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Yes it is I, Jone Dae, continuing to bring you enlightening articles and blogs. I don’t know how many of you follow my friends, such as Henry Koehler or Colin Blundell, but I post the news, the discoveries and so on of the Plasma/Electric Universe movement, which no one else here on WordPress does. I have wanted to spend more time, for example, dancing with Colin, with his ideas, comments, analyses, descriptions, restatements, and so on; and I have wanted to post some artwork, maybe panoramas from galleries, or the galleries themselves, or even collages like Henry makes, since I admire his work, too; but today I decided that my time and yours is better spent doing this. And if you didn’t read the Groundhog List which I posted before this, then it is your loss, and you missed a good one. If you are connected to any of the Fourth Way Groups, the Gurdjieff Work, Jan Cox forums, and any similar wisdom traditions, then you need to know what I share with you about the Electric & Plasma Universe. A revolution in science is taking place now due to these discoveries. I know several of you who write about science, and claim to be knowledgeable about it, but, you only know what the popular media and learning institutions have told you; you’ve done no exploring or other ideas on your own. So, you need these posts.

Here is the first of the two new articles that you need to look at: .

Black Hole and Big Bang: A Simplified Refutation

Authors: Stephen J. Crothers

The General Theory of Relativity is notoriously known for its complicated mathematics. This has been a great impediment to many who wish to understand such things as black hole theory and big bang cosmology. However, all the salient facts can be easily understood without any recourse to confusing mathematics. With these facts clearly explained in simple language it becomes easy to understand why black hole theory and big bang cosmology are mutually exclusive and ultimately why General Relativity is itself inconsistent.

Comments: This paper is for the layman and specialist alike. It contains very little mathematics, and where mathematics is employed it does not go beyond high school arithmetic and algebra. Version [2] corrects a typographical anomaly in a quotation on page 2.

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Dr. Crothers wrote the following letter to accompany the first post:

Dear Scientists, Engineers, Artists, and Thinkers,
I draw your attention to the following paper. The non-mathematical
reader is no longer disadvantaged. The black hole and big bang are
laid bare for all to see.
“Black Hole and Big Bang:  A Simplified Refutation”,
Certain professors might be particularly disturbed, given their
penchant for appearing on national television in Australia where they
told Tall Tales from the Legendary Past.
Stephen J. Crothers

He also wrote the following brief letter for the "Simplified" post above:
Dear astrophysical scientists,
I refer to the article ‘Black-hole bonanza discovered near Earth’ by
Clara Moskowitz, published online on 13 June 2013,
wherein both of you are quoted:
"While we are excited to find so many black holes in Andromeda, we
think it's just the tip of the iceberg," (Barnard)
"We are particularly excited to see so many black hole candidates this
close to the center, because we expected to see them and have been
searching for years," (Barnard)
"In the case of Andromeda, we have a bigger bulge and a bigger
supermassive black hole than in the Milky Way, so we expect more
smaller black holes are made there as well." (Murray)
Would you please reveal upon what solution to Einstein’s field
equations you both rely for your alleged multiple black holes and
multiple black hole candidates? Please bear in mind the following
simple facts:
(1) All alleged solutions to Einstein’s field equations for the black
hole pertain to a universe that is spatially infinite, is eternal,
contains only one mass, is not expanding, and is asymptotically flat.
However, the alleged hot big bang model pertains to a universe that is
spatially finite (one case) or spatially infinite (in two different
cases), of finite age, contains radiation and many masses (including
many black holes some of which are claimed to be primordial), is
expanding, and is not asymptotically flat. Thus the black hole and big
bang cosmology contradict one another; they are mutually exclusive.
(2) There are no known solutions to Einstein’s field equations for two
or more masses and no existence theorem by which it can even be
asserted that his field equations contain latent solutions for two or
more masses.
Yours faithfully,
Stephen J. Crothers

Here is the second one: .

On the Invalidity of the Hawking-Penrose Singularity ‘Theorems’ and Acceleration of the Universe with Negative Cosmological Constant

Authors: Stephen J. Crothers

Hawking and Penrose proposed “A new theorem on space-time singularities … which largely incorporates and generalizes the previously known results” which they claimed “implies that space-time singularities are to be expected if either the universe is spatially closed or there is an ‘object’ undergoing relativistic gravitational collapse (existence of a trapped surface)” and that their ‘Theorem’ applies if four certain physical conditions are satisfied. Hartle, Hawking and Hertog have proposed a quantum state with wave function for the Universe which they assert “raises the possibility that even fundamental theories with a negative cosmological constant can be consistent with our low-energy observations of a classical, accelerating universe.” They also relate this concept to string cosmology. It is however proven in this paper that the Hawking-Penrose Singularity ‘Theorem’ and accelerated expansion of the Universe with negative Λ are invalid because they are based upon demonstrably false foundations relating to Einstein’s field equations, trapped surfaces, and the cosmological constant.

Comments: 13 Pages. Versions 1 and 2 of this paper contain a misalignment of references. This has been corrected in version 3. This paper published June 2013, Global Journal of Science Physics and Space Research.

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Dr. Crothers wrote the brief letter below to accompany the post above:

Dear Scientists, Engineers, Artists, and Thinkers,
I draw you attention to the following paper:
 “On the Invalidity of the Hawking-Penrose Singularity ‘Theorems’ and
Acceleration of the Universe with Negative Cosmological Constant”,
Yours faithfully,
Stephen J. Crothers