Big Bang in a Black Hole…

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You know that I have posted or re-posted articles or videos by my online friend, Dr. Stephen Crothers. His topics and views fit well with some of the other

links on our Lists, especially those critical of the foundations of 20th century science, such as Albert Einstein. BTW Einstein, was a friend and colleague of Immanuel

Velikovsky, and read the drafts of Earth In Upheaval, understood, and approved of them.

Anyway, here’s a new profile of Crothers. His work and links to his works are elsewhere in this blog.


By Dr. Hilton Ratcliffe


Multi-talented Australian physicist Stephen Crothers joins us again in 2014, and he is bound to create the same sort of excitement that he did at last year’s conference. Steve takes aim at the heart of modern cosmology—Einstein’s General Relativity Theory and its progeny Big Bang Theory and Black Hole Theory.  In so doing, he removes a lot of the distracting noise surrounding our understanding of the cosmos. In Steve’s own words, the intent is clear:

The aim of my conference talk is to explain, in simple language, without any need for mathematics, the string of contradictions and fallacies in General Relativity. Black holes and big bangs are the products of an unscientific imagination. Contrary to what people have been led to believe, complicated mathematics is not required to understand General Relativity and its fatal flaws. I will encourage layman and scientist alike to critically examine the story told by Einstein and his followers and to divest themselves of the sense of awe that has been promoted by physicists through mathematical seduction.

Anyone who has heard Steve talk knows what to expect. The familiar Australian twang and touches of sardonic humor color an unpretentious delivery, cutting right to the chase without so much as a hint of double-talk or contrived argument. How did this plain-talking, “ordinary bloke” come to tackle the sacred cows of contemporary theoretical physics? The answer to this question will be as surprising to you as it was to me. Stephen Crothers comes to us not from ivy-league towers but from the harsh reality of the trenches.

Imagine, a private detective body-builder with a master’s degree in astronomy, who enjoys ballroom and Latin American dancing and aspired to be a guitarist in the tradition of Ritchie Blackmore of the band Deep Purple, but who ended up practicing meta-mathematics to a level that challenges Albert Einstein. That’s a thumbnail description of Steve Crothers. But he’s much more besides.

Steve grew up in Sydney, New South Wales, and left school without matriculating at the age of 16 to start working. For the rest of his academic achievements, he flew virtually by the seat of his pants. He went back to his high school at 18 to finish his final year, and then set out on what was to become a virtually life-long career as a private investigator. It was an occupation he disliked intensely, but which nevertheless financed his ongoing education over a period of some 30 years. Mostly by distance education, he gained an Advanced Certificate Computer Technology; Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy); Graduate Diploma Science (pure mathematics); Graduate Diploma Technology; Graduate Certificate Engineering; and finally, Master of Astronomy.

At the age of 45, Steve finally enrolled for a PhD course in physics at the University of New South Wales. The project he was given at the outset was a seemingly pointless computer program related to the study of exoplanets. Steve soon lost interest in that application and turned his naturally enquiring mind to Einstein’s General Relativity. Within a few months, the problems inherent in that theoretical structure were glaring at him, and he gained the support of his thesis supervisor to change from computer programming to theoretical research in General Relativity.

Steve’s ambitions in this demanding field came to nought however, and in the face of institutional resistance from the university caucus, he was compelled after two frustrating years to abandon his formal commitment to a doctorate. But the die was cast. Steve Crothers knew he had found the fatal flaw in the extrapolations of General Relativity: Quite apart from the conceptual absurdities inherent in the theory, the actual mathematical formalism was faulty. He has devoted himself to exposing the critical errors in cosmological theory.  Steve says:

My objective in science is to expose the fallacies of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and the associated fiction of black hole and big bang.

Does he succeed? Come and hear for yourself.



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