Plasma/Electric Universe and the Okidanokh….continued

EXCERPTS ABOUT OKIDANOKH outside of chapter about Gornahoor Harharkh,chapter
18, The Arch-preposterous:
(“Beelzebub continued as follows:
“The cause of my first meeting with that three-centered
being who subsequently became my essence-friend and by
whom I saw the said experiments with the Omnipresent-
Okidanokh, was as follows.”)
And outside of chapter 45,
In the Opinion of Beelzebub, Man’s Extraction of Electricity from Nature and Its
Destruction During Its Use, Is One of the Chief Causes of the
Shortening of the Life of Man;
And outside of Chapter 17, The Arch-absurd. The
latter 2/3rds of that chapter are about the Omnipresent Okidanokh.

(Those chapters are all about the Omnipresent Okidanokh.)
All excerpts from the (original) 1950 edition.

I. Pg. 304ff
“And later, when the same constant abnormal condi-
tions of ordinary being-existence were finally established,
as a consequence of which Great Nature was compelled,
for reasons of which I have already once told you, among
other limitations, also to degenerate the functioning of
their organ of sight into what is called ‘Koritesnokhnian,’
that is to say, into the sight proper to the presences of one-
brained and two-brained beings, then thereafter they were
able to perceive the visibility of their great as well as their
small concentrations situated beyond them only when the
sacred process ‘Aieioiuoa’ proceeded in the Omnipresent
Active Element Okidanokh in the atmosphere of their
planet, or, as they themselves say—according to their un-
derstanding and their own perceptions—’on dark nights.’
“And the second fact, by virtue of the same degenera-
tion of their sight into Koritesnokhnian, is based on that
law common to all beings, namely, that the results ob-
tained from every manifestation of the Omnipresent Oki-
danokh are perceived by the organs of sight only when in
immediate contact with those vibrations which are formed
in beings and which actualize the functioning of the
being-organ for perceiving, at the given moment, the vis-
ibility of cosmic concentrations situated beyond them;
that is to say, only when the said results of the manifesta-
tion of the Omnipresent-Okidanokh proceed up to the
limit beyond which, according to the quality of the given
organ for perceiving visibility, what is called the ‘momen-
tum of the impulse’ dies down, or to put it otherwise, they
perceive the visibility of objects only when almost next to

II. Pg. 311
“In order, my boy, that the sense of this latter emblem
put into the material called there amber, may become
quite comprehensible to you, I must add that amber is
one of those seven planetary formations, in the arising of
which the Omnipresent Active Element Okidanokh takes
part with all its three separate, independent, sacred parts,
in equal proportion; and in the process of planetary actu-
alization, these intraplanetary and surplanetary forma-
tions serve for what is called the ‘impeding’ of the
independent flow of these three localized independent sa-
cred parts.”

III. Pg. 587ff
“Certain members of this society who already had some
notion of the sacred Omnipresent Okidanokh discovered,
by their persistent labors, how to obtain from their own
atmosphere and also from certain surplanetary formations
each of its sacred parts separately, and by keeping these sa-
cred cosmic ‘force-bearing’ substances in a concentrated
state, how to perform, with their help, their definite sci-
entific elucidatory experiments.
“The learned members of the said great learned society
then also discovered among other things, that they could,
by means of the separately localized third part of the Om-
nipresent Okidanokh, namely, by means of its sacred
’neutralizing-force’ or ‘force-of-reconciling,’ bring every
kind of planetary what are called ‘organic’ formations into
such a state that they remained forever with all those ac-
tive elements contained in them at the given moment,
that is to say, they could stop and absolutely arrest their
future inevitable what is called ‘decay.’
“The knowledge of the ableness of such an actualiza-
tion passed by inheritance to certain beings of this Egypt,
namely, to those initiated beings who were the direct de-
scendants of the learned members of the Akhaldans.
“Well, many centuries after the loss of Atlantis, beings of
this Egypt, on the basis of the knowledge which had reached
them, also discovered how, by means of that same sacred
neutralizing-force of the sacred Okidanokh, to preserve the
planetary bodies of certain of them forever in a nondecay-
ing and nondecomposing state after the sacred Rascooarno,
or as they say, after death had proceeded in them.
“And indeed, by the time of my sixth visit to that
planet all the beings and everything which had been in
this Egypt during my former visit, had entirely ceased to
exist and not even any notion of it all was preserved.
“But those planetary bodies upon which they employed
the mentioned means remained intact and exist there even
to the present time.
“And these surviving planetary bodies are called by the
contemporary beings ‘mummies.’
“The transformation of the planetary bodies into
mummies was effected by the beings of Egypt by a very
simple means; namely, they kept the planetary body as-
signed for this purpose about half a month in what is
there called castor oil, and later they introduced into it the
sacred ‘substance-force’ dissolved in a corresponding way.

IV. Pg. 731ff
“As my further investigations showed me, this great
misfortune occurred in the following way:
“When these six ‘great initiates’ still existing with their
planetary existence began by twos in turns uninterruptedly
for three days and three nights to produce upon the plan-
etary body of their former chief the process Vallikrin, that
is, the inpouring of their own Hanbledzoin into this body,
then, because of the absence of the said preliminary prep-
aration of the connection with his body Kesdjan, their
Hanbledzoin did not go to the actualization where it
should have gone, but only accumulated chaotically over
this planetary body of their former chief; and since, un-
fortunately for them, during these same days, a reinforced
blending of the sacred active element Okidanokh was pro-
ceeding in the atmosphere above that locality, or as the be-
ings say there, there were ‘great thunderstorms,’ then,
between these two cosmic ‘results,’ still only in the process
of transition from one definite cosmic phenomenon to an-
other, a what is called ‘Sobrionolian contact’ resulted.
“And it was thanks to that contact there, on that
small area of that ill-starred planet, that that accelerated
cosmic phenomenon resulted called ‘Noughtounichtono,’
that is to say, the sudden and instantaneous evolution of
all cosmic formed crystallizations, and, namely, all
the neighboring surplanetary formations, were immedi-
ately transformed into the prime-source substance
“This Sobrionolian contact, or as it would be said on
your planet Earth this ‘explosion,’ was so powerful that
during this Noughtounichtono there, everything without
any exception was transformed into Etherokrilno, both the
planetary body of the chief of this small group of beings
s well as all the six other brethren there who had com-
pleted this sacred sacrament, and likewise in general all
the spiritualized or only concentrated surplanetary forma-
tions which were in the given region within an area of one
’Shmana,’ or as your favorites would say ‘one square kilo-
“Among these destroyed formations, reproduced both
naturally as well as artificially by the beings, there were also
all the what are called ‘books’ which belonged to these
seven terrestrial genuine great initiated beings, and other
things which had served as means for keeping in memory
everything concerning all the three genuine Sacred Indi-
viduals intentionally actualized from Above, and, namely,
Saint Krishnatkharna, Saint Buddha, and Saint Lama.
“Now, my boy, I think the sense of those words of mine
will appear clear to you, by which I defined the signifi-
cance of this charming military expedition, and, namely,
when I said, that this was a great misfortune not only for
the beings of the given country, yet, perhaps, also for all
the three-brained beings of the whole of the planet.

Summary: The Omnipresent Okidanokh is so important, that G. wrote 3 entire
chapters on basically just that.

To be continued…..