. See also   }podcasts from the BBC, you might find something Shakespearean here.

}Recollections of A Fallen Sky, Part 3, in pdf. See the chapter, “Shakespeare and Velikovsky”, and Notes following it for references.

  1. }Part One of “The Enlightened Shakespeare”.    }music to listen to while reading part one.      }Part Two.    }music to listen to while reading part two.   }so, this is THE Shakespeare search engine. If you’re into the Bard, this is the site for you. See also JKU Academic Research List .


VII. Daily Awareness Science Short List.

Major Warnings/Alerts:
S0 Notes on Solar Shutdown:…
IPCC History:…
Earth WindMap:…
Global Maps:…
NDBC Buoys:
HurricaneZone Satellite Images:…
NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory:
Satellite Maps:…
Forecast Maps:…
TORCON:… }Tornado Forecast for the day.
GOES Satellites:
Severe Weather Threats:……   } Canada Weather Office Satellite Composites,
Temperature Delta:…
SOHO Solar Wind:
Planetary Orbital Diagram – Ceres1 JPL:…
GOES Xray:…
Gamma Ray Bursts:
BARTOL Cosmic Rays:…
NOAA Sunspot Classifications:…
GONG Magnetic Maps:…
JAPAN Radiation Map:
RSOE: See also The Cold List for this site and similar ones.





1. What are Mr. Kamel’s favorite works by Walter/Wendy Carlos?

A: (1) Walter: Sonic Seasonings, and the (Limited Edition) LP release of

A Clockwork Orange, with the extended “Timesteps” recording. (Jae’s)

(2) Wendy: The Beauty In The Beast. (Jone’s)

2. Why is this edition of JKU red, white, and blue?

A: It is the Special Independence Day Edition of JKU.

3. Why are so many of the online translators broken?

A: We don’t know the real answer to this question, but speculate that the people involved with them are either incredibly stupid, extremely lazy, or both; that is, the usual reasons. Otherwise: Bit rot. 2011 Update: Many of the translators have been changed or repaired since this List was first written.

4. What are DLs?

A: Those would be, Dead Links.

5. What is “Found Art”?

A: This refers to “art” items or objects that are literally found, just where they are. In the case of the films, these clips and snippets were literally found all over Hollywood, Ca., for example, in gutters, dumpsters, on sidewalks, etc., and then put together into films.

6. What is the purpose of “The Daily Awareness URLs” ?

A: These are the websites that contain the information that you need to be aware of

and think about, every single day. So, you would visit the websites and then look at the information which is presented there.

7. So, what are we supposed to do with the “Global Warming Checklist”?

A: Use the checklist like this: visit each of the websites listed, and then read what

they have to say. “Both” “sides” of the issue are presented, along with much of the

pertinent background material. Be sure to go ahead and look at all the sites.

8. What is Mr. Kamel’s favorite Suzanne Vega tune?

A: Probably, Small Blue Thing; but then, it’s hard to pick just one when you love someone.

10. How can I contact you?

A: Mr. Jae Kamel:; Dr. Jone Dae: .

11. Did you change the text color on this List?

A: Yes, we did. In June 2014 we darkened the red to make it more readable.   }the original document is here if you want a copy or to view it in its correct form. WordPress does not respect the formats of pasted documents.






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    Athens, and the pivotal event about which the action occurs is
    the forthcoming marriage of its leader, Duke Theseus, to
    Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, with whom he had previously
    been at war. In fertility terms, Theseus’ union with Hippolyta
    will bring political peace and a continuation of his dynasty. it is
    thus critically important for the future life of Athens hat the
    marriage of its young leader occurs under the most auspicious
    The play opens four days before the nuptials. Theseus is
    impatient to enjoy is bride, but he must wait for the new moon,
    the right time for new beginnings and fertility, before he can ease
    his sexual frustration [2].
    O , methinks how slow
    This old moon wanes. She lingers my desires,
    Like to a step
    -dame or a dowager,
    Long withering out a young man’s revenue.
    1.1. 3-6.
    Hippolyta politely but firmly tells him he must wait.
    Four days will quickly steep themselves in night,
    Four nights will quickly dream away the time;
    And then the moon, like to a silver bow
    -bent in heaven, shall behold the night
    Of our solemnities.
    1.1. 7-11.
    Her reply is full of unconscious ironies having to do with sexual
    frustration, with nightly dreams, with Theseus, frustrated, like a
    bow which is bent and ready to shoot, but not released.

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