Spring Housecleaning!

Hello Friends and Fans,

Today is the first day of Spring. I’m making some changes here: from two blogs, there will now

be three. This blog, Dr. Jone’s Blessings, will still continue to post List Updates from JKU, websites,

science papers, videos, and the like, and writings, documents, websites, and videos, from the subjects,

(1) The Omnipresent Okidanokh, and (2) Plasma Science and the Electric Universe (EU), since they

are about the same things.

The other blog now is Jone’s Podcasts, and I have moved all my podcasts, dubshows, and audio

productions there. If you want free audio to listen to at work, while driving, or (better) waiting for your bus,

light rail, BART, commuter train, carpool, or van-pool, then these are perfect for you.  Pick the ‘flavor’ you like

and listen or download for free.

The new blog is jonedaepics.wordpress.com, and I’m moving our (mine and Jae’s) image galleries there for your benefit. There will also be slideshows

of each gallery, in .exe and .scr (screensaver) formats. Sorry about the MacIntosh users, but I am working on and

for Windows users now; only 24 hours in each day.

So: first blog, jonedae.wordpress.com, annotated links, news, info, and enlightenment.
        second blog: drjonedae.wordpress.com, podcasts, dubshows, and of course the playlists for them.
        third blog:  jonedaepics.wordpress.com, image galleries, slideshows, and screensavers. The galleries are
        the art and photography collections that Jae and me have displayed as facebook albums at https://www.facebook.com/jae.kamel/
Dr. Dae loves you.