These are the videos about the Electric Universe which we have hand-picked and selected for you.

Hello fellow bloggers,

   Of course, science is not at all popular on WordPress; I’ve repeated Henry’s tests, and the results are, that bloggers will ‘like’

and ‘follow’ posts with images (photos) and videos, but not anything with words, with writing. That’s how people are today.

So, Jae and me would like to tell you, that we still maintain a Library on our Skydrive, of files about the Electric Universe,

and photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. The files consist of videos, pdfs, and other documents. The images are mostly

jpgs or bitmaps.

These files are maintained by us for you, to educate yourself, for free. We are the only free source of these materials, the carefully

selected videos and files from the much, much larger collections of them elsewhere, such as on Thunderbolts, You tube, and online

generally. And we are one of the oldest free educational resources of this kind, on the Web.

So here are some pictures of what you will find on the Skydrive, in the folder, HST-Electric Images, Videos, Docs  (  ):

.jksdhst11apr14a jksdhst11apr14b  The Images, and five folders; click on image to see large,



jksdhst11apr14djksdhst11apr14c more Images.

click on image to see large.




jksdhst11apr14e jksdhst11apr14f  The Videos ( ).

click on image to see large.

jksdhst11apr14gjksdhst11apr14h  The pdfs. ( ). 

click on image to see large.


Some will ask, why should we care? Here’s a selection from the video library, which gives one of the answers to that question.

The facts about meteors, asteroids, and comets, given in mainstream astronomy, in schools, in the media, etc. are fantasies and

have nothing to do with them. That is, that video is recent, from February last year, when meteors came down on Russia, and we,

the Earth, were spared the impact of an asteroid which, at the same time those videos were recorded, had just passed very, very close

to the earth, and was captured on video by satellites.

   We also have a short video of that asteroid’s very, very close passage (17,000 miles) by the earth.


Jone Dae and Jae Kamel (rhymes with ‘lapel’).