Today’s News with Jone Dae.

Jae has been making collages IRL for years, he’s a fine artist. He makes an advanced form of collage, using print media, called Print Media Paintings. He won’t show

them online, he says, since he shows them in galleries. That is, who would come to a gallery to see a Print Media Painting, when they can see it online? So, instead of

a photo of his existing collages, he’s made them using an app similar to Henry’s,  for the 4 collections, The City, which he has made and uploaded as FB albums.

You can see some of his FB galleries with these links:     and   .  But some of the links are dead, you know, when you delete old albums and upload new ones. So, here’s the

link for Photo Essay: The City – A Reply, , on our FB site, in the albums. Jae and me share that FB account. Some of

my fine artists albums are there, for example  ,  ,  , and  ; but for all these the most recently reworked or rearranged albums, galleries, and collections will appear here, not on the FB pages.

You’ve seen the gallery, now here are some collages from it. Let me know if you like these.

City4 City41

City42  .City43

City44   City45

with love from Dr. Jone Dae. ♥

P.S. I also made a podcast to go with this show, the gallery, slideshows, and collages. If you like it, I’ll use

a cut from for the slideshow.

there’s also a playlist for this podcast, do enjoy the show.  ♥      playlist22sep13a