Christmas/Kwaanza Update Nr.3: Online Tools 2013.

Happy Holidays!!!!!

Hello Fans, today is Monday the 23rd of December, and 4 lists have been updated for you. Each one will be posted separately, owing to their lengths. For the number of pages and URLs of each List, see The JKU Index 2013 pasted below.


The Updated Lists are

1. JKU Part Deux.

2. The Cold List.

3. Online Tools 2013.

4. Academic Research List.


Additionally, some editing has been done on the JKU Research List, but it is not pasted here today, just go to and use it or download it (for free) from there.

Jae Kamel’s URLs Presents…


Online Tools 2013



Microsloth-free for your protection.

I. Web Tools.

II. Web-Hosting and Design Sites.

III. Proxy Sites.

IV. Linux, Grub, Bart PE, Windows PE, Ubuntu. New




Intro: Not all of the useful tools that we have found are here. The image tools will be mostly on Julie Éclair’s Photo List ( ), the video and a/v tools mostly on her Video List ( ). The search engines are mainly on the JKU Research List ( ).  The academic search engines and related resources are on the JKU Academic Research List ( ). So, check these other Lists if you don’t find what you’re looking for here. Note that the dictionaries and language tools have been moved to the Academic Research List.


I. Web Tools.    }online scientific calculator. 14 digit accuracy.   }an alternate download location for the Dup Detector. You might like the other apps on this site. See also PhotoList for more image tools.   }we consider 7-Zip the best unzipper, and file and archive manager; BitZipper is our second choice. Recommended. 7-Zip can be tricky to use, so use caution with it. Works best when run as administrator, but still works well without. Since most institutional and public computers will not let you run as administrator, we feature apps here that run well under those circumstances. After all, if you could sign on as an administrator, many of these apps wouldn’t be necessary – !  Here is:   }the download site for it. We don’t recommend the 64-bit version unless you’re on  a 64-bit Windows 7 or newer OS.   }we have used and tested this icon explorer 5.1. Recommended for a freeware icon editor. Easy to use, visually simple, small app. Abbsoft has other icon tools as well.   }old DOS apps and other handy utilities are here.   }collection of quikbasic and qbasic programs and files. Most of these crash in XP, and are made for DOS only. They are probably 16-bit, and won’t run on XP or any 32-bit OS/PC, partly from the “8+3 filename” problem that we discuss elsewhere on this page. You’ll want a 16-bit DOS emulator in some cases; others may fun in 32-bit, but not until you disable the “8+3” filenames. We have downloaded and tried several of these programs, and, the ones that work at all, work fine.   }we’ve tested the PNGOUT and KZIP from this page, and they both work fine. This man is a good programmer. For those of you who do image work, IrfanView uses this PNGOUT for compression of .png images, displaying and options box and so on. Works fast and efficiently. IrfanView is listed here, since it has so many different uses; see Julie Éclair’s PhotoList for more image tools and apps. This page also has links to comparisons between different compressors, with technical notes about how to use them, and so on. There are also many other interesting programs and utilities on this page, enjoy. Site highly recommended, especially if like this old stuff.   }when you go to this site, you’ll see how intelligent this programmer is. We use, and recommend, his Task Manager, as a substitute to the windows task manager. The actual download page is here:   }download DTaskManager here. It comes zipped. Dimio’s other apps are recommended as well.   }try this mixer just for fun, if you’re into audio.   }this is, of course, the famous Fred’s freeware links.   }for serial numbers, etc. Left panel has links to other cracked sites. See also bestserials below.       }cloud computing apps. In our tests so far, not all of these apps work. For instance, the ESET online virus scanner neither scans nor downloads.   }we use this app in place of ResEdit, and find that it works better than (but still with) ResEdit. Recommended for resource management.   }down load the advanced process termination app from here. It is from Diamond Cs, but they apparently no longer support the product, so we found it here for you. Their current site is here:   }now they market commercial anti-virus products, no freeware. What is the apt for? We use various task killers. Some we use for the unique features they have, some since they terminate a process, etc., faster or better, and so on. In bringing these freeware apps to you, we pick the ones suitable for XP, since those will include versions for older OS, and also for newer ones. Many of the homemade apps have versions for XP, Vista, and W7 and W8, so, the well-known commercial ones aren’t any better. Apt has 10 different kill methods and 2 crashers, similar to Process Hacker 2. And it terminates some processes that others do not, and is simple and easy to use.   }the website for Ariolic software is back up, and they make a disk scanner, among other apps, that is free. It is slow, but we recommend it if you need one that’s portable and works on e.g., your flash drive, etc.   }converts any image to ASCII representation, and old trick, but this one cheats and lets you retain the image’s colors which are then (say) background to the ASCII, etc. However the site is awkward to use and the results are unclear. E.g. it says each image automatically posted to (their) gallery but then you can’t find yours, etc. We found it unsatisfying, but you might like it.   }how to install backtrack on a USB. Note: backtrack will format the USB!!!  (See below, or on Updates3) 2feb12   }find serial numbers for software that requires them. For newbies: to convert your “free-trial” version of the app to a purchased one.   }lots of “free” software (apps).   }this is a good and fast URL shortener which also allow you to keep track of traffic to that URL. Also create a URL with a memorable name.   }we consider this the second-best unzipper and file/archive manager, after 7-Zip. This one has nicer graphics, but is a little confusing to use at first. The link takes you to the download site, and BitZipper is free for the first 30 days.   }deletes unnecessary files to free valuable disk space, maintain privacy, and remove junk. Rid your system of old clutter including cache, cookies, Internet history, localizations, logs, temporary files, and broken shortcuts. There are several cleaners available as freeware today, but we have found that some are not totally redundant to each other. For example, bleach bit and piriform ccleaner each find things that the other has missed. Also our other registry clean and defrag utilities find or do things that ccleaner doesn’t, and vice-versa. So, using more than of these is recommended.   }this is our other favorite USB drive tester. Recommended. Warning: test formats (erases) drive. This URL is the actual download page. Warning: if you try to search for these apps yourself, you’ll have your time wasted by apps that don’t work, redirects, dead links, and the usual commercial/malware garbage on the Web these days. One of these USB apps was withdrawn by the site after it was found to contain a Trojan horse. Said horse ruined one of our drives and it has taken us over a week to fix it. Therefore, use the apps we provide for you.   }”Boost provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. We emphasize libraries that work well with the C++ Standard Library. Boost libraries are intended to be widely useful, and usable across a broad spectrum of applications. “  They also say to read this:   }Proposed Draft Technical Report on C++ Library Extensions. Download from this link.   }br tricks has many serial numbers and so on for older versions of apps. Be careful fo the sites, though, they may try to do sneaky or tricky things to your computer. We have other “cracked” app sites here, but they are older, and most of them go away, sooner or later. We don’t have the time to keep up with this area, but have downloaded some useful pdfs from this site, br tricks, before. But now you know what area to look in to do your own searches.   }the front page for bug me not, so you can bypass compulsory registration.   }another app for bypassing compulsory site registrations. Ironically, this one asks you to sign-up with them! The advantage is that the login ids and passwords have already been used by other people, so they ought to work for the given site immediately. Link goes to the “how to” page.  Find more websites like this one on our Cold List, under “I. Freedom”.   }tells you what a website is built with, organizes the data, goes into some detail.   }so, here is our favorite desktop calculator. Does simple calcs, and some other math you’d find in math apps, pay-for calculators, and so on. Highly Recommended, since it will do the math in binary, octal, hex, decimal, or in any other base you specify, and display the terms and the result in that base.   }this site instantly performs malware analysis for you on any file you select. Highly recommended. Did very well in our tests.   }a collection of free online services, nicely presented and so on. Leads to comparison charts of services in each category; some of theirs are the same ones that we have presented to you, here at JKU, as you’ll see if you look. That is to say, others are now imitating our Service of providing Free webpages, apps, and other items for you to use.   }the info page for CDex, the CD extractor. This app is user-friendly and Recommended by us.   }the download page for CDex.   }copy and paste between computers, using their URL. (untested) 2012 Update: This is the old home for As of Oct 31, 2011 has been shutdown. But in some ways lives on, the source code to the site has been posted to github so anyone that wants to can run a their own copy can.    }analog desktop clock, one of the better freeware clocks.   }this site has useful freeware and shareware, if you don’t already have apps that perform the same functions. We use teracopy and Recommend it. Site also has android apps for you android users. Note that, although teracopy is faster than windows copy or move for large files, as they claimed, they’re about the same for really small files. Also note that teracopy isn’t always fast; hardware limitations can slow it down, background tasks, and other apps running. Also, turn off you antivirus to speed up teracopy, so that it will be faster than windows copy. Even though teracopy is sometimes only slightly faster, we still recommend it, since it has other important features that windows lacks. See also below. Note that Teracopy and Total Commander support each other.   } another online file converter for you. This one worked best for flac to mp3 conversions; the other three didn’t work at all for that. Recommended.   }this youtube-to-mp3 converter works perfectly, sometimes.   }the ultimate crack site index. In our test, not all of their links were dead ones, some actually went to existing sites. Among those, at least one actually gave us a serial number for software that looked valid. We haven’t tested that s/n yet, but now you can link there and check it out yourself. See “bestserials” above.   }We highly recommend this Cubic Explorer. It is a great replacement to windows explorer, and really necessary on OS that don’t have a search feature, such as Windows 7. It is small, fast, many features, and “indy”. We think that you’ll like it.   }’git’ tutorial primer.  “My name is Daniel Miessler and I work in Information Security based out of San Francisco, California. This site is a life project based on creating, consuming, and sharing worthwhile content in the areas of information security, philosophy, politics, design, and other topics.” Site Recommended, we found it readable, clear, clean, and useful. “hacker”, “techie” and “geek” news and info.   }his tech primer series.   }”Docs Online Viewer is a userscript / browser extension to open online documents of almost any format like PDF,DOC,DOCX,XLS,PPT,RTF,ODT,ODS,ODP,CSV etc. using Google Docs and Zoho Viewer directly in your browser without need of any additional plugins. “   Recommended. When you click on “download original”, that’s when the pdf viewer comes into play.   }has 2 shareware and 3 freeware disk cleaners, plus apps for purchasing.    }type a domain name and it tells you which of five domain types are available for it, that is, unused. Recommends a vendor to purchase from.   }webpage for checking if another website is down or not; or, down for just you or down for everyone.   }you can now download this freeware version of PowerIso, vers. 5.5.,csv-file-extractor.html    }CSV file extractor downloads.   }allows you to download online videos. However, it failed to download any YouTube video in our tests. For example, even after registering it failed to convert YouTube videos for which the URL was know to be valid. FYI.   }more old Dos apps, which we decided after all to share with you. We have several individual apps – before they were called applications, just called programs – and some packages, but may not list them all here. However, since many of them run on 16-bit OS and computers, you may have trouble with them on XP. Disabling the “8+3 filenames” often fixes that problem. XP is 32-bit and the old DOS apps usually crash, freeze, or cause Dr. Watson to run. And anything newer, since they’re all 64-bit, won’t run old DOS apps. We collect them to transfer them to older, museum-type computers that we have.  For this one, “Of all the graphical user interfaces for DOS that I have ever tested, Delta is the easiest to set up and configure. Everything is saved transparently in text files. There are no system requirements for Delta. It was created on a 12MHz 286 and will probably run on any PC. It supports EGA and VGA. “   }a good selection of old DOS apps here. All the ones we tested worked, that could run on 32-bit. The others froze, crashed, or terminated by Dr. Watson.   }dropbox will automatically upload files out of a folder you designate and store them on it’s server. You or anyone with the URL can go there and view or download the files.      }send large files; but number and size of files that can be sent for free, per week or month, is limited. However, it does work.   }various types of up/download speed tests, for your browser and net connection. The ones we tested worked fine.   }list of various types of speed tests from around the world, with links. “These sites were spotted by our members. We cannot vouch for their quality or accuracy. Some may just measure download speeds, some may require flash or java.” There are some dead links on this list, but others work.   }this page has a variety of broadband tests and tools, for checking your computer and net connections. Obviously, there are tests on this site for wireless, cable, all popular connection types.   }variety of speed testers, we haven’t checked them yet. Test flash, java, mobile browser, others.   }wild, unexpected collection of technical info and such. There’s stuff on here that even We didn’t know about. If you’re a geek, we guarantee you’ll find something to like on this page! Highly recommended. Be sure to check out the rest of their goodies, as well.   }one location of the facebook uploader. Again, you’ll need both the Picasa app and the adobe air app installed to use this. Obviously most of you have noticed that it is basically impossible to upload photos to FB in the regular way anymore (October 2012), and so you have to use these apps to do it now. They themselves are not smooth, and the uploader is problematical, and FB inserts too many extra steps, and so on.    }webpage with possible apps, etc. Check it out.   }another useful application, that now we can’t be without. Highly recommended. This is the Unlocker. When windows says, say, that it cannot delete a folder? The Unlocker Assistant, icon in the notifications area of your toolbar window, automatically starts the Unlocker, and then you unlock the folder or file, kill the locking process, or both.   }Data Recovery Services, USB Recovery, Hard Drive Recovery, Digital Image Recovery, Digital Photo Recovery, Damaged Drive Recovery, NAND Recovery, Broken USB Sticks or Broken Digital Camera Cards. They specialize in this. They repair USB drives, hard drives, all that. Recommended based on website info.   }considered to be the best.   }a page of privacy-related download. Good info, our objection is that the download links redirect to various commercial vendor sites, and, even if there is a free download, it can be still many, many steps away (before you actually download and run anything), and, LBNL if you’re on a public computer, the download will most likely fail. We consider those inferior apps and software.   }the picasa uploader page.  Note that you’ll need both the Facebook uploader app, and adobe air, installed to use this; and that’s for the “web-based” version or the install-app.   }this is probably the best site to get simple info about files you’ll find on your windows system. Some of the other sites are oriented towards viruses, safety/threats, and so on, that they don’t know anything about most files you’ll want info for. Recommended.   }This site gives less technical explanations of what the file extensions are, in “plain English”. It is good for those who want simple explanations of what the file types and their extensions are, which apps use them, similar types, and so on. Also has pages that explain what dlls and exes are, for non-technical users, and offers a download to scan your system for them. For any Windows storage media or removable media that are NTFS format, we recommend Everything as the fastest way to find exes and dlls on your computer or flash drive; see voidtools below.   } site contains a database where you can search for file extensions and see detailed information about them. For every file extension you can find information regarding the type of file, and possible software applications that you can use to open such file types. Also info about less well-known file types and extensions.   }the iso file extension described.    }another online file converter for you.   }this site has many free, useful small apps for your computer, esp. useful for OS like XP and W7.   }alphabetic file extension list. Gives brief descriptions of each file type on the first list, for 1524 extensions, then, click on the file extension itself for more detailed info page. ON the detailed page, click on “click this link” under “Technical data” for fully detailed info about the extension, such as which applications use it and it’s associated MIME types, etc. This site is fast, free, and friendly (easy to use), which are our criteria for any site or application that we show here for you.   }instructions for a perpetual calendar. These are meant to be printed out and carried in your pocket.    }a postscript quick reference guide, meant to be printed out.   }intro to Internet for new users, circa 1994.   }this is the impressive Fourmilab Switzerland site. “This site is developed and maintained by John Walker, founder of Autodesk, Inc. and co-author of AutoCAD. A variety of documents, images, software for various machines, and interactive Web resources are available here; except for a few clearly-marked exceptions, all the material on this site is in the public domain and may be used in any manner without permission, restriction, attribution, or compensation. “  We have the Home Planet app from here, and you will really enjoy that!  It is here:   }this is for sure the best freeware app of its kind, and, if you enjoy science, etc., this is Highly Recommended.   }smaller, faster, free pdf reader. This may be the right choice for you; we prefer the Sumatra reader, but this one works as well.   }free anti-virus protection.     }metasearches (may duplicate JKU-I,II,III).      }reverse white-, yellow-pages, e-mail, etc.   }another HQ freeware site. The author of this site is as we are, is one of us:  “Freeware is the alternative sought especially in the face of ever increasing retail software prices, yearly update payment options and the introduction of software licensing schemes. Unbeknown to many is the availability of free legal alternatives for marketed retail software. For example, you can replace Microsoft Office with OpenOffice, 602PCSuite or EasyOffice. Instead of purchasing McAfee or Norton packages you could download AVG Antivirus, Diskeeper lite, JV16 Powertools or PC Inspector File Recovery for free. This website is created entirely with freeware (and a touch of ingenuity) ! There are hidden costs such as time taken scouring the net for viable alternatives (though I have searched out the best freeware for you on this site), lack of convenient technical support and no guarantees of the software remaining free in perpetuity. I still believe monetary expenditure saved is well worth the trouble. We make every effort to ensure that the freeware on this site are genuine and free from malware. Some authors initially release freeware but later insert malware or convert to trialware without notice. Please contact us if this has happened to any of the software listed on this site. Thanks. “ Highly Recommended.   }this is a very useful application. What we use it for, is when you have a file whose type or extension you don’t know or can’t figure out, or when you have a file you can’t open any other way. Free file viewer has opened every file that we’ve ever tried with it! Drawbacks: It doesn’t have many controls or features, and is crude in that way. However, you can still find out what type or extension that file was, and what was in it! Recommended. See also SynWrite, Universal Viewer, LopeEdit, and IrfanView for opening files that windows won’t open.   }download the free icon editor from here. A good substitute for Microangelo, if you don’t want to be pestered to buy. Pleasant appearance, easy to use.   }an online freeware site. It appears very extensive and well organized, and is a newer site. We haven’t yet tested any of the specific freeware or apps from this site.   }and their page of freeware utilities.    }is free image and photo editing software for computers that run Windows. We like it much better than the bundled MS Paint, and it is simpler and more fun to use than the Adobe products, and GIMP.   }here’s a pretty good collection of tools, so-called “admin tools”. We’ll include the ones we like here; some of the links were already dead, in our tests. Some of the apps from this list are in this edition of This List.   }home site for Total Commander, a file manager for Windows (TM) similar to the Windows Explorer. Highly Recommended. We especially like it for synchronizing files and folders. Total Commander, Version 8.01, is the current version for Windows® 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7, and Windows® 3.1.  Total Commander is made to work with TeraCopy, and vice-versa. See also below for the other TC site. We find that this is equal to 7-Zip as a file zipper/unzipper. It does use 7zFM.exe internally for some of that, but you can customize TC to use others if you wish; and we have done this. On this page you’ll find apps that pack and unpack better than 7z, but some of them are slow, or have other limitations. Be sure to get all the plugins, extensions, or add-ons for Total Commander, to bring it up to “Pro” quality. Again, our criteria for the Best include, must be free, must be fast and small, must be easy to use and if possible fun, must have all the features you would look for or need, i.e., must be just as good as the huge, ponderous, expensive, over-developed Professional Apps that many buy.   }as with many of these hot, small, yet obscure apps we find and test and review for you, you will want the add-ons from this page, as well, same as plug-ins for other apps, etc.   }the description and download page for the pdfviewer for firefox. Small, light, works well. Recommended. Works well with the docs viewer for firefox, also on this page.   }here is where you can find more useful USB “stick” tools. We use PeToUSB. PeToUSB is a Win32 GUI application for formatting and making bootable, USB Flash Memory Drives and USB HardDisks and optionally copying the output from a successful BartPE/WinPE build to the device. There are options to backup/restore the MBR on a device. Works; recommended.   }we use and recommend glary utilities. Its one-click maintenance feature is very useful and convenient. If you have an older computer, or slower CPU, set glary utilities to high priority or real-time to speed it up.  Award-winning freeware.   }Ghostscript is an alternative pdf reader, if you don’t have or don’t want Adobe, and can be added to Irfanview as a plug-in or extension. It is also an interpreter for the PostScript “language”. Also, you’ll want the Ghostscript plug-ins for IrfanView, so that it can show pdf files.   }Greasemonkey is a user script manager. It is an extension for the Firefox web browser. They have many useful scripts; Recommended if you use firefox. Firefox is also recommended by us; and we advise that you avoid both google chrome and microsloth internet explorer… for good reasons.   }this is one of the icon editors that we tested. It is a good editor, but wasn’t what we needed, so we aren’t using it at this time.  “Greenfish Icon Editor Pro (GFIE Pro) is a powerful freeware icon, cursor, animation, icon library and image editor.”    }this programmer has 2 good apps here, a file comparison app and a synchronize app. Both have been tested and work. Available bundled, and as plugi-ins for Total Commander. Recommended.   }best desktop calendar we could find. Small, fast, simple. Date on sys tray, easily visible. Recommended.   }download URL for the calendar.   }yes, lots of fast, small apps for useful things on this site. You must have noticed, that we have several such collections as this for you on this List. –You’re welcome. This is his timesync, which synchronizes your system clock with the NIST atomic clock. Our laptop’s clock lost 5 seconds over a month or two.   }this is the webpage to PDF converter that we referred to.   }this is the best of the MAC address-company finders. We tested several others, and two apps failed completely, one desktop and one in the browser, which we thought would succeed.   }this online MAC address  finder failed, but it has several other lists, categorized, by for example Bluetooth, SNAP protocol IDs, “The CFxxxx Series”, Ethernet numbers,  and so on, which you might want to look up.   }We recommend this app, Customize Folder Shell Extension. Small freeware app that works well; change background image or icons for folders easily with this, more. Also has 1000 free icons.  To down load the app,   }use this link.   }we tested several freeware image burners and iso apps, and, this one is by far the best image burner. It  is very user-friendly, gives very complete and detailed information about the medium, the files, the images, and everything that it does, and is fast, and has given us several flawless multi-media and OS CDs. It works just as well for DVDs. Highly recommended. We will list the other freeware apps tested here, rather than on VideoList, where the A/V apps are reviewed.   }we use Advanced System Care from Iobit, and recommend it. It is similar to some of the other apps on this list, but combines many features all into one app. Like most of the freeware, they use some features to push you to “upgrade” (purchase their pro version). However, for some of the apps both shareware and freeware, the pro version offers very few improvements. This app can improve Windows performance in some ways that the other don’t, except for DTaskManager.   }Alas, the homepage of I. Pauly, the developer of Bootice, seems to be gone. We recommend this app as another portable media sector tool, especially for the boot sector. After hunting all over for a download site for you, we finally found   }downloads a zip file. We recommend 7-Zip to extract it; with 7-Zip you can test first and then extract to any folder. We also recommend Bit Zipper as an alternative extractor. Both are better than windows own extractors.          }gives  your IPA (internet protocol address), which is usually abbreviated to IP.    }the info that this page offers is good, but, the whois(domain) finder failed to find a .com site that is known to exist now: FYI. However, the domain info finder did work correctly. In general, we’ve had difficulty using this site and it generally produces no results.   }We recommend this Irfanview.  It is compact and fast, and combines many features that you would normally find in separate applications. It’s described as a graphic viewer, but you can listen to sound files, view videos, make slideshows (with .scr extension so that you can use them as screensavers on windows, or with an .exe extension) and panoramas, etc. We think that you’ll like this freeware. One drawback: when you make panoramic images from your image files, or make screensavers from your images, with the .scr or .exe extensions, the image quality is somewhat reduced from the originals. Irfanview has a variety of ways, however, to specify reproduction or processing formats and protocols. Also does batch processing of images and other files.   }quick links to various online search tools. However, merely a sampling compared to our research lists and the language tools below. All of our links are quick links. For example, see JKU Research List at .   }example: this page/app pings your IP from 50 locations worldwide.   }the homepage for the Javvin dictionaries and glossaries. This page also has links to quick guides, books, and so on.   }links for network analysis, tools, books, and so on. Site has many links that you won’t find elsewhere together, i.e., network or security protocols in Chinese and English, data on Chinese tech, etc., next to standard IT and network institutions, etc. DL 2012. See Language Tools on JKU Academic Research List for replacements.   }Wireless Communications Technology Map Poster.   }an online virus scanner that actually works. We tested a likely file (.wmv) and Jotti used 20 different virus scanners on it. Nice work. The file was clean, BTW. And it’s free: recommended.   }the easy way to paste text and images. A quick way to get things “published” online, since it generates an URL immediately, which does work; but probably not suitable for serious uses.   }these are the registry edits for XP. We use XP for all our windows apps, since it is similar to both the 16-bit OS and the 64-bit OS, the only one that is.    }600 ready-to-use registry edits for XP. All of the ones that we tested worked correctly.   }By starting using (later – resource) you agree that you have read, understood and agreed to the rules listed in the conditions of use (see below). Cracked serial numbers (s/ns).   }so, this is the best freeware pdf viewer that we have found. Those of you with older computers, or computers with small memeories, will know how big and pushy the Adobe pdf viewer is, this one is lighter and faster, and has all the basic features that you would need. Recommended.   }online alarm clock, for those that are online a lot and need to be awakened at a certain time. Works even if the internet connection goes down. Simple; we Recommend it.   }well, if you are a system administrator, or if for any other reason, you just have to have all the NirSoft apps, this is the way to get them all at once. “Windows only: portable application NirLauncher bundles 100+ of the best NirSoft utilities into a single launcher window, and even allows you to add your own utilities to make a killer flash drive toolkit.” And if you want those, then you will also want the SysInternals Suite, and Joe’s Freeware Tools. It is very easy to add apps to the NirLauncher. If you are doing some serious windows system work, NirLauncher, with at least the Nirsoft bundled apps and the Sysinternals, is Highly Recommended for you. We Highly Recommend the Nirsoft apps anyway; Nir Sofer is a person like us, and makes small, fast apps that are simple and easy to user.  However, first you will want to read this:   }page with all the instructions and warnings, we recommend that you do not skip this page. Also, read the instructions for finding the other packages and making them available to the launcher. There is a download link at the bottom of the page. Or you can use:   }this link. There is a doc file with it, which shows the contents of the zip file. We use a firefox app that automatically detects documents linked to on a page, shows and icon, and then opens them from  . From there, you can then open them in a pdf/doc viewer. There are links to those apps, Firefox extensions, on this page.   }automatic random password generator. You can specify upper/lower case, number, symbol, or space, and psw len from 4 to 42 characters (not bits). That is, Unicode alphameric chars. They don’t say how they guarantee randomness, but it is clean and fast to use.    }the live math products. Numerical software for interactive solving and mathematical graphing. There is a live math plugin for firefox and other browsers. A comparison of the features of live math, compared with other math applications, can be found here:   }on this page you can see how live math is better. The math maker is shareware with a 30-day free trial, and the plug-ins are freeware.   }we use and recommend the File Menu Tools from Lopesoft. It adds a number of useful features to the right-click or context menu. For us, some of those features were redundant to apps and so on that we already had, but, having them one right-click away speeds up the work. Highly Recommended. We are also testing the editor, LopeEdit, now and will add it here later. 2013 Update: see below for LopeEdit.   }LopeEdit is one of the two apps we’ve chosen as the Best notepad replacements. Both of these apps have many features that coders, techs, and programmers would look for. So, they go basically far beyond being merely replacements for notepad. (And Synwrite, is still better than the new notepad in W7 and W8, BTW.) We use the “Light” version, since it is the free one; the Pro version has even more convenient features, such as code templates manager, external tools, multiple clipboards management, buit-in hexadecimal editor. Light version has a built-in file browser, find results widows, quick view, open files from Net (similar to Total Commander), syntax highlighting for a dozen languages, printing preview, configurable tool bars and menues.  Recommended. See also Synwrite, the other app we’ve picked, which works very well with this one. Remember that our criteria are, must be freeware, or at the most “generous” shareware; must be small and fast, must run in 32-bit and 64-bit OS. It also must be simple, easy (as possible) to use, and so on. Lope Edit is not much use as a text editor, but good for a quick notepad or for quick code changes.   }if you want to use x-setup, which we Recommend, here is the pro version with a serial number for it. Very good for XP and all previous versions of windows.  This is legal since the company went out of business in 2010.,1.html    }new k-lite mega code pack available only from this link. 27aug13.    }we’re still examining all these apps and will include the best of them on this List for you. Have a look.  Update 27aug13: a few of these apps were suitable and so are here now. Most were not, and then DLs, re-directs, etc.   }we use the microangelo toolset 6, and it is probably the best icon app on the Web. It isn’t freeware; the trial is for 30 days, then to purchase. However, if you look around, you can find copy of the app that doesn’t expire after 30 days.  There are other freeware icon apps, and we’ve listed a couple of them here.  If you are working with icons a lot, there are also some large icon archives on the web:   }330,228 icons, 1,606 icon sets. These are all free.   }this utility is a great tool for making screen snapshots of all kinds, saved as  bmp, jpg, gif, tiff, or png. This is the fastest and easiest to use of the screen snapshot apps.   }RegChange program monitors registry changes made during the installation of some programs. She herself is free and requires no installation.  Works just as one-two-three 🙂 takes a snapshot of the registry branch to install, installs the program (or if you take other actions with the registry), and compares them, storing the results in a text file.   }OpenWith program lets you view, add and edit file associations (note for beginners: associate – is to indicate which program opens a file with any extension). Small thing, but sometimes very useful. Total Commander does this also.     Brutal Force – a program that implements the algorithms used in the title (ie straight through all the combinations) for guessing the password to a rar-or zip-archive. The unregistered version of the password length is limited to four characters, but it can be increased up to 50 characters. Also during registration you can edit the symbol table, which is carried out too much, and change the priority of the program. It has a simple user interface, requires no installation. To work it needs a file UnRar.exe, which comes with it. This UnRar.exe 3.20 Beta 4 freeware, the same file is in the standard distribution WinRar’a any version. If WinRar installed on your computer (C: \ Program Files \ WinRar), then the program takes it from there. (Note that all the text on the application is in Russian characters, which windows shows as question marks. )   }Five (“Five in a row”) – a puzzle game that requires attentiveness and intelligence. Built on the principle of tic-tac-toe on the 25×25. Good program, but no match for Jae Kamel.   }here we found another useful registry tool, the RegCorrector. We did debate whether or not to share “geeky” apps and tools with you, such as registry tools and DOS apps. However, we think that some of you who receive these Lists may be geeks, or known one, so, we’re including all of them for you. This site is in Russian. This is another one of those sites, where a clever programmer has shared his various apps and so on; they are the ones that give us all the best, fast, small freeware apps shown on this List. The RegCorrector works automatically to correct your choice of typical registry problems.   } FAT Disk Browser – a low-level (raw) disk viewer (Boot Sector, MBR, Root Directory and sector data) in various encodings (Text, Dec, Hex, Dir), easy to navigate across clusters, sectors and directories.
Additional functions: Searching for the cluster of any file, drive map.   }FDRestorer – a program to recover deleted files with a standard floppy disk (1.44 Mb).  That is, before there were geeks, there were nerds; and also, there were hackers; and some of us still have old machines that use floppy disk. 28aug13 Update: we are unable to find this app on the site anymore, so, we can send to you the application itself if you want to use it. No charge.   } FFRestorer – a program to recover deleted files from Flash-disk or any other removable drive with a FAT16 or FAT32.    }Disk Browser – a low-level (raw) disk viewer with NTFS file system in various encodings (Text, Hex, File, Index), easy to navigate across clusters, sectors, MFT file and indices.  The program is free, requires no registration and installation.    }beginner’s guide to flash. Note that if you’re using a script-blocker in your browser, you won’t see the Guide. Allow scripts to see it. The webpage is somewhat difficult to use, and we won’t recommend those. However, the tutorial is simple and easy to read. There’s a link to an Adobe page which is supposed to be shareware version of Flash, but now (29 May 2013) you have to sign-in, etc. there.   }web site provides a unique collection of small and useful freeware utilities, all of them developed by Nir Sofer. Some of these apps didn’t work, but some did, and were very useful to us. Check these out. Warning: if you have Symantec installed, especially their endpoint protection, it will disable some of the utilities from nirsoft. It is a very invasive anti-virus package, and changes your files on your portable drive(s). We recommend complaining to Symantec about their invasive software, such as we did. All of the nirsoft apps are free from viruses, malware, and Trojan horses, and pose no threat to any system. See also Nir Launcher.   }we recommend this file-types manager. It is the only one of its kind on the Web that is small, fast, and “indy”.  We also use his ServiWin ( ), and several other apps from that site. Recommended.   }Startup Run. Small utility that works very well, and we recommend it. It is a quick way to add or delete apps from the startup folder. Specify user run or machine run. Now, NirSoft has recently (December, 2012) added a message to this page, that the utility is obsolete, but we have had no trouble with it and have used it on 3 different windows OS on 3 different computers, and so Recommend it. Nir Sofer has recently started removing old apps that write to the registry, so that he can make all his apps compatible with portable launchers, so, that may account for the message.   }page has old apps for windows. We downloaded mIRC, as a test. For those of you who don’t know, mIRC is the best of the free IRC interfaces that is still extant on the Web.   }the old mIRC page.   }download page for mIRC7.22.   }free online file format converter.  Convert media files online from one format to another. There are several of these around today, but we still think this is one of the best ones. 100MB limit for free conversions.   }offers broadband testing and statistics, and comparison, and links to forums. We’ve used their tools, they’re recommended.   }open office. This is a product and an open-source project which runs on all major platforms and provides access to all functionality and data through open-component based APIs and an XML-based file format.    }more tools: download. DL 2011 Compuserve OurWorld was shut down on July 6, 2009.    }lays Craig’s List apartment listings over Google maps. Works. Also, click on an area and it automatically enlarges and shows more details and so on.   }makes really strong passwords, using a phrase and password you select, while you watch. Recommended. See also their hashing stuff (on this page).   }better than another converter in that it downloads the pdf directly rather than e-mailing it to you. It also worked well in our test.   }URL to pdf conversion site.   }pictview 1.94. “PictView is a DOS-based multiformat image viewer and converter, one of the fastest in the world. PictView supports more than 40 file formats in more than 140 versions. PictView is freeware, and you do not have to register to use it, however donations for the future development are very welcome. You may proceed directly to downloads. “ We are listing DOS apps here for those of you who use DOS in 16-bit or 32-bit computers.    }performs a ping test with graphics, through your browser, or independently from the app.  Allows saved results and comparison with others. Can be activated from Xirrus Wi-fi Inspector. We liked the graphics in this set of tools. The ping and speed test also give info on the ISP, including distance from your current location. Recommended. We have not yet tested this in conjunction with Tor, but will post results on these Lists after we do.   }claims to be the best people finder on the Web. In our test, it was fast, found 2 out of 4 known-to-exist-online people (50% success rate), and displayed results that were organized, labeled, and easy to read. 2013 Update: Sometimes this URL has not responded. Then use instead:   }however Pipl may be down; even this page timed out before returning results. Other people search sites are on the JKU Research List, . We would be unhappy if Pipl was down for good, since it was the very best of the free people search services, that also search social media sites. DL 2013.   }we use and recommend piriform products, they are HQ freeware. Use the ccleaner, but in conjunction with other cleaners on this list. See the annotation to bleachbit, above. Note the ccleaner has a good registry cleaner in it, as well.   }this is the download page for Defraggler, which we recommend. It works well, and we found it very useful. The Quick Defrag setting is best, and is as fast as your USB drive is. (Can be used for any drive but we tested it on flash drives.)   }this is the download page for Speccy, which works well. We found it very useful: recommended.   }we also Highly Recommend this cleaner, it is one of the best freeware cleaners on the Web. If you want to try it out, use the Piriform stock version, download from this page. If you’re already using it and like it, then you’ll want the Extensions too. They’re here:   }these make the CCleaner much more powerful, and obviously trying to compete with BleachBit, in our opinion. The extended Ccleaner works on XP and W7, we haven’t tested it on any other OS; see also their descriptions. We’ve used this on 3 different computers, works perfectly, portable.   }this is the homepage for Power Iso, another useful freeware app for iso and cd/dvd burning. You can make bootable images and discs with this. It has some other features that Image Burn doesn’t have, so, you’ll want both of them on your disk to use if you’re making bootable discs or images. There are also apps to make bootable USBs and images, and we’ll try to include the best of the small, fast, freeware versions here. Of course, Power Iso is not as small as some of the others, but we still Recommend it. Note: the freeware version is not on this webpage.   }those of you who have done some of your own downloading, will have noticed that we always give you the direct links for downloads, and never the downloaders and garbage that wants to put garbage on your computer. That’s what makes us better than search engines and websites that list many freeware apps, and so on.   }claims to convert any webpage to a print-friendly version. When tested, it only grabbed and converted the text portions, and left the graphics and ads untouched.   }generates theft-resistant passwords. The PwdHash browser extension invisibly generates these passwords when it is installed in your browser. You can activate this protection by pressing F2 before you type your password, or by choosing passwords that start with@@. If you don’t want to install PwdHash on your computer, you can generate the passwords right here.   }find Direct QB by Angelo Mottola here. “DirectQB is a game programming library entirely written in assembly 386 for QuickBasic 4.5. It has been mainly coded to fill the void into the weak graphics, input and sound capabilities of QB; it works in screen mode 13h (320×200 with 256 colors – the common SCREEN 13 for QB), supports keyboard, mouse and joysticks as input devices, and has a built-in sound engine that works with almost any SB compatible sound card. “  We collect old computers, and they use these kinds of programs.   }the Qbasic café. “What is QBasic / QuickBASIC? Explanation: QBasic as well as QuickBasic is an easy-to-learn programming language (and therefore ideal for beginners), based on DOS operating system, but also executable on Windows. Differences between QBasic and QuickBasic: QBasic is the slimmed-down version of QuickBasic. Compared to QuickBasic, QBasic is limited as it lacks a compiler. Therefore QBasic cannot be used to produce executables (.exe files). The source code (usually files with .bas extension) can only be executed immediately by the built-in QBasic interpreter. Furthermore, QuickBasic has a more extensive command set than QBasic.   }this is different from the usual password generators in that it makes a pronounceable password in one click.   }a site for those seriously into the technicalities of Boot Sectors and such, they also have Bootice. We also use a tool from here, called UsbTool.exe, and if you’d like to use this freeware, go to!download|238l33|2874569783|UsbPE_Tool.exe|11448|R~2D36985AE17FD243B75AB0F2272F0011|0|0    }the actual download site for UsbPE Tool.exe. Comes from:  . The tool itself originates from:   }and this can be hard to find on the site. Note: this may be the boot-tool that had the Trojan horse it in. Warning! It ruined one of our flash drives… so use with caution. Antivirus software recommended.   }powerful un-installer that cleans memory, browsers, etc.   }list of hard drive and registry cleaners.   }site that has all  the links and resources for security and safety when using a computer.   }this site has another small app for managing portable storage media, which we use, called USB Flash Tools. It’s for backing-up and restoring these easily. You can find that here:   }but this woman has lots of other interesting apps and software – !     }you can find the isobuster, and other useful apps, here, and download from here.    }freeware wallpaper changer. This one is freeware, not “free trial” ware. Slow.   }photo duplicate finder.    }download from here.   }task killer 2.30 is described on this page. Simple, homemade freeware, that terminates processes, services, or windows, fast. Easy to use. Recommended. Here is:   }the download page for it. We keep this on the taskbar, in the quick-launch area and the running icon on the taskbar, since it is the fastest way to quickly kill a process, faster that all the other process managers we use, since it is one-click.   }we have tested and used this Icon Maker. It is a simple, easy to use, freeware icon editor. We’re not using it at this time, only since we aren’t doing much icon work anymore, but, recommend this.   }this is the description page for ProcessKO 2.78. Our use of these older freeware apps is discussed elsewhere on this page. This is another one that is fast, easy to use, simple, and easy to read. Recommended. We use this one for fast shutdowns of the computer. It is even faster than DTaskManager’s “shutdown force” option. It has some novel features, as well. Here is:   }the download page for it. Note that you will need to use the 64 bit version of it on W7 and W8.   }his product page. All his apps are small, fast freeware, and they remind us of Nir Sofer’s Nirsoft apps. This man is Nenand Hrg, and we are using his Q-dir programs. They are an excellent alternative to windows explorer, and Highly Recommended. Here is:   }the description page for Q-Dir. And   }this is the download page. Note that the portable versions can be used when you aren’t on your own computer, such as at school, at work, or in internet cafes. We recommend downloading all six versions. We have tested the 32-bit install version on XP and the 64-bit portable version on W7 Enterprise, and they both work very well. See also his other small, fast freeware apps. Here is:   }the download page for those. Enjoy the ants program.   }a free permissions analyzer can be found here. In our tests, its performance failures were the fault of the way our network is configured, not the app itself.  You give an e-mail address to register, then they e-mail you a link to the app. You can download it directly as well, but, if your windows OS is resistant to the app or its installation; you’ll probably want to use another app to run the installer from, etc.   }here’s the download  page for their free WMI Monitor. Again, the app seems to work perfectly well, but the system we were on made it difficult to complete our evaluation. We’d be interested to know what your results with this are like.   }another location to download facebook uploader. Again, you’ll need both the Picasa app and the adobe air app installed to use this. Obviously most of you have noticed that it is basically impossible to upload photos to FB in the regular way anymore (October 2012), and so you have to use these apps to do it now. They themselves are not smooth, and the uploader is problematical, and FB inserts too many extra steps, and so on.   }WiZ 5.03 is a compression and file packaging utility.  It is compatible with PKZIP 2.04g (Phil Katz ZIP) for MSDOS systems. WiZ is a graphical front end for Zip and UnZip. It helps you open archives, compress files, edit text, scan you computer for archives or search inside an archive file.   }UnZip is an extraction tool for archives compressed in .zip format. Although highly compatible both with PKWARE’s PKZIP and PKUNZIP utilities for MS-DOS and with Info-ZIP’s own Zip program, its primary objectives have been portability and non-MSDOS functionality. UnZip will list, test, or extract files from a .zip archive, commonly found on MS-DOS systems. The default behavior (with no options) is to extract into the current directory (and subdirectories below it) all files from the specified zipfile.   }this is the download page for the latest version of Total Commander. TC is similar to the 7-Zip file Manager which many of you, of course, use, but has many features that 7Z does not. We have found TC to be very useful, and it is Highly Recommended. That alone should be enough to cause you to download it, but, we’ll also mention that Total Commander, TeraCopy, and Directory Opus all support each other. These apps all provide you with much better ways to do what you could do with Windows built-in or bundled apps, which we Don’t Recommend that you do.   }download the DVD Author Tools from here. See elsewhere in this Category for more info.   }we use the Folder Size for Windows 2.5. They aren’t supporting it past XP, so it isn’t available for Vista or W7. However, we use XP on one of our computers, and have found this to be very useful and helpful even though it duplicates features that we have in other apps. The point is that it adds folder size, etc., to the details available for folder view, so you don’t have to start another app to get the folder sizes, etc. Recommended. 32-bit and 64-bit versions available.   }verify if your Internet service provider is delivering the connection speed they promised.  Comparison tests, etc. Update June 2012:    } performs a speed test with graphics, through your browser, or independently from the app.  Allows saved results and comparison with others. Can be activated from Xirrus Wi-fi Inspector. We liked the graphics in this set of tools. The ping and speed test also give info on the ISP, including distance from your current location. Recommended. We have not yet tested this in conjunction with Tor, but will post results on these Lists after we do.   }claims to link to/provide free online virus, spyware, etc., testing and removal. We tested the malware removal page. Many marketers of online apps should remember that all public and most school users of computers, including at colleges and universities, can’t install anything. This has been a big flaw in most online apps, especially anti-virus etc. ones. That is, there is a huge market out there in public and school computers, where the users have the same needs that the rest of us do, which aren’t served by existing online apps. We checked the first app that offered “free malware removal scan”,, but sadly, it did nothing of the kind, and then tried to install itself on a protected computer and, of course, failed. It did neither scanning nor removal from either its website or from, say, one of the computer temp folders, and so on. The other “free malware removal” link led also to stopzilla.   }removes or corrects typical annoying features from browser page or web page. You click one button and they’re gone. Recommended.   }clean, simple site with lots of technical information. Includes some items you’d usually have to visit several other sites to find. Recommended. The website will open in any browser. Tech data provided includes Linus, Windows, and Mac. Explains what the acronyms and abbreviations mean.  }Network Security Protocols: Analysis methods and standards, John Mitchell, Stanford University. Joint work with many students, postdocs, collaborators   }tells you what you’re running on your desktop. Great for away from home when it’s not your computer.   }check it out.   See similar links on the Cold List, under “I. Freedom”.    }puts your frequently used links under graphical buttons all on one page.   }a couple of good ideas here. One is about startup lists, what to do about them, links to apps, etc., and the other one is for CLSID lists, formerly known as BHO lists. We, after research, used BHO Demon. It’s an older app and hard to find now, but we like how it works. Lots of explanations and warning windows/panels, user-friendly, and with the features you’d want. Recommended. Use this page:   }this is the only download page we could find for BHO Demon. However, it is no longer supported. The site that had the support files are ‘down’ now. Instead, for the same purpose, we recommend toolbar cop (below). 2013 Update: Toolbar Cop and its kind will be on The Internet Archive, or gone. There are newer, much better apps that will do the same thing, and more. (Manage BHOs and CSLIDs.) However, we have kept a copy for use with so-called Legacy systems, i.e., older computers and OS. We use some 16-bit computers in our lab. Many of the old apps we have there are for you, who have kept an old 16-bit computer running. Contact us, we can send one to you if you can’t find it online. People who use old machines know what we mean: the RAM is much, much smaller, the memory is smaller, and the chips are slower in them.   }this is the latest version of the Toolbar Cop that we are aware of. It will allow you to manage BHOs (browser helper objects) in Internet Explorer, if you’re still using that browser. See also CSLIDs.   }system explorer is our favorite system monitor, and we Highly Recommend it. We use it on every computer, whether our own or someone else’s. We’ve tested all the process- and system-monitor freeware on the Web, and this is the best one.   }here you can find out who made your files, and whether or not they’re safe, and so on. Online resource specialized to information about more than 1 million files and more than 15,000 user’s reviews.  Different URL to the same page is:  }this is the file database search page.   }This app, also somewhat old-fashioned, is like a cross between IrfanView (on this page) and Total Commander. Highly Recommended. Can be configured to open the current file in other apps you specify, and these can be buttons on the toolbar.  The Viewer will open many formats without the usual companies’ apps; you don’t have to have Adobe, etc., installed to open many types of file. Free File Viewer will also, but is somewhat crude compared to the Universal Viewer. Universal Viewer also opens Word documents, and we use it to browse through Word docs, pdfs, etc., mixed files in a folder. This is the only app which allows you to browse through any mixed files in any folder. It also open multimedia files, but their players are a little crashy and a second or third choice. Imagine or Irfanview are preferred, Irfanview has the second best freeware media player, Recommended. Add it to the context menu. For image editors, see Julie Éclair’s Photolist, for media players, see Julie Ecalir’s Videolist,289933,sid9,00.html   }alphabetical list of the identity of 3650 file extensions. Clicking on the extension goes to a page that gives very little additional info, if any; list useful for quick reference.   }the Terabyte Unlimited downloads page. We use several of their apps and they are Recommended.   }download the Burn CDCC from Terabyte here: a small and fast app that just burns, nothing else. Recommended if you have everything else done, and are ready to burn. “This utility will burn a CD, DVD, or BD data disc from a file that contains a raw disc image.”   }excellent collection of small, useful apps. Windows, Mac, and other platform pages available. This site is much easier to read and use than most of the other freeware sites! Highly Recommended.   }the documents free to download from Tiny Apps.   }this app is hard to find. The original site is down, and doesn’t seem to have the page which the app was on. Anyway, another fast, small, homemade freeware registry app which we recommend. Written by Thibaud Djian.   }the alternative TC plug-ins site. The plug-ins are better orgnanized here and we found the site more readable and a little easier to use.   }this is “the other site” for TC mentioned above. Unofficial collection of all the plugins with descriptions and ratings; Recommended. Total Commander is one of our favorite windows apps, we Highly Recommend it. We also recommend that you download and install all the plug-ins for TC. There is a plug-in manager to make that much easier for you here:   . We also want you to note that TC is really perfect for XP; and some do still use XP; we, for example, still use it on one of our laptops, an older model that is not ready for 64-bit. Most TC apps and plug-ins are 32-bit. That makes TC perfect for people with older hardware and software, and there are many of them. Note that TC is one of three apps shown on this page, which we use, which will up- and down-load from FTP sites, the other two are Synwrite and Lope Edit.   }the Icon Maker download page. A simple, easy to use freeware icon editor. Recommended for a simple editor.   }this is the Universal Viewer, which completes our collection of free, fast, small, useful apps for you (29 May 2013). This one about halfway between Free File Viewer and IrfanView, or like a cross between them. And even though this will open most images and some multi-media, it also will open technical files and such; so it is here as well as with the imager viewers and editors, most of which are on Julie Éclair’s PhotoList ( The Universal Viewer has a setting to add it to the context menu, and many other useful features. It is also (a) available as a plug-in for Total Commander, and, when used stand-alone, it uses most of the same plug-ins or add-ons or extensions, that Total Commander (TC) uses. It has a full-featured navigation panel that opens in a separate window. All the toolbars, menues, and plug-ins are configurable by the user, and has 8 built-in encodings for viewing. Basically all the features you would inspect in a Universal Viewer. For Word/Excel/PDF files, no additional software is needed to view these files. MS Office/Adobe Reader/etc. not needed at all. For multimedia files, no external codecs are needed either.  Be sure to get all the plug-ins, add-ons, or extensions for this, since that is what makes it “Pro” quality. This is   }the page for the Lister plug-ins; page has links to all the TC plug-ins. Highly Recommended.     }We recommend that you download this freeware and shareware Editor. We looked for a long time to find the best of these, and this is one of two. We also want you to know that we have used Windows 7 extensively, and have seen its advanced Notepad; but this app are still better. Synwrite and Lope Edit are both very good for coders and technical folks, for programmers. Highly Recommended. Synwrite is also available as a plug-in for Total Commander (on this page). I can link directly to LopeEdit from the context menu or using the icon on the quick-launch taskbar. Synwrite as a built-in panel for adding it to the context menu. Both of these apps have features that are exactly what coders and script writers would want, would look for. The Synwriter has the EControl Syntax Editor SDK, which has the syntax for about 50 different languages, see website.  Synwrite can be configured to be 1-click away from LopeEdit or TC. Synwrite is also useful as a text editor.   }this is one of our favorite flash drive & card testers. Recommended. Warning: the write and read/write/compare tests format (erase) the drive or card.  Here: }is the download page itself.   }lots of old DOS programs here. Enjoy. “the biggest free abandonware downloads collection in the universe!“   }this is our former media player. It has the features and the  performance of a freeware player. Recommended. Open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols. The actual download page:   }is here. Downloads immediately. Note: 2013 Update: our preferred media player is now the Media Player Classic Home Cinema, as supplied with the K-Lite Codec Pack. We use the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack; see links on Julie Éclair’s Videolist  We found that the VLC media player, had too many problems, crashed, and was too difficult to understand. Yes, they have manuals, Wiki-type tutorials, and so on; but our point is that, we shouldn’t have to study and read so much, take classes in school, just to use a media player, a freeware one that’s supposed to be accessible to anyone. We read nothing for the MPCHC, not even the “readme”, and it works straightforwardly and doesn’t crash. The control panels for VLC should have tooltips and explanations programmed into them. See also info on Julie Ecalir’s Videolist.   }the description and download page for GUI For Dvdauthor. This is the front-end for Dvdauthor. Although properly a video app, we have put it here since you can use it to burn CDs and DVDs. GFD was written primarily to get captured television broadcasts comfortably into a DVD conform format.  Naturally you can use the program also for MPG videos of other origins, however no typical functions for copying DVDs (e.g. ripp, transcode…) are contained.  To burn the final DVD use your favorite burning program, or simply that one, that was included with the DVD burner.  GFD provides only the necessary VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders (as well as the VOB and IFO files).  These can be burned with any DVD – burn program (UDF – ISO format). Image Burner, reviewed on this List, is supported by this app.   }Virustotal is a service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware detected by antivirus engines. Recommended. There are many of these on the Web now, but we found this one useful. This is the “MD5” site that is linked to from the system explorer site.   }Download “Everything” from this site. It is an app that completely inventories your hard drive, or removable media if it’s NTFS. We asked him to make an FAT version too, and he’s said that he will. Really useful for OS that don’t have a search feature, such as Windows 7, and more complete than Search on those that do. Recommended.   }Up to date information about the reachability of your website. Alerts are sent by e-mail, SMS (text message), or IM (instant messaging). A continuous quality check of the accessibility of your web server, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Periodic reports are sent by email. Sign up for a free trial now and WatchMouse will monitor your servers for 30 days at no charge.   }unofficial list of web applications, we haven’t tested them all yet. We did note that this list contains no apps for recording the audio of videos as they play on your computer. And again, users of public and school computers have no access to, e.g., the computer’s sound card, or any of that, so, there is a huge untapped market of users who need software that will enable them, for example, to record the audio of videos, or even the video of videos, and so on. September 2011 Update: We have since found several apps, one of which meets our criteria (fast, free, and friendly), for recording audio and video that you’re playing. Drawback: must have an FLV player (we found 2 good ones) or convert the file type (we found 1 offline app and 1 good website for conversions).   }has table of URL escape characters.   }this site not only gives your IPA (Internet Protocol Address), usually abbreviated “IP”, but also other info, such as location.   }this is the page that gives your location, just click the Lookup button next to the IP. Scroll down for map.   }a more commercial “what is my IP?” site, but still has useful tools and apps, if you don’t already have them all. That is, links to apps and tools that you might want to look at, if you’re not an IT professional or serious geek: they would already have all they wanted, and already know about all that stuff.   }this is their interesting hash generator. Given a plaintext string, it shows the hash for it according to about 35 different algorithms. Good for computing students for study.   }their port-scanning scripts, applets, or whatever. In our tests, they worked well. When we use the site through an encrypted proxy network, it scans somebody else’s server, for the server port scan. That is, it still correctly scans someone’s server(s) and computer(s) when you’re invisible, and so passed one of our hard tests.   }this is their random website machine, like a generalized Stumble Upon. Click the button, and it takes you to a randomly selected website. Recommended if you’re really bored, or in a creativity slump.   }this site’s Windows Process Information Central; similar to other sites that provide info about windows processes. They also have an app called What Is Running, but we don’t use it since we prefer the other ones shown here. See also their other apps.   }the whois lookup site; replaces above. Our link is to the whois page itself. But also very useful is   }which gives you ratings info about any URL. Great site. Recommended.   }online hash words generator. For security, does not know your master key(s). Completely self-contained. Runs in any browser. Works from a USB key. Layout works well in a sidebar. Smart [Enter] key moves to next empty field, makes a hashword, or starts over. Use copy/paste to apply the hash word to a password field.   }here is a complete list of standard TCP and UDP port numbers. Keep this for ready reference, on your computer.   }this is a pretty slick knowledge engine, we think that you’ll enjoy it. Note: we can’t recommend Wolfram’s physical book, since in there, he spends about the first quarter of the book, talking about how good the book is. ?   }the page is a little confusing. The free app you download converts data from PDF, HTML and Text documents into a formatted Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, MS Word, Open Office, HTML, plain text format files; but the online app on the page, converts from Word to PDFs. E-mails the converted file to you.   }their extensive site map, lots of info about webpages, the Web, etc. Info: The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards. Led by Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee and CEO Jeffrey Jaffe, W3C’s mission is to lead the Web to its full potential. The W3C mission is to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing protocols and guidelines that ensure the long-term growth of the Web, W3C’s vision of One Web.   }we have tested and used this aaICO icon editor. It is a simple, easy to use icon editor, and we recommend it for that. Freeware.   }this is a good complement to our other wifi scanner and detector. We like the graphic form of this tool. Provides connection, speed, and ping tests. Shows graph of wifi signal strengths over time. Recommended. Download the free version:   }from here. 30jun12. The newest version is 1.2.   }another freeware registry optimizer. We’re still testing this one; if you have a rating for this app, please send it to us.   }free online file conversion. E-mails the converted file to you.   }technology podcasts from ZDNet.   }here’s a good list of free downloads by category that  you may find useful or enjoy.   }this is their list of various online tools. Some we checked, and they download but won’t run for technical reasons, etc., but they might run fine on your system. We don’t have the time to check them all out for you.   }another list of links to tools, Oss, etc., similar to ours, but weak on reviews, tests, and annotations. We include this for you since it has a lot of MacIntosh links. We are weak on Apple & MacIntosh links! So, here’s a good collection of them for you. “last revised 27 September 2010”.   }this is the Free Icon Tool, v. 2.0.2. We have used and tested this, and it is a simple, easy to use freeware icon editor. Recommended. Download from this page.


II. Web-Hosting and Design Sites.    }top-rated cheap web hosting page.     }browse complete list of cheap web-hosting, 160 items. Site also has a cheap-hosting search-engine.   }newsmagazine for website makers.    }web developer’s handbook. Many links.   }”Have you ever dreamed about making flash effects for your web site, but never had the knowledge to use Macromedia Flash? Although Macromedia Flash is relatively easy to use, you still have to have “a programmer’s” mind to really be able to create what you want. The Anfy Flash system solves this problem for you. With this service, you don’t need to know or own Macromedia Flash, you don’t need to know ActionScript. Here, you select the flash effect you would like for your page(s), customize it using our user friendly software, and the server creates the flash effect for you.” Again, Recommended if you make HTML or older style sites. Here is:   }the site map, good place to start looking.   }On this site you can download and use for free a couple of programs for graphic artists and web designers. Usable as a screen saver too.

The first program is:   }the Anfy Java Applets preview page. And here:   }is the download page.  Written by Fabio Ciucci, Recommended if you make HTML or other old-style websites, to use these free Java applets.   }Joomla is open source software (meaning it’s free to everyone) that is a content management system (CMS). It not only keeps track of every piece of content but also allows even non-programmers to build web sites and web applications that are simple or very complex.    }best cheap web-hosting companies, with summaries and details below them.    }page with tips About HTML, CSS, PHP and javascript.     }free websites and web tools, hosting tools. Their main page:   }Free Website Builder, Premium Hosting & Free Web Tools   }web hosting site.    }a site with links to web coding and development forums.   }site for web design and assistance, using CSS.    }site about CSS graphics design for webpages.   }list of special characters in HTML.   }56 Flash tutorials.   }50 freeware apps or tools for design and developing.  }An RSS Feed is a dynamically generated summary (in XML format) of information or news published on other web sites- so when the published RSS changes, your web site will be automatically changed too.

It is a rather simple technology that allows you, the humble web page designer, to have this content displayed in your own web page, without having to know a lick about XML!   }here are 77 free tools for the website developer, researcher and SEO.    }IRC Client freeware and other photoshop freeware.   }image editing scanner freeware, plus many related links.   }free FTP facilitator, open source GNU code.    }secure web hosting page.    }free- and low-cost hosting packages. A variety designs available, etc. Offers high-speed, 24/7 service, etc. Check it out.  }scan collection mgmt.   }info on apps and tools for web building, some playful and useful stuff.   }every webmaster, site developer, and SEO knows this site: the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. If you don’t then   }”This page offers resources about ICANN: what’s going on, who works here, principles we steer by, and how you can get involved. Click in the left navigation column (or on any heading below) to find the following information.”  Their archives also has a list of all the accredited Registrars.   }”Hello. I’m Kitty, a freelance designer and founder of Ink2Art. You can view my resume by visiting my other site, and also the sites listed in my portfolio.  I love the process of developing web sites, I truly do. That’s why I started Ink2Art in October of 1998. I’m a perfectionist, don’t sleep much, and have great support systems in my life.  I’m patient, perceptive, and artistic.”   }The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world. It then displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections.  The free ITR Client for Windows is now available for download, and allows you to monitor ITR in realtime, test your connection when problems occur and more! Click here to download.   }A content management system is software that keeps track of every piece of content on your Web site, much like your local public library keeps track of books and stores them. Content can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything you can think of. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage. Since the CMS manages all your content, you don’t have to.   }getting started with HTML boilerplate.   }a simple flash tutorial.   }DNS service provider; click on Services. Offers a free entry-level service.   }download joomla from here for free, and others. Also the three Intros,   }for beginners;   }for developers, and!_1.5_Template_Tutorial   }for web designers (the template tutorial).    }another cheap webhosting site.    }the details on cheap PHP hosting.   }start of basic scanning tutorial.   }basic scanning tutorial. Sample of several pages-long website.   }this is, of course, the Software Engineering Radio site, with podcasts for Software Developers.   }The SeaMonkey project is a community effort to develop the SeaMonkey all-in-one internet application suite (see below). Such a software suite was previously made popular by Netscape and Mozilla, and the SeaMonkey project continues to develop and deliver high-quality updates to this concept. Containing an Internet browser, email & newsgroup client with an included web feed reader, HTML editor, IRC chat and web development tools.   }this is another kind of tool for web-building, etc., that you may find interesting; they make “lenses” of your website. Their homepage explains, and has FAQs and TOS for them. “Squidoo is a website hosting hundreds of thousands of hand-built web pages (just to be difficult, we call them “lenses”). Each lens is one person’s look at something online.”    }up-to-date scan collecting tutorial.   }shows free webhosting websites, and a lot of other free stuff. Site is easy to read and use, and fast. 4 pages of free web hosting.    }how to merge multiple CSV files.   }the start of a simple JavaScript tutorial.    }webmaster resources and SEO tools, etc.   }a long list of website creation and information links. This is a little old by today’s standards, and might have many DLs. Owing to its length, we aren’t able to verify all the links and sites, so, we give it to you “as is”.   }example and tutorials about HTML5, with links, etc., and graphics.    }checks the markup validity of web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc.   }something has happened, most of the links and help pages from this website are missing. Only the home and front pages remain. We have a copy of their Webmaster links page, which is a good set of links, very helpful to you if you’re building a website. We checked the links on that page and most of them are still good. We found a copy of their links page here:   }and from this you can see how useful that set of links are, for website developers, webmasters, and so on. Recommended. This archived page also contains some DLs, so, the site must be fairly old. first crawled over it in 2011.   }So, we found an archived copy of this page. It was made in 2003, and updated a few times since then. Again, though this seems like an old page or old link, that was less than 10 years ago. This page has many useful links, some of them are already on this List and some are on the JKU Research List ( ) or JKU Academic Research List ( ) already. 175 links on this page, Highly Recommended.    }lists, links, and information for inexpensive hosting sites.    }their price-search page.    }tips and info about inexpensive hosting.    }FYI about selecting a host.    }7 myths about managed (web-)hosting. Has links to related articles.   }”This resource was built in order to provide help with webmastering, programming, using Linux OS, programming and much more.” Example:   }webmaster key, for design, development, and resource forums.   }”This site came into existence as a collection of webmaster tools developed to help myself and a few other webmasters with our daily webmaster chores. After creating a fair number of online tools, it was decided that we should make the site public, so that other webmasters around the world would have access to them for free. The suite of free tools and resources offered continues to grow to this day, and we aim to offer something useful for the beginner to the advanced webmaster alike.”   }contains the most common HTML tags and their proper syntax.    }looking for a commercial website developer? This one comes Recommended. Could be very costly though. “Companies come to FX Digital because we deliver results; in an industry too often filled with hype and spin, FX Digital is one of those rare companies that actually deliver results.  Just like every other website designer out there we design successful websites, however unlike most we define a successful website as any website that generates an income, because let’s face it a website should generate an income.”   }free online tools for web design that can help create a great works. Though the webpage’s author doesn’t speak English well, nevertheless here are many tools for creating or customizing webpages, including color tools we haven’t seen before. Most of the image processing tools are redundant to the ones we use, which are Irfanview when offline, and Pixlr when online.   }open-source, cross-platform video converter; works with Windows, etc.    }the world’s largest web development site.   }electronic communication format converter. This site is difficult to use and browsers have trouble loading and redirecting it. Redirect to 3 sites: (1)   }page to create your own website; page is in French; (2)   }create your own web-tv; site also in French; and (3) supposed to link to apps.wmaker, but now redirects to (1). The apps.wmaker site is perhaps ‘down’. –The application or service?, wmaker.apps, was designed to make an extension of your website into a mobile application. More info here:   }useful if you speak French.   }this page has links to HTML tutorials, even for beginners, and website building.   }page with links to XHTML tutorial, again even for beginners.


III. Proxy sites. (See also the Cold List for tutorials and info on Proxies.)

Some institutional filters/firewalls block proxy sites also. So far in our tests, one institution’s blocking system has blocked every proxy site that we’ve tested. Therefore, we are listing many proxy sites here for you to use. When we find one that doesn’t get blocked, we’ll note that here. (August, 2011) Proxies that failed, we omit from the list. The newest proxy sites have the best chance of succeeding since they haven’t been added to the blocking lists yet.   }one of the better proxies in our test. Fast.   }good for general use.   }for general use, also fast in our test.   }this site worked well in our test.   }new (11/13/11) proxy site.   }use the Internet anonymously almost anywhere you go and on any computer: all connections to the Internet are forced to go through the Tor network (see below); leave no trace on the computer you’re using unless you ask it explicitly; use state-of-the-art cryptographic tools to encrypt your files, email and instant messaging.

See also The Cold List, the Freedom Category, from JKU, here: .   }from here you can download Tor for free.   }this one seemed the same as another site but with a different URL and name.   }this site has a list of about 50 proxy sites that you can try. We’ve tested a few that are listed here. Scroll down to “new sites” to test the others.   }used with social networking sites.   }use with youtube and social networking sites.   }general websurfing proxy site.   }one of the newer proxy sites (9/11).   }this is a 100% free internet proxy service, and one of the oldest that still exists. The catch: they heavily try to sell you their pay-for services, and you don’t get the full VPN protection without doing so. They also make the free service hard to find on the page, etc. Find that here   }showing the individual proxies available.   }this one cannot be used to download movies or to stream “content”, that is, a/v files.   }this might be the best one. If the URL is blocked, try   }instead. They mail out new proxy site URLs to your e-mail, their unique service.   }has links to proxy sites which have lists of proxy server sites.   }The world’s largest distribution network for proxy sites to circumvent Internet censorship. See also The Cold List, which has many Freedom websites.   }one of the newest of the proxy sites.   }a non-caching web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for enhancing privacy, modifying web page data and HTTP headers, controlling access, and removing ads and other obnoxious Internet junk.   }here are the FAQs for Privoxy.   }the Privoxy user manual is here, for those of you who want to use it. We installed it on a public computer, but it didn’t work owing to technical problems which they describe here:   }this is all bad news to the millions of people across the U.S. who use public computers, including students, researchers, and others. We ourselves have no time at all to read the manual nor to fix the browser’s problems, etc., and most facilities and institutions lock-up the browsers and computers so that we users, the public, can’t make any necessary changes in them. This, of course, is wrong.   }another good surfing proxy. Did well in our tests; allows you to specify what’s excluded: cookies, scripts, referrers, ads, etc.   }for general use.   }good for general use.   }this one worked and fast.   }here is another list of untested proxy sites.   }seven pages of public proxy-servers.   }newest proxy site (9/11).   }general use.   }technical info on using Privoxy and Tor.   }here’s the Tor Project overview, you’ll find this interesting if you need to use a proxy.   }the Tor manual is here, with all that technical data.   }here are various mirror sites to use Tor with, if you need them.   }for general use.   }list of URL proxies. The ones that we tested, worked.   }some info about proxies and Tor.


IV. Linux, Grub, Bart PE, Windows PE, Ubuntu. New!   }Release 2 of ISO Recorder V2 supports Windows XP SP2 and SP3 as well as Server 2003. There is a 64-bit version on this page also.    }download link for the ISO recorder.    }FUSBi, the Free USB Installer, downloads free GNU/Linux Distributions for you and creates bootable USB images.

FUSBi supports automated installation of of all the FSF-endorsed Free Software GNU/Linux Distributions, such as gNewSense, UTUTO, Dynebolic, Musix GNU+Linux, BLAG and GNUstep. You can also use it with your local image files.

FUSBi is a Free Software itself and is licensed under GNU General Public License version 3 or later.   }Create an MS-DOS bootable USB/SD drive, Uses a batch file which anyone can modify, Uses MS-DOS boot files included with Windows XP, Option to use Windows XP Setup source instead, HP USB format tool is used to format the drive, MS-DOS and Windows XP are not included.   }download link for “make usb boot  disk”.   }limitations of Rescatux.   }download link for the Rescatux iso.   }download link for Utility to Create Bootable USB Drive to Install Windows.    }This app is one of the easiest ways to add Ubuntu to your Windows system. Wubi’s dialog interface requires users to select a mere six options to install the Linux OS. Don’t expect help with this utility. Users are expected to have a basic understanding of Linux and booting into alternate operating systems. Download page for this.    }page on how to create a recovery disk. Learn how to use the Restore Disk using ASR method in case of a Windows system failure.   }download page for this. With USB Drive Data Recovery Software you can recover your accidentally lost documents from a USB flash disk.    }Dedoimedo offers the most detailed guides and articles on a wide range of topics, including Linux and Windows, security, virtualization, hardware, and so much more. Their home page.   }This tutorial focuses on GRUB legacy. If you’re looking for a tutorial on GRUB 2, the next generation of the popular bootloader, please take a look at this article.  GRUB stands for GRand Unified Bootloader.    }Welcome to the GRUB 2 bootloader tutorial! You must have read my GRUB legacy guide. In the last two and a half years, it alone has garnered some half a million views, proving to be quite popular and useful to computer users worldwide. Site date 2010.   }GRUB 2 works like this:

/etc/default/grub contains customization; /etc/grub.d/ scripts contain GRUB menu information and operating system boot scripts. When the update-grub command is run, it reads the contents of the grub file and the grub.d scripts and creates the grub.cfg file.

That’s all.    }a review of Kubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala, with screenshots.   }This article is supposed to provide you with basic understanding of the GRUB bootloader. If you have read my other Linux articles, you are familiar with partitioning and Linux notation, as well as with the command line. The next logical step is to enhance this knowledge by taking one step further. Understanding how GRUB works and what boot entries in the boot menu mean will help you understand how the operating systems work, how to fix, recover or modify the GRUB menu to suit your needs, and how to setup different work environments with several operating systems.     }installing Kubuntu, full tutorial.    }When a problem occurs with Windows XP or a system is infected by a virus or other type of malware, the operating system must be recovered. You can recover Windows XP using a variety of methods to restore or reinstall the software on your computer.    }How to Download a Windows XP Recovery Disk

Read more:    }Microsoft Windows Xp Operating System   }old-school documents and e-mail, technical documents.   }that jargon document free from here.    }grub download files stored here.   }All the development is done through a Git repository. If you are interested in the cutting-edge version of GNU GRUB, for example, to test a newer version or to add new features, we strongly recommend giving the latest repository version a try. You can obtain the latest GRUB source from the GIT: git clone git://   }: grub-2.00.tar.gz    }download page for the GNU GRUB manual, in all the packed file forms.    }download link for the pdf. Starts immediately.    }his is the documentation of GNU GRUB, the GRand Unified Bootloader, a flexible and powerful boot loader program for pcs.  This edition documents version 0.97.  This manual is for GNU GRUB (version 0.97, 8 May 2005).   }the GRUB manual itself.    }The list of command-line and menu entry commands

These commands are usable in the command-line and in menu entries. If you forget a command, you can run the command help    }This tutorial shows how you can upgrade your GRUB bootloader to GRUB 2 on Ubuntu 9.04. GRUB 2 has been rewritten from scratch to clean up everything for modularity and portability.     }As many users are asking us an easier way to create bootable USB to reduce the task that we have covered in install windows 7 from USB guide (which uses command prompt), we have compiled a list of utilities that help you create a bootable USB in a few minutes.

There might be some paid tools that help to create a bootable USB, but these tools are really helpful as one can create a bootable USB in a few steps. All these utilities are absolutely free to download and use    }Download Kubuntu CD and USB stick images. For the desktop a 32-Bit version and a 64-Bit version are available.
Download the Kubuntu ISO to create your own installation CD or USB stick. The download process can take a while, depending on your connection speed (the file size is 700MB).    }Kubuntu comes with a wide variety of card games. Explore more games through the KDE Games website, or by clicking on the thumbnails below: There you can find board and logic games, as well as Arcade and Strategy games. Fun and educational games for kids are also included.    }12 unetbootin packages. This PPA currently publishes packages for Saucy, Raring, Quantal, Precise, Oneiric, Natty, Maverick, Lucid, Karmic, Jaunty, Intrepid, and Hardy.    }This web-page is part of a larger site giving examples of how to install Windows+Ubuntu Linux operating systems ‘dual boot’ in a computer.  Illustrated Dual Boot HomePage .    }grub-mkrescue – makes a bootable rescue CD or floppy disk image.  }The Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows AIK) is designed to help corporate IT professionals customize and deploy the Microsoft Windows Vista™ family of operation systems. By using Windows AIK, you can perform unattended Windows installations, capture Windows images with ImageX, and create Windows PE images.    }To continue receiving security updates for Windows, make sure that you’re running Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3). The support for Windows XP with Service Pack 3 ends April 8, 2014. If you’re running Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3) after support ends, to ensure that you will receive all important security updates for Windows, you need to upgrade to a later version, such as Windows 8.   }Windows® XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) includes all previously released updates for the operating system. This update also includes a small number of new functionalities, which do not significantly change customers’ experience with the operating system.    }Windows® XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) includes all previously released updates for the operating system. This update also includes a small number of new functionalities, which do not significantly change customers’ experience with the operating system. This white paper summarizes what is new in Windows XP SP3.   }hardy heron 8.04.1.    } rescatux_cdrom_usb_hybrid_i386_486-amd64_0.30b4_sg2d   }the download page for unetbootin.   }using a unetbootin plugin.   }building a unetbootin plugin.   }unetbootin install modes described. Note that there are other methods, and other apps, for creating bootable USBs. Some of those links are on this page, for apps we’ve tested or know to work safely.   }the installer described. This and the following links are provided for those of you who would like to use, or consider using Unetbootin.   }features of the installer.   }Whenever a new version of a service pack for XP is released I always run it through the slipstreaming procedure to see if everything works as expected. Service Pack 3 (SP3) is the latest release so it was time for another round of testing. For those of you that have a copy of SP3 and want to give it a try the procedure I used is presented below. I experienced absolutely no problems with the procedure based on an original Gold Edition XP Professional CD. The slipstreamed CD booted and installed perfectly to a freshly formatted hard drive.   }

“LOL! Why Should Someone Use Any Software At All To Make A Windows7 Bootable Flash Drive / USB HDD? Just Make The Partition Active (Use Diskpart tool of windows) and Extract The Whole Windows7 ISO Into That Active Partition. Keep The Drive Plugged, Enter the BIOS and Select It As Your 1st Hard Disk if There is No Option To Boot From USB Drive, save and exit. After Restarting Windows 7 Setup Will Start To Load. I do this all the time as a hardware engineer. Never seen this method failed me. One more thing I should mention here; Installing Windows7 from a USB 2.0 Drive into a decent system takes almost 12 minutes in average. ENJOY….For Windows XP I Use WinToFlash, The Best Tool Around For This Job.”    }about SP2.    }downloaded xp sp2 from here.,review-1191.html   }page 1 from this site. A Bootable Windows Preinstallation USB stick can be a useful tool for any PC fix-it guy’s toolbox. Here’s how to make one and use it for maximum effect.,review-1191-2.html   }page 2 from this site.,review-1191-3.html   }page 3 from this site.   }Jone and me have agreed not to put any Unix, Linux, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, etc., sites on this or our other Lists. That is a very big world, we have found, and, for example, neither one of us has the time to really research that world or master; at least not right now. However, We have also agreed that, when we do, we will release a separate Unix, Linux, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, etc., List, with just those links alone, just for you, our dear fans and readers. This one is here, simply since we are reviewing iso apps on this List, and so, thought we’d help out a little. Yes, all the Unix and Linux and etc. OS are very popular now, have been for years, and we know that some of you want to boot Ubuntu on your drive alongside Windows or Mac, just as we did (we used Kubuntu). Good luck!    }The (K)Ubuntu LiveCD can be installed on and run from a USB pendrive. Settings can be “persistently” saved (but the LiveCD kernel modules can not be upgraded). Programs can be installed and run, however, and files saved to the USB drive. (The installed programs will remain installed). A (K)Ubuntu Live CD is needed to do the installation. For additional info, see the Ubuntu Official documentation, the Ubuntu Community documentation or the Pendrivelinux instructions.  The USB “LiveCD” can be used to install (K)Ubuntu on computers (including netbooks) that do not have CD-ROM/DVD drives.

USB pendrives to be used to run (K)Ubuntu should have a minimum of 2 Gb (preferably 4 Gb). If you wish to install a fast, fully functional Linux system on a pendrive that has less memory than that, use PuppyLinux or Lubuntu.  USB Creator

You can make a “LiveCD” on a USB pendrive using USB Creator and either a LiveCD or an .iso version of the LiveCD stored on your hard drive. USB Creator is installed by default in (K)Ubuntu. If not, install:  sudo apt-get install usb-creator-gtk

Run:  Menu -> System -> Startup Disk Creator

Create a boot CD to allow booting from the USB drive

Many computers do not allow booting from a USB drive (but they do allow booting from the CD-ROM). You can create a CD-ROM using these Pendrivelinux instructions and set your BIOS to boot from this CD-ROM. When you boot from this CD-ROM, it will use the bootup files on the (K)Ubuntu USB drive you previously created (in the step above).    }This is the original Kubuntuguide. You are free to copy this guide but not to sell it or any derivative of it. This Kubuntu help guide is neither sold nor distributed in any other medium. Beware of copies that are for sale or are similarly named; they are neither endorsed nor sanctioned by this guide. Kubuntuguide is not associated with Blue Systems (the current sponsor of Kubuntu), Canonical Ltd., or any commercial enterprise.

Kubuntu allows a user to accomplish tasks from either a menu-driven Graphical User Interface (GUI) or from a text-based command-line interface (CLI). In Kubuntu, the command-line-interface terminal is called Konsole, which is started: K menu -> System -> Konsole Terminal.    }These downloads consist of PowerPoint and Flash presentations on a variety of computer subjects as well as an assortment of small useful scripts for carrying out common Windows tasks. There are also online slide shows on a variety of computer topics. We recommend this site.   }BartPE (Bart’s Preinstalled Environment) is a lightweight variant of the 32-bit version of Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, similar to Windows Preinstallation Environment, which can be run from a Live CD or Live USB drive. A BartPE system image is created using PE Builder, a freeware program created by Bart Lagerweij. It requires a legal copy of Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. Additional applications can be included in the image using plugins.[1]

As it often resides on a Live CD or USB drive, BartPE allows a user to boot Windows, even if a hardware or software fault has disabled the installed operating system(s) on the internal hard drive — for instance, to recover files. It can also be used to scan for and remove rootkits, viruses and spyware (that have infected boot files), or to reset a lost administrator password.   }Windows Preinstallation Environment (AKA Windows PE and WinPE) is a lightweight version of Windows used for the deployment of workstations and servers or troubleshooting an operating system while it is offline. It is intended to replace MS-DOS boot disks and can be booted via PXE, iPXE,[1] CD-ROM, USB flash drive or hard disk. Traditionally used by large corporations and OEMs (to preinstall Windows client operating systems on PCs during manufacturing), it is now widely available free of charge via the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK).   }WinToFlash homepage.   }how to use Rescatux’s Restore grub option so that you can gain access again to your Gnu/Linux installation. 2:05.





1. Q: What happened to “Language Tools”, your list of online dictionaries?

A: We have moved it to JKU Academic Research List , where     there was the most  demand for it.

2. Q: How can we contact you:

A: At the following addresses: Mr. Jae Kamel, ,

Dr. Jone Dae, .

3. Q: In your Tools List, you said that you would not be including any Linux, Grub, etc.,             since those links would be a List all by themselves. Why have you added it now?

A: We changed our minds. Since we are still “newbies” about Unix, Linux, etc., and           the Bart PEs, etc., we have shown mainly introductory website links there,           download pages, links to references, and so on. Therefore, it is not long enough           for a List, but is for a Category here. Note that XP installers and bootable, e.g.,           USBs, etc., are also included

4. Q: When did you add the Linux Category to this List?

A:  It is still under construction.





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