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The Groundhog Edition

April 2013 Update

Bush Free for Your Protection

Presented in 4D.


I. Non-Frankenfood Sites and Health.

II. More Social Issues.

III. More Electromagnetism and Biology.

IV.  More Reference Links.

V. More Enlightenment.

VI. Music and Video.



I. Non-Frankenfood Sites and Health. (See also Community Gardens and Co-Ops on the JKU Equinox List (  

2013 Update: This category is now more limited to non-GMO sites only. For other sites on vegan, vegetarian, and animal protection issues, see II. More Social Issues below.   }3D simulation: see through the eyes of a confined pig.   }Analytical Services for the Food, Grain, and Processing Industries. They will test your seeds and grains for GMOs and other impurities.   }”Prop 37 is supported by consumers, farmers, nurses and many more. It is opposed by Monsanto, Dow, and foreign chemical companies spending millions to confuse us.” And they succeeded. That’s why we must work to have laws passed against them.   }the Community Environmental Defense Fund. They give power back to people at the local level. For example, using their help, San Luis Obipso now requires all food containing GMOs to be so labeled.   }you can work with other communities and NGOs that don’t want GMOs in their food or on their farms.    }here’s the page you network from.   }Center for Food Safety (CFS) has announced the release of its new, interactive Genetically Engineered (GE) Food Labeling Laws map detailing the powerful, growing presence of laws requiring information on GE content in consumer food products around the world. 4oct12.   }”the CERT ID Non-GMO Standard and the CERT ID EU Regulatory Compliant Standards are globally recognized as the leading Standards for providing certified companies with confidence that their products remain GM-free.”   }another view of the Non-GMO project.   }”This October, more than 580 natural food stores nationwide will take part in the first ever Non-GMO Month, celebrating consumers’ right to choose food and products that do not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organized by the non-profit Non-GMO Project, the event coincides with the launch of the “Non-GMO Project Verified” seal on retail products.”   }”When it comes to a rapid adoption of transgenic corn hybrids across the Midwest, Ohio growers appear to be bucking the trend and holding more tightly onto their non-GMO hybrids. Though far more transgenic hybrids are available to growers than non-GMO (genetically modified organism) hybrids, Ohio growers are snatching up non-GMO seed and planting more non-GMO acres than their Midwest counterparts, including Indiana, Illinois and Iowa. Some reasons, said Ohio State University Extension agronomist Peter Thomison, include economics, premiums, and fewer pest problems. Site has interesting links:   }this is surely related to Frankenfood.   }”The Future of Food has been a key tool in the American and international anti-GMO grassroots activist movements and played widely in the environmental and activist circuits since its release in 2004.” Recommended.   }”Creating websites and blogs are excellent ways to spread your commitment to organic natural food unmodified by scientists. Follow these simple steps, and you can make a difference in the fight against GM food.”   }anyone vegan or opposed to GMOs will find this website informative, useful, and easy to read and use. Recommended.   }you’ll love their unique collection of links, to fun websites.   }We are the original grassroots group that organized to get the ballot initiative going in California. On September 20, 2011, Pamm Larry, a grandmother from Chico, California woke up and knew that it was her job from then until November 6, 2012 to do everything she could to get an initiative on the California ballot to label genetically engineered foods. Since then we have grown like wildfire because all are hearing the call that it’s time for our foods to be labeled if they contain genetically engineered ingredients.   }direct link to the non-GMO video.   }”There is a conspiracy of oppression taking place right now against free speech about GMOs. Just this week, YouTube censored a whistleblower video that exposed Whole Foods employees lying about the fact that Whole Foods sells masses of genetically modified foods and is therefore a significant financial supporter of Monsanto.” It is now perfectly clear that this video was censored because of its truthful message, not because it actually violated any real terms of service with YouTube.   }this project offers the only third-party non-GMO verification process in North America. You can also search for supporting retailers and products on the site.   }their FAQ page.   }specialists in international trade of non-GMO food in large volumes.   }pdf of the summit. Of course the date has passed, but the info is important to know. For example, “Gain new insights into how concerns regarding GMOs, corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability are creating new opportunities in the soy sector.“   Of course, these are still going on:   }”Soy Foods Summit is truly a comprehensive international meeting of food technologists, nutrition specialists along with senior marketing professionals where latest Soy product technologies, its scope of developments as well as effective marketing strategies will be put under scanner. Soy Foods Summit is the largest of its kind which is going to be held for three long days at Chicago during the present year.” This year is 2012.     }another clean site, front page a little crowded. We thought a good variety of different areas covered; liked the Planting Peace ideas and Millions Against Monsanto. Those types of movements are covered more deeply on other sites.   }Although California voters didn’t back the labeling of products made with genetically modified ingredients, the practice will soon be mandatory at Whole Foods Market Inc.   }more scientific and medical information about the serious dangers of GMOs. Wake up.   }one of their many great articles on the dangers of GMOs.   }on this page, they offer the non-GMO shopping guide.   }has an invitation to join a non-GMO action group, etc.   }Site for a magazine that has gone under, they kindly maintain the site for our reading. We liked the links a lot; and many of those sites have appeared, of course, here in the pages of JKU. Thank You. Another clean site.   }Science Daily (Feb. 26, 2007) — Seafood allergy sufferers may soon be able to eat prawns without the fear of an adverse reaction. Chinese scientists have taken a promising step towards removing from prawns the proteins that cause an allergic response without resorting to genetic manipulation, reports Lisa Richards in Chemistry & Industry (, the magazine of the SCI.   }this page has a music video that you can watch about the dangers of GMOs=Frankenfood.   }Consider this – Monsanto, the maker of Roundup, is making a lot of money genetically altering crops like corn and soybeans so that they are resistant to the very herbicides that they create, as well as adding pesticide genes to crops so that they are resistant to insects. I am explaining this to the best of my ability, please view the video for further understanding.   }this is a modern, up-to-date site about non-GMO foods. There they touch on some of the dangers of GMOs, show links to other websites with GMO information, and have links to non-GMO food sites and offer non-GMO foods and supplements for sale.   }part two of the above article, expands on the dangers of GMOs (Frankenfood) and alternatives.

II. More Social Issues.  }Yes, men victims of violent abuse by women, domestic and otherwise. Exploding myths of male aggression, for your protection.   }portal to news, recipes, websites related to veganism, vegetarianism, animal rights, and all related subjects.   }Vegan, Organic, International, American, Raw, Juice bar, Catering, Take-out. Cozy little cafe offering an all vegan menu. Sources local and organic ingredients whenever possible.   }this is the vegan recipes search engine, which finds vegan recipes for you.   }this site has over 7,000 recipes. You can search for them in various ways, i.e., by ingredients, etc. Unfortunately, this is not a vegan site, but they do have links to 3 vegan sites on there. We just included it since it seems to be the best recipe-finding site.   }”The word “vegan” (pronounced ‘VEE-gan’) originated from a British man named Donald Watson who had wanted an appropriate name to describe what a ‘”100% vegetarian'” has always eaten, as distinguished from other types of mixed plant & animal product dietary choices.” He invented it in 1947.   }Clean, straightforward site about health, nutrition, medicine, and related articles, 131 pages. Dr. Null’s large book on nutritional treatments for mental disorders is still in print.   }some notes on oppositional defiant disorder. This is not news to us, but we wanted to share it with you in this updated addition. “Think about it.”  }see also The Cold List (JKU 2008) for more on these topics.   }a project of the Sperling Biomedical Foundation; TMI: massive scientific info, big link page.   }Views from a vegan, 4th-generation cattle rancher. Some of the links are old or “iffy”. This cattle rancher tells you why you don’t want to eat beef!   }clean, simple vegetarian site, good for beginners: click vegetarian 101. Links are under Books and Websites, including   }the central coast vegetarian network meet-up page. “Compassion through community”.  }Detailed review of abortion issues from science, law, and history; distinguishes between embryonic and fetal organisms; develops a new criterion based on the human hand.   }this is the natural news TV site. More health/danger news.   }site is about the dangers of many aspects of our western technology. Not just farming, but other areas. But also contains several very good articles about the dangers and effects of GMOs.   }sample article from this site. Mosanto and the multi-national corporations are making Indian cotton farmers commit suicide, and already 300,000 of them have done so.   }Grocery stores carry an array of great-tasting vegan options, including some items that you might not know are vegan. Many products, including fantastic faux franks; veggie burgers; chicken-free chicken patties; flavored soy, almond, and rice milks; nondairy ice creams; and other sensational snacks, are marketed to vegetarians and vegans.   }may contain revolting images and news.   }The Go-RAW Programs comprise the best systems for going raw in the world not just based upon a few raw recipes but instead offering a comprehensive system for going long-term-raw with a completely balanced diet built upon the concept that Fresh is Best!   }”out of sight and unknown to nearly everyone, something had gone seriously wrong. Beneath the surface lay the foundations of a system which had been corrupted and had evolved to support a ‘politically correct’ consensus-view of Earth and Universe, while tending to discourage, ignore, stifle and suppress advances and challenges by individuals.   }Some help for abused straight men (at last)… plus teens, GLBT folks, and the elderly.  }article about violence in medicine.   }Like a Vegan News site, but also has recipes, “new” she calls them. Articles page includes 3 “external links”.   }a site well-named; advocates educating the public about compassionate eating, which they define as cruelty-free eating. Offers booklets and brochures in several languages.   }Website for the magazine of the same name. Full of all of what you’d expect, and of course, green in color. Has >10000 recipes!   }the vegan news portal, also with ecology and animal rights. Also has all the usual other stuff.  }a vegetarian hub site. Here are links to many articles, videos, some ads, other vege/vegan websites, and so on. Page is crowded (346 links total), but clean and readable.  }Dr. Klaper’s page and Institute. Some of his claims seem debatable to us, but, he is an M.D. You decide.—cravings-health-and-satisfaction.html   }14 years vegan and never craves animal products.   }Vegetarian outreach and activism, including the Veggie Pride Parade. Site by Pamela Rice.   }At the moment, the Yes Lab is mainly a series of brainstorms and trainings to help activist groups carry out media-getting creative actions, focused on their own campaign goals. It’s a way for social justice organizations to take advantage of all that we Yes Men have learned-not only about our own ways of doing things, but those we’ve come in contact with over the decade and a half we’ve been doing this sort of thing. The Yes Lab has offices and workshopping space at NYU’s Hemispheric Institute in New York.

III. More Electromagnetism and Biology.   }Tim Ventura interviewed about his lifter.   }More on the Rife technology.   }the bad news about HAARP.  }about Dr. Becker’s famous book.  }non-commercial booklist; see also Table of Contents this site.  }more on biological EMFs.  We have not verified the medical soundness of their therapeutic methods.   }see especially the last two paragraphs on this page. We apologize for the really awful pun in the last paragraph; several of these sites have similar puns, bad ones, and their authors seem to not notice them. ?   }Their homepage.  }HAARP info…   }brief overview of ELF biohazards.   }microwave mind control, etc., cites The Body Electric.   }Page given is their A-Z index. Leads to clear simple explanations and info-links, etc.   }scroll down for Planetary Influences. These are various electromagnetic phenomena that affect human beings directly or indirectly.—FUNCTIONAL-ELECTRODYNAMICAL-TESTING/Page3.html   }Another very good article to read.   }More science and medicine of human biological EMF.   }Do these various EMF or radiological technologies work as described? The reader is encouraged to investigate further, i.e., the life you save may be your own.  }more about auroras.   }Restoring nerves and peripheral neuropathy.   }the Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive. EM research from outside of the U.S., many links to published papers.   }hormone disruption by electro-magnetic (EM) fields.   }mentions of EMF research outside the U.S.   }more facts of the medical dangers of EMF.    }videos and stats about the lifters; links. “Antigravity” here means, Electromagnetism.   }Kanzius RF cancer cure.   }commercial site with EMF products and info.   }this is not a brilliant article but covers all of the basic issues that most people never think about or don’t see the importance of.  A long site (about 76 pages), but well worth the read.   }invisible voices: a voice for the voiceless. Site about animal protection, sanctuaries, and loving animals instead of eating them.   }Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation.   }More on the dangers of electrical energy when in the wrong frequencies, voltages, etc.   }Biophotons in medicine, healing, and food.  }news about treating liver diseases like HCV.   }big list of healers in categories; most seem based in Idaho or Montana.   }full current solar data page, shows sun activities that affect human beings.    }various electromagnetic influences that affect human beings – current, active plots from satellites, etc.   }more Kanzius RF results, plus links, videos, etc.   }Typical of work in this area. Most of the information given is true; some is “wishful thinking”. What is the best way to harmonize human EMF for healing: by humans or by electronic devices? Our modern technology has brought us to this question. Also typical, this site suffers from a little TMI.   }Healing soft tissues with pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF).   }W.R. Adey’s important contributions to EMF and healing.  A little long, but well worth reading.   }Mr. Rense, who appears to be a paranoid and alarmist, put vital data on this page about HAARP, but the “mind-control” possibilities for such an instrument are actually more scientific and sinister than he has presented and don’t require the pre-ingestion of any substances at all.  }page contains a PDF of Body Electric , downloadable via Scribd.  12/10 update: Sribd has withdrawn this file. sep2012 Update: The pdf of this book is back again, but now you must be a “premium reader” to download it. We also found here   }a paper that RO Becker co-authored. In this obituary   }some of his research results are confirmed. Also here:   }is reproduced part of his book, From “The Body Electric” © 1985, “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”. An important chapter for you to read. Finally, you can download the entire book as a torrent file from here:   }we use BitTorrent 6.2 for this.    }site to download the book, that shows the changes in electrical conductivity at acupuncture sites!    }download pdf of Electricity for Health in the 21st Century.  }sampling of related books; commercial site.   }links about the medical uses of silver.   }auroral activity w/explanations.   }tesla coil builder’s association. Site requires registration.   }Essay on this site is a little wordy, but does eventually get to the point and has a few good points in it. For the non-specialist reader.   }the vegan search engine. Search vegan stores, blogs, articles, and more.   }although this website has trouble loading, after a few tries you should get a stable page. We set our browser on “block redirects” to see this site. Why? It is said the have really good, fast vegan recipes and cooking tips. Simple, clean site, Recommended.  }atmospheric ions.   }Reader is advised not to let the poor writing quality obscure these scientific facts. Be sure to look at the other sections of this site (1-6, below text).   }It is not charlatanry to display the physical mechanisms by which Homeopathy works; and, of course, it does work well in some cases.   }his bio.   }another page on the uses of colloidal silver, with references.

VI. More Reference Links. (See also JKU Research List, and JKU Academic Research List)   }This is a digital library of “Internet” (read: Web) Sites in digital form, something like… Jae Kamel’s URLs. Send for your back-issues today. At this site, you can look at the ways and means of living of Insects, for example.   }The British Library collections of thousands of images, documents, etc. You can look at Victorian Popular Music here.   }the Computer Industry Almanac. Links to famous ClickZ stats, and Digital Media Europe.   }this is the center for theology and natural science. They are in Berkeley, Ca, and are associated with the Union Theological Seminary there. “The CTNS mission is carried out through three program areas: research, teaching and public service.  The central scientific focus of these programs is on physics, cosmology, evolutionary biology, and genetics, with additional topics in the neurosciences, technology, the environmental sciences, and mathematics. The central theological focus is on Christian theology, ethics and spirituality, with additional attention to the theological issues arising from the engagement between the sciences and world religions.”    }685,000 documents and images from the NYPL.   }Mostly census records, with Govt. Jobs, Grants, etc. as related searches. Also genealogy and family tree searches.   }The world’s largest book club, hosting over 500,000 members. Connects people based on the books they share.     }Library of Congress’ American Memory reference site.   }find definition of a term from the entire web. A slight improvement over , our previous favorite.   }”We are a nonprofit publisher and advocacy organization. Our mission is to accelerate progress in science and medicine by leading a transformation in research communication. Every article that we publish is open access – freely available online for anyone to use. Sharing research encourages progress.”   }Site for librarians and researchers to view each others directed search results. A big site.   }this is a nice list of information resources. We want this list to not overlap the Lists above, so you won’t find these Unlimited Resources there.   }The United Nations’ Statistics Division. This is the Apex Entity of the Global Statistical System.

V. More Enlightenment. (See also Harmony’s List, and the Free List)   }the Who’s Who in Analytical Psychology, from the Eranos Circle; the list includes Henry Corbin, Adolph Portman, and James Hillman.   }with contributions by Adolph Portman, Henry Corbin, Gershem Scholem, and others.,y.2007,no.9,content.true,page.1,css.print/issue.aspx   }Modern Cosmology: Science of Folktale?  Illustration:   }read the caption there.   }The Cross-Cultural Dictionary of Enlightenment. Link listis also on this page. The dictionary entries are arranged alphabetically, and the alphabet is on this page. Highly Recommended.   }commercial of Blue Fire, typical, and included FYI.   }Egalitarian Typologies Versus The Perception Of The Unique Spring Publications, Dallas, 1980.   }Renaissance Neoplatonism and Archetypal Psychology.   }Gateway page for Bohm Dialogs, in England.   }Thought Crime.  “Sacred cows make the best hamburger.” – Mark Twain. Work, Psychology, Capitalism, Heresiology. Recommended.  }from an interesting essay by Alex Burns, “Gurdjieff and peace studies: the dark side in history”.  }site descriptive of Eranos.  }their Official site.   }Study and science of consciousness, etc., by David Bohm, contemporaries, etc., on a difficult to read page. Enjoy.  }Books and descriptions of the Gnostic Jesus; links from a site under construction featuring Elaine Pagel’s review of same.   }direct link to Part I of Homo-Schizo I, about Human and Cultural Hologenesis. This work and the following one, reconcile the Evolution and Creation Myths, scientifically, while correcting the obvious flaws in both.   }direct link to Part II of Homo-Schizo I; however, note that by clicking on the appropriate chapters in the PDF, it automatically connects to and opens the appropriate section of the document.   }direct link to Part III of Homo-Schizo I.   }direct link to Part I of Homo-Schizo II. about Human Nature And Behavior. The continuation of Homo-Schizo I’s implications.   }direct link to Part II of Homo-Schizo II. All these PDFs are downloadable for free. This is recommended, as the books themselves are hard to find, unless ordered online.   }Part III of Homo-Schizo II. As above, selecting on a particular chapter causes Acrobat to automatically load and open it. Speech is systematic symbolism, and marks the divide between man and all other animals.   }  Astronomers are repeating the mistakes of the Roman Catholic Church in Galileo’s day by refusing to accept what telescopes are showing them. The fear is the same — of having cherished dogma swept away, and with it their authority. It seems to be the nature of authorities to nurture and perpetuate self-serving myths.   }Background on Dialog and its importance for us today.   }further reasons to deny and boycott Ken Wilbur. Many people feel that he is a charlatan.   }the page at LibraryThing on Blue Fire and Hillman’s other works. Note that  appears above in our reference links section.   }Hillman’s LibraryThing page with all 58 books listed.   }Discussion of some of Bohm’s important ideas in a simulated dialog or conversation format.   }Discussions, blog-style, about the new molecular evidence that disproves the common evolution of chimps and men (see also Stephen Pinkers’ writings disproving that chimps use or can know any language). Mentioned in the discussion is Adolph Portman, an attendee of the Eranos Conferences.  25 pages long, about 2000 lines.    }pretty good attempt at showing the deep relationships between Sufism and the Gurdjieff Work. They are, of course, not identical, but…   }Description of Hillman’s life and works from the repository of his works; he also edited for spring Publications.   }Another writer’s opinions about Thought As A System .   }Science and the Spirit. Link goes to a page, A world without Cars. Watch the video there, 3:18. Helpful if you read or understand German.   }Nice intro to and interview with James Hillman. Recommended.   }a paper by Francisco Varela, discussing the neologism autopoeisis, attributed to him. This term refers to the relationship between an organism and its environment. 2012 Update: Varela links that not primarily Buddhism appear here. Note: Varela’s presentation and the papers of his peers or colleagues, often involve neologisms or specialist terms, to discuss the embeddings of consciousness in the world, various environments, etc.    }Rupert Sheldrake. See also Harmony’s List.   }his streaming audio is here.    }download site for mp3 of Sheldrake at Groningen. Review.   }Conversation and discussion with Bohm about The Ending of Time and Krishnamurti, etc.  We found the page a little hard to read.  }The kind of ideas that are “in the air” sometimes; reminiscent of Joseph C. Pearce. We don’t however endorse or recommend the works of Ken Wilbur in presenting these sites.   }a selection of good books by Hillman, which are excerpted from in Blue Fire. This is our favorite Hillman book, edited by Thomas Moore.   }Like what the stars really look like. Sep.2012 Update: There is no longer a real-time stellarium at this site, but , the software is free to download for your computer.   }the various aspects of our world of experience can be thought of as modulations of various vibrations of various rays and waves of the stuff of what is, of which light is a major component. Space-time then becomes a function of these vibrational patterns, and the networks formed within these are the basic stuff of all that is. Consciousness is simply the folding of this basic stuff onto itself, such a network compares past modifications with present ones, and self-consciousness is the comparison of past comparisons with present ones.   If all the world can be thought of as networks of patterns within vibrational waves, there is no reason to split mind and body, for experience is simply what all the world does, even if it does it more intensely when networks of this vibrational stuff are more complexly intertwined. This notion, that all matter has the potential for more developed forms of awareness, is known as ‘panpsychism,’ and is increasingly finding adherents within cognitive studies from researchers who find the mind-body dualism increasingly unable to explain various aspects of mental phenomenon, due to evidence from the study of organic minds or in artificial intelligence. Panpsychism has nothing to do with psychics or new-age phenomenon, on the contrary, it is increasingly the position of serious and respected scientists and philosophers. Often describing themselves by means of the less ‘out there’ sounding term ‘emergent cognition theory,’ mainstream theorists from Antonio Damasio, Andy Clarke, and David Chalmers have been powerful advocates for such an approach. A lot of work remains to be done if this scientific set of models…   }the corruption of science in America. Recommended.   }traditions of science. “Science and folk tradition are supposed to be strictly separate domains of knowledge, but in practice they often shade into each other.” Recommended.   }As shown. The briefer article on the VisWiki page (see below) is good also.   }A few notes on the dialogs started by David Bohm, et al, and pioneered by him with Krishnamurti. Cf. Needleman’s writings about dialog or conversation in Why Can’t We Be Good? .   }i.e., the work of Karl Pribram and Bohm together, etc. Perhaps holographic structures intersecting the brain to lead to cognition, as proposed.  }their précis of the Eranos meetings.   }Wiki bio of Henry Corbin, who was an attendee of the Eranos Conferences (see above). He was also one of the sources of Hillman’s archetypal psychology.   }Bio of James Hillman.

VI. Music and Video.

Note: We’ve chosen for you to use the youtube versions of these talks, rather than google, veoh, etc., when possible since they are clearer and shorter (quicker loading). It’s usually better to stop and let these load about halfway first before attempting to view them, otherwise the start and stop constantly.  The loading time on the other ones is serious and nontrivial. Occasionally a video will play problem-free.   }”Just Say No to GMO music video and song by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, editor of Written and performed by Mike Adams, this song exposes the lies of the GMO biotech industry, specifically mentioning Monsanto and genetically modified corn. It also features rap lined from Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology, author of Seeds of Deception.” 3:27.   }”Percy Schmeiser has been growing canola for 40 years. He’s been experimenting, developing his own varieties, using his own seed. Then Monsanto, the giant multinational agro-chemical company that is at the forefront of developing genetically modified foods, accused him of patent infringement and demanded restitution for its seeds. They stole his plants, seeds & research because of cross pollination with GMO plants that other people had planted within pollination range. If GMO’s touch your crops… Monsanto owns your crop and will sue you.”  13:29.   }informative video about corporate influence on the nation’s food supply.   }The first in an upcoming series of mini-documentary videos about GMOs, this Gary Null production delves into the reality of GMO health risks. Gary Null calls it a “GMO ticking time bomb.”  14:43.   }GMO ticking time-bomb, Part 2. 15:23.   }HAARP weather control, 10:58.    }how HAARP works, 1:47.   } The series of video sections of these dialogs starts here with 1a.   }Part 1b of this series.   } 1c.   }Part 1d of series.   }Part 1e of series.   }Part 1f of series.   }Part 1g of series.   }Part 1h of series.   }Part 1i of series.   }Part 2a of series.   }Part 2b of series.   }Part 2c of series. Apparently, there is no part 2b of this series.   }Part 2d of series.   }Part 2e of series of videos of the talk, which is two talks, one in the morning and one in the evening of the same day.   }Part 2f.   }Part 2g.   }K. with Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, part 1 of 5.   }Part 2 of 5, K. with CTR.   }part 3 of 5, K. with CTR.   }part 4 of 5.   }part 5 of 5.   }my FRIP. 33:03.    }James Hillman in Mythic Journeys, part 1 of 3. 9:38.   }part 2 of 3 of James Hillman mythic journeys. 9:15.  }Part 3 of 3. Dr. James Hillman discusses myth and the world around us at one of the Mythic Journeys conferences. To find out more information, please go to: .    }James Hillman, knowledge of the soul, Festival della Filosofia, Modena, 14/09/2007, 10:01.   }Hillman on archetypal psychology and the soulless society. 7:40.   }excerpt from senex & puer, 2:57.   } excerpt from senex & puer, 3:04. Recovery in the Senex.   }Hillman reads from Rumi. James Hillman gave a two-day seminar April 16-18, 2010 in California on the topic of the Senex & Puer archetypes. The full DVD of this landmark talk is available at 1:19.   }The Hillman page at VisWiki (leads to videos). 2012 DL.   }co-authored with Michael Ventura. We found the book funny and thought-provoking. 2012 DL.   }recommended as audio; the video is not much to see and sometimes out-of-sync with the music. Recommend letting it load at least 1/3rd of the way before playing. 10/23/10: this has been changed into a short sample of Crafty Guitarists. 2012 Replacements:   }Robert Fripp and the League of Crafty Guitarists ,5:58;   }Asturias, 3:15;   }G-force, 3:05;   }bicycling to Afghanistan, 3:04.   }something special for you, based on the Sacred Movements. Do nothing else when you watch this one. Sep. 2012 Update: This link doesn’t always work. Alternate:   }Absolute Zero. Highly Recommended. 5:58.   }this is Jeanne’s page on vimeo. She has made videos about GMOs and related issues.   }Research scientist Roy Spencer discussed evidence that recent warming is not the fault of humans, but the result of natural cycles that have been causing periods of warming and cooling for millennia. While there is scientific consensus that humans have caused more CO2 in the atmosphere– this does not directly lead to global warming. But many scientists have concluded that this increased C02 will have an indirect effect on clouds, and this change in clouds will greatly amplify global warming and lead to a possibly catastrophic problem. Spencer believes these researchers have made a fundamental mistake in their conclusions and climate models.  Audio from CTCAM w/George Nouri, 1:18:15. See also JKU The Legendary Journeys Continue (, the Global Warming link list there.



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Éclair, who makes a PhotoList and VideoList in the same form and format as our                Lists for us.

2. Q: What do I do if the youtube URL you gave has expired already?

A:  There are two basic methods. One is to go to, turn off the filters,            and click video, then enter David Bohm in quotes. Usually you’ll get 5 pages of           video of him, some of them very good; but sometimes Dogpile doesn’t give the           whole list. In the case of the above dialogs on youtube, you can then load any one,           then go to the Related Videos box and click “see all 60 videos” at the bottom of that           box, and again you’ll get about 3 or 4 pages of them; and there, you should find           them all, that is, all the Bohm – Krishnamurti videos. Actually, either method           should produce them all, but sometimes doesn’t, and both are not completely           reliable. Also, you can use as an alternative to Dogpile if it’s getting           squirrely or something. There, same procedure, turn off the filters, select video,           and enter, in this case, David Bohm in quotes. Or, you could try entering           Krishnamurti in quotes, but in our experience that doesn’t always produce these           dialogs. These same remarks apply generally for any expired youtube URLs on           JKU, or any video DLs, though the procedures may vary somewhat for the           different providers. That is to say, none of the sources are reliable, and that is why           we do the work for you; saving you countless hours of sweaty inconvenience as a           service to you.

3. Q: What happened to the downloadable PDF of The Body Electric?

A: First, Scribd dropped the file. Then most of the other sites that claimed to offer           downloads of it, didn’t and were misleading. Usenet           (  will download a copy, if you prepay in advance,           and there are other pay-to-download sites.  Rapidshare           (!download|0l33|317546921|the_body_electric.rar.html|0|            File%20not%20found.)  also wants to create an account to download. 2012 Update:           see above for new pdf locations for The Body Electric.

4. Q: I have heard that some people complain about soy products, and won’t eat them,          sometimes even vegetarians or vegans do. Why do that do that?

A: Most of them are seriously misinformed. Most of that misinformation comes from          the meat, poultry, dairy, and fish industries who want to turn people away from          soy, and from vegetarianism generally. For instance, the news once reported that          soy had high levels of estrogen, and were lead to think this meant human estrogen.          Soy contains plant estrogen, which is rather different from animal or human           estrogen, and harmless to humans. Then, they were told that soy causes          hypothyroidism, and fell for that too. The research there is not-peer-reviewed and          is inconclusive.

A small number of people are allergic to soy, perhaps <1% of people. All the other         bad reactions to soy foods (“products”) come from GM soy, poisoned soy (i.e.,         insecticides, preservatives, fertilizers, etc.), and eating too much of it. Some of the         food allergies to soy are definitely caused by GM soy, as well. As well, it is not         recommended to feed soy milk or other foods from soybeans to young children,         especially not to infants and toddlers. Soymilk is a delicious substitute for cow’s         milk, on their morning cereal, and we recommend this for children age 13 and up.         For younger children, there is coconut milk, rice milk, horchata, and other safe         substitutes.

Soy beans and the products made from them are very nutritious, and can be safely         eaten by all vegetarians and vegans, except for the cases above. Also, children can         be safely fed small amount of soy-foods, but their diet should be varied.

5. Q: Why are you so concerned about GMO foods? Why should we care?

A: See above. GMO foods (or poisoned foods, as by pesticides, herbicides, etc. )are           responsible for most of the food allergies that people  have, and they mistakenly           blame the foods themselves.  Consider also:

A. GMOs are in 75% of the food that you and your family eat from grocery                    stores;

B. GMOs require heavy use of toxic herbicides;

C. GMO corn makes its own pesticides within the corn: it remains in your food;

D. GMO crops cross-pollinate: organic crops are being contaminated;

E. GMOs are labeled in other countries, and should be here.

6. Q: Which foods are from GMO crops?

A: Corn and corn-derived ingredients: 85% of corn is GMO; soy and soy-derived           ingredients: 91% of soy is GMO; cotton (cottonseed oil): 71% is GMO; canola (oil):           88% is GMO; sugar beets: 90% are GMO. And there are others (see above).


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