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Happy Holidays!!!!!

Hello Fans, today is monday the 23rd of december, and 4 lists have been updated for you. Each one will be posted separately, owing to their lengths. For the number of pages and URLs of each List, see The JKU Index 2013 pasted below.


The Updated Lists are

1. JKU Part Deux.

2. The Cold List.

3. Online Tools 2013.

4. Academic Research List.


Additionally, some editing has been done on the JKU Research List, but it is not pasted here today, just go to http://sdrv.ms/x8nu4J and use it or download it (for free) from there.



                                                  Index of JKUs 2013.

                                              All Lists Updated October 2013.

1. Jae Kamel’s URLs, First Edition.  Released 5/1/07.  (Lost, 2009) …

2. Jae Kamel’s URLs, Part Deux. http://sdrv.ms/XOGcNA  Released 5/31/07. partdeux1.

3. JKU, tljc (The Legendary Journeys Continue). http://sdrv.ms/x1hqVV  Released 7/2/07.  tljc.

4. JKU, HL (A Tribute to Harmony’s List). http://sdrv.ms/y2PQu6   Released 7/30/07. HL.  

5. JKU, The Equinox Edition of The List. http://sdrv.ms/xfsjWe  Released 8/23/07. JKU Equinox1.

6. JKU, FHE (Fall Harvest Edition). http://bit.ly/zIoiml  Released 9/23/07. FHE5.

7. JKU, The Cold List. http://sdrv.ms/Usuvh0  Released 2/2/2008. ColdList4.

8. JKU, The Funny List. Never completed.

9. JKU, The Groundhog Edition. http://bit.ly/xxwbT9   Released 9/18/10. GL84.

10.JKU, The Free List.  http://bit.ly/xTMMZM  Released 4/5/11. Free..

11. JKU, Research List. http://sdrv.ms/x8nu4J  Released in 2011.  JKU Research List.

12. JKU, Academic Research List. http://sdrv.ms/R4hwOv  Released 2011. JKU Academic Research List.

13. JKU, Online Tools 2013. http://sdrv.ms/wkep6I  Released 5/31/11. Tools.

14. Julie Éclair’s PhotoList. http://sdrv.ms/O3ZUBR  Released 8/19/11.: Phlist7.  

15. Poetry & Spoken Word List. http://sdrv.ms/xYANGU. Released 6/3/11. Poetry.  

16. JKU One, original JKU resurrected. http://sdrv.ms/MXYngH  Started 12/13/11; Released April 1, 2012.

17. JKU Review, best of the previous JKU. Unreleased. See https://jonedae.wordpress.com

18. JKU Index 2013. http://sdrv.ms/GINLQH . (this index and contents). Released 9/23/07.

19. Julie Éclair’s VideoList. http://sdrv.ms/OxyWpF  Released 9/30/12.


TOC (Table of Contents): 

Note: The first List (JKU I), which appears immediately below, was irretrievably lost during 2009, alas. Dr. Dae and have tried to re-create it, and the eventual result the List, JKU One, the first and last List. The categories and contents are different in the recreated list, since some of those are now covered by existing lists. Note that Ms. Julie Éclair has joined our production team now.

Also note the following changes or updates:


1. The filenames that appear attached in JKU e-mail sent to you may vary somewhat from what’s shown. The current (November, 2013) filenames are appended to the Index names.

2. If you find any errors or dead links (not so marked) on our Lists please notify us immediately, as always.

3. All your questions are answered in the FAQs in the Lists. You may ask any new question that you like, and we will answer it.

4. The contents below are spaced such that they will occur on separate sheets if you print them out, or on separate pages if you’re using fan-fold paper.


20Oct13 Production Summary:  271 pages, and 4,072 URLs (links).

These total productions statistics do not include this Index, or the Poetry List.







































  Jae Kamels’s URLs  



Guaranteed Google-Free, for your protection.




I. Art

II. Film

III. Spiritual Film

IV. Spiritual Non-Film

V. Office/Computing

VI. Music

VII. Earth and Sky

VIII. Theologicians

IX. Descriptive, also Hodge-Podge.

X. Errata and Miscellanea.




Please note: many of the websites are included specifically for the Links and Resources pages.  Also: when Word “can’t open the file” (perform the link), try copy-and-paste

to the Address Bar.  Report all dead links to this writer. 













                                          Jae Kamel’s URLs – Part Deux.

                                                     October 2013 Update



Guaranteed Blog-free, for your protection.



I. Dance

II. High Weirdness.

III. Languages

IV. Music

V. Peaceniks

VI. Poetry

VII. Science

VIII. Other (includes videos).


FAQs (i.e., these are below the URLs)


Note: JKU, Part Deux, features all new websites, compared to the first list.

Note: DL means “Dead Link”, sometimes also called a “Broken Link”. Site down.



19Oct13 Summary: 24 pages, 1005 lines, 8,340 words. 291 URLs (links).


                                                     Jae Kamel’s URLs

                                       “The Legendary Journeys Continue…”


Special Independence Day Edition.


Wiki-free for your protection.



I. Daily Awareness

II. Global Warming

III. Tools

IV. Music

V. Entertainment.

VI. Shakespeare.




19Oct13 Summary: 11 pages, 435 lines, 2995 words.  118 URLs (links).



                                              Jae Kamel’s URLs 


                                       A tribute to Harmony’s List.

                                                        October 2013 Update  


Special Edition recapping the best of Harmony’s Website Links.


Amazon-free for your protection.


Presented in HDTV.



I.  The Homefree.

II.  More Peaceniks.

III.  Cultural Enrichment.

IV.  Ecology.

V.  More Mind Tools.

VI.  More Web Tools.

VII.  Metaphysics.

VIII.  Music.

IX.  Science.

X.  History.


Note on all the Sections: look at the “About Us” section.


19Oct13 Summary: 18 pages, 739 lines, 6220 words. 254 URLs (links).












                                                Jae Kamel’s URLs Presents…


                                            The Equinox Edition of The List.

                                                           April, 2013 Update


I-Phone free, for your protection.




I. Community Gardens

II. Co-ops.

III. Energy Systems.

IV. Healing.

V. Music.

VI. Games.



FAQs (i.e., following the Categories)


20oct13 Summary: 20 pages, 823 lines, 6235 words. 286 URLs (links).


                             Jae Kamel’s URLs – Fall Harvest Edition.


                                                     October, 2013 Update.


Football-free for your protection.




I. (your ad goes here)

II. Plasma Science.

III. Other Science.

IV. Other Language.

V. Views of Schizophrenia.

VI. Watchdogs & Whistleblowers

VII. Enneagram Studies.

VIII. Musique and Videos.




20oct13 Summary: 19 pages, 796 lines, 6242 words. 206 URLs (links).


                                           Jae Kamel’s URLs Presents….


                                                         The Cold List 

                                          October, 2013  Edition


Christmas-Free For Your Protection


I. Freedom.

II. Sex. 

III. Music and Video.




21jul12 Summary: 29 pages, 1203 lines, 10071 words. 345 URLs (links).



                                                Jae Kamel’s URLs Presents…


                                                      The Funny List. 


Valentine-Free for your protection.



I. Clowns.


III. Crop Circles.

IV. Criminal Justice System.

V. The Midwest.

VI. Other.

VII. Music.

VII. Videos.


FAQs (after the URLs).







                                                     Jae Kamel’s URLs 




                                             The Groundhog Edition

                                                     October 2013 Update


Bush Free for Your Protection


Presented in 4D.



I. Non-Frankenfood Sites and Health.

II. More Social Issues.

III. More Electromagnetism and Biology.

IV.  More Reference Links.

V. More Enlightenment.

VI. Music and Video.




20oct13 Summary: 19 pages, 760 lines, 6341 words. 210 URLs (links).


















                                                   Jae Kamel’s URLs




                                                          The Free List



Doth Free for Your Protection


Coming to you from Deep Within Frontierland…


Presented in Advanced Photon Stimulation.



I. Mathematics

II. Bucky, St. Fuller

III. Beat

IV. Buddhism

V. Asteroids, Meteors, and Comets.

VI. Renaissance Influences.

VII. Music, Video, and so on.




20oct13  Summary: 21 pages, 865 lines, 6031 words. 310 URLs (links).
















                                                    JKU Research List

                                                     October, 2013 Update


Bin Laden-free for your protection.



I. Discussion Groups and Forums.

II. Metacrawlers.

III. Alternate Search Engines.

      A. Current sites:

      B. Older sites.

      C. Visual sites.

IV. Address and phone nrs.

V. Audio Resources.

VI. Radio Stations.

VII. Podcasts.

VIII. Video.


X. Archives.

XI. Other searching.


Note: as with the other Lists, “DL” stands for Dead Link, also sometimes called a Broken Link. The date next to the “DL” shows roughly when it was discovered that the link was dead. These lists were started in 2006, so, that’s why they’re updated from time to time.


20oct13 Summary: 24 pages, 987 lines, 10675 words. 210 URLs (links).
















                                           JKU Academic Research List

                                                   August 2013 Edition

                                                              274 Links




I. Research URLs

II. Online Catalogs

III. Online Journals and Zines

IV. Indexes and Abstracts

V. Reference Books Online

VI. Govt. Publications

VII. Subject Guides

VIII. Other.

IX. Language Tools.


20oct13 Summary: 23 pages, 983 lines, 9024 words. 278 URLs (links).


                                     Jae Kamel’s URLs Presents…


                                          Online Tools 2013



Microsloth-free for your protection.


I. Web Tools.

II. Web-Hosting and Design Sites.

III. Proxy Sites.

IV. Linux, Grub, Bart PE, Windows PE, Ubuntu. (Under Construction)




Intro: Not all of the useful tools that we have found are here. The image tools will be mostly on Julie Éclair’s Photo List (http://sdrv.ms/O3ZUBR ), the video and a/v tools mostly on her Video List (http://sdrv.ms/OxyWpF ). The search engines are mainly on the JKU Research List (http://sdrv.ms/x8nu4J ).  The academic search engines and related resources are on the JKU Academic Research List (http://sdrv.ms/R4hwOv ). So, check these other Lists if you don’t find what you’re looking for here. Note that the dictionaries and language tools have been moved to the Academic Research List.

20oct13 Summary: 37 pages, 1555 lines, 15757 words. 497 URLs (links).


Hello there. This is the, of course, most recent (October, 2013) version of the Photolist. Enjoy.  J.E. 

                                        Julie Éclair’s Photolist  


Note: Guaranteed Smut-free for your protection.



I. Fine Art Nudes.

II. Fashion.

III. Celebrities.

IV. Tools.

V. Other Photography.




All other Art and Photography on other Lists.



A collection of sites hand-picked as representative samples of what’s available in each category.

   The photography sites in the categories offered come in two types: Scanners and Collectors. These remarks apply more especially to the Fashion and Celebrity categories, than to the FAN (Fine Art Nudes). Scanners scan the images into the computers and websites; Collectors gather what the Scanners have scanned, into their own websites. Some are both, and some sites will state when they have done their own Scanning. In the old days, scanners would post to IRC using CSV format, and images would be collected via chat-room. Today, very few old-style Scanners and Collectors are still working; instead, it is Blog-sites today.  Some Collectors gather from other Collectors as well; and some use bots to collect automatically for them. HQ stands for “High Quality”, and for images, means that they are Hi-Res, clear, and (hopefully) free from any obvious marks including logos. For sites, HQ means that they are laid out clearly and simply. Others are as stated. Some of the FAN and Celebrity may contain sexuality, as apart and distinct altogether from porn and smut. Those are addressed below. Underscored URLs link directly from Word. Document (this edition) is Microsoft Word but may be used in Wordpad or Open Office.  “SK” denotes use of “SexKey” for nude or partly nude section (i.e., verifies age). Many in the “nude” areas are merely swimsuits or paparazzi photos. DL means “Dead Link” and is usually followed by the date discovered broken. Viewer Discretion is Advised. 20oct13 Summary: 19 pages, 1205 lines, 12231 words. 339 URLs (links)


                                                    JKU Poetry & Spoken Word List. 

                                                        October 2013 Edition



Introduction-free for your protection.



See also the Free List (http://bit.ly/xTMMZM ) of JKU, and others. 

01nov12 Update: This list now incorporates the poetry links from JKU Part Deux.


21jul12 Summary: 6 pages, 225 lines, 1229 words. 101 URLs (links).




                                                  Jae Kamel’s URLs Presents…


                                                           JKU ONE


This is the replacement for the original, lost JKU.


Facebook-free for your protection.




I. Art.

II. Heroes of the 12thCentury.

III. Natural Mathematics.

IV. The Work.

V. Ocean and Beaches.

VI. Music and Video.




20oct13 Summary: 31 pages, 1286 lines, 12005 words. 365 URLs (links).







                                      Julie Éclair’s Videolist

                                        October 2013 Update




Govt. shutdown free for your protection.


I. Video

    A. Fine Art Nudes (FAN).

    B. Models.

    C. Celebrities.

II. Video Codecs & Related. (scroll down)

III. Other Video & Audio Tools. (scroll down)

IV. Film Websites under construction. (scroll down)


FAQs (scroll down)


20oct13  Summary: 18 pages, 755  lines, 6775 words. 262 URLs (links).






















Mr. Jae Kamel: hillman1932@hotmail.com

Dr. Jone Dae: jonedae@hotmail.com