A Trubute to Harmony’s List. First released July 30, 2007.

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                                          A tribute to Harmony’s List.

                                             December 2012 Update

      Special Edition recapping the best of Harmony’s Website Links.

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I.  The Homefree.

II.  More Peaceniks.

III.  Cultural Enrichment.

IV.  Ecology.

V.  More Mind Tools.

VI.  More Web Tools.

VII.  Metaphysics.

VIII.  Music.

IX.  Science.

X.  History.

Note on all the Sections: look at the “About Us” section.

I. The Homefree.

Note on The Homefree Section: Many sites shown won’t be from your area. These are included so that communities may look at each other’s Programs for the poor, which is, obviously, what most homefree people are. Also: not all the sites have changed over to the new usage ‘homefree’. Many of the sites are old. An e-mail or two to them from you, dear reader, will be useful in this regard.

www.afsc.org/pwork/0200/0208.htm   }about the Street Spirit in SF. This link used to go to a clearinghouse that the Quakers sponsor but has been changed. See also: http://www.afsc.org/story/afsc-support-lesbian-gay-bisexual-and-transgender-lgbt-people   }peacemaking work among Quakers.

www.agrm.org/miss-www.html    }Association of Gospel Rescue Missions. DL 2011 2012 Update: http://www.agrm.org/agrm/default.asp   }”Today, we’re still assisting those who help the hungry, homeless, abused, and addicted in Jesus’ name—but in a whole new way.
If you need help to locate an overnight shelter, recovery program, or maybe just a place where someone will listen to your story and give counsel, you’ll find it here.”

www.als.org.uk/    }Alone In London…see the About Us. Has added an informative video.

http://austinstreet.org/    }Austin (Texas) Street Centre; their effort.

www.baha.org/    }Clean simple site, award winning Bay Area Homefree Alliance. DL 2011 2012 Update: For Info: http://www.agencyinfo.org/baha/index.htm   }enlarge text or zoom. Article continues for several pages. The BAHA apparently ended in 2001. See also http://www.hip4housing.org/resources_get_housing.html   ]about BAHA. Enlarge text.

http://www.bapd.org/gco-ry-1.html   }Community Homeless Alliance Ministry. “One of the few grassroots, urban ministries for the homeless in the Bay Area — where some of the highest rents and lowest vacancy rates in the nation have driven thousands of individuals and families into homelessness. CHAM’s ministry seeks to empower those with the least and invites all people, rich and poor, to join together in creating equality, justice, and abundance for all.”

www.bigissue.com/    }another clean site, their Manifesto on PDF.

www.billwilsoncenter.org/     }Santa Clara’s effort; good Teen Links.

http://www.bioneers.org/presenters/jacques-verduin   }brief bio of Jacques Verduin.

http://www.bostonabcd.org/about/who-we-are/     }Action for Boston Community Development.

http://www.bouldershelter.org/about.mission.html   }one of the better shelters for the homefree in the U.S. Recommended. A good model for others to follow.

http://www.breadandroses.com/      }Using music to heal the poor and homefree. Watch the new short video. They’re located in Corte Madera, Ca.

http://www16.brinkster.com/6499/aswan/index.html   }their site as it appears today.

http://www16.brinkster.com/6499/aswan/index-330.html   }their thorough links page.

www.capecodconnection.com/hech/clergy.php     }Help for children in motels, etc. 2011 Update: that link is gone, but the Cape Cod Connection site is still there. No info on the clergy helping children living in motels, that Harmony found when she was there.

www.careerpath.com/    }one from ASWAN Links. See above for ASWAN.

http://www.chicagohomeless.org/who     }Chicago’s unique effort for the homefree.

www.coloradocoalition.org/site/PageServer    }Colorado Coalition, not as warm & fuzzy.

http://www.commfound.org/home.php   }the Community Foundation of Boulder County, with $39,000,000.00 in assets.

www.ecclesia-ministries.org/common_cathedral.html   }about 1/4th attendees housed. From boston, Ma.

www.coppinc.com/index.htm    }effort of Kansas City’s “Mr. Compassion”. He’s in their new mini-video.

www.domevillage.org/    }significant effort deep in Los Angeles. DL 2011.  Replacement: http://domevillage.tedhayes.us/   }zoom in or enlarge text. It ended in 2006 but the report here is still well worth reading. And: http://domevillage.tedhayes.us/It_Takes_A_Village.html   }from the same site.

www.driftersonline.com/   }viva La Web. Their own site. 2011 Update: this site seems to be made by someone who lived in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, so, evidently Harmony travelled there. It has a new video on it, about 1 minute.

http://www.ebcap.org/ProgramsServices/CoalitionfortheHomeless/tabid/152/Default.aspx   }East Bay Coalition for the Homefree. “East Bay Coalition for the Homeless housing program provides apartments for homeless families with children, combined with case management and supportive services. The East Bay Coalition for the Homeless has 18 apartments in the East Bay area. They are located in East Providence, Warren and Bristol.”

www.endhomelessness.org/    }National Alliance to End Homefreeness.

www.feantsa.org/code/en/hp.asp     }hub for Europe’s efforts to house people.

www.floaters.org/edresearch/mentor/      }bringing the Web to the homefree. ASPIN/ASU. DL 2011

felts.freespaces.com/aswan      }Richmond, Virginia’s homefree efforts. DL 2011

felts.freespaces.com/park.html       }they have some good Links. DL 2011

www.geocities.com/Heartland/Lake/9319/    }work in Ontario, Canada. c

www.geocities.com/nhutbp2001    }Under The Bridge, Obits of homefree dead (NH). DL 2011

www.gceh.org/index.php   }Georgia (US) attempt to house people.

www.homelessness.com/do/Home    }DL 2011 formerly part of the http://www.grassroots.org   network (below).

www.homeless-international.org/Home_1.aspx?id=0:907    }UK based, global effort. DL 2011 Update: this site has totally changed, now requires a login with password, and to all intents and purposes is a DL.

hometown.aol.com/voahpc /    }AfterShare Kids & Families w/VOA. DL 2011

hometown.aol.com/jordfield/homelessoutreach.html    }from Chattanooga, Tennessee. DL 2011

http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/html/uscode42/usc_sup_01_42_10_119.html   }the law. Has the text of Chapter 119, homeless assistance, of the U.S. Code. After many clicks, you’ll be able to see the actual text of all the federal laws on homefreeness, in HTML rather than pdf or whatever.

http://www.housethehomeless.org/     }education and advocacy group. They advocate for a universal living wage (that works).

www.hnc.utoronto.ca/    }Housing New Canadians (Toronto, Ontario).

http://www.ihshawaii.org/    }homefree help in Hawaii. And: http://www.ihshawaii.org/about/our-mission/   }their mission.

www.innvision.org/    }housing in the Silicon Valley. They house more than 27,000 people at 26 locations! Alas, they just closed their Menlo Park housing facility.

http://insightprisonproject.org/   }why is this on the homefree List? Well, being in prison makes a man or woman homefree!  There is still huge stigma attached to serving out one’s debt to society, and people come out with no homes, no jobs, no family, and no friends. So… this project helps them to get back into society, and not to go back in to prison (that’s what they call recidivism). Highly Recommended. “Insight Prison Project transforms the lives of those impacted by incarceration through programs designed to develop behavior inspired by insight, accountability and compassion.”

http://www.meetingground.org/    }Maryland and Delaware work to house the homefree. Meeting Ground is a community, rooted in traditions of faith and promise, in which families with children, women, and men experiencing homefreeness are welcome – as are all others who are seeking or in need.

http://www.mbaproject.org/index.php?c=About   }The Mind, Body, and Awareness Program. Clearly this is work that helps the homefree, and helps others to avoid becoming homefree. “At the Mind Body Awareness Project we believe at-risk & incarcerated youth have the potential to take control of their actions and fully transform their lives – they are literally one breath away from making better decisions. As a non-profit organization, we have developed a unique mental training program consisting of mindfulness meditation and emotional intelligence exercises designed to strengthen youth’s minds, relieve their toxic stress, and build their ability to make better decisions.” Highly Recommended.

www.nahn.com     }National Affordable Housing Network.

www.nationalhomeless.org/index.html   }National Coalition for the Homefree.

http://www.nlchp.org/    }National Law Center on Homefreeness & Poverty. Wash., D. C. Lawyers working to end homefreeness.

http://netministries.org/frames.asp?cm=CM00024&st=NM&name=Joy%20Junction&city=Albuquerque    }Joy Junction, New Mexico’s  largest homefree refuge.

http://bmdavidson.tripod.com/index.html#links    }Homefree & the Web. Good site. Good info, also connects to a “Street Ring” Webring, and other webrings.

projects.is.asu.edu/mailman/listinfo/hpn    }homefree people’s network; with archives, etc. DL 2011 Alas, they no longer sponsor that network

www.ipoet.com/cafe.html   }you should have known, there’s a homefree poet’s café. And their sitemap: http://www.ipoet.com/SiteMap.html   }check it out. Does your town have one?

www.nhchc.org/    }National Health Care for the Homefree, Inc. They have a new video on their page.

www.nhi.org/online/issues/106/brown.html     }Homefree News (National Housing Institute). This page has the bad news about criminalizing homefreeness, which is so un-American.

www.ohcs.oregon.gov/    }Oregon Housing & Community Services. Their Section 8 housing national search engine: http://www.hud.gov/apps/section8/step2.cfm?state=OR   }from hud.gov.

www.opendoorhouston.org/    }Open Door Missions (Houston, Tx.)

www.pacificnews.org/jinn/stories/4.24/981123-homeless.html   }The News About It. The Jinn News Service of the Pacific News Service. Their unique links: http://www.pacificnews.org/jinn/links.html   }you won’t find these elsewhere.

www.povnet.org/    }PovertyNet, info hub, links. Clean Site; see the “Issues” list. An online anti-poverty community.

http://www.reciprocityfoundation.org/invisible-the-film/   }this is an important effort to help the homefree.

http://www.reciprocityfoundation.org/our-programs/   }Some of their programs for the homefree, which are among the best in the country.

http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/reciprocity-foundation-launches-first-ever-holistic-center-for-homeless-youth-in-new-york-city-132989448.html    }story on their Holistic Center.

www.systemsolver.com/ochh/    }Oregon Coalition on Housing & Homefreeness, in Salem, Oregon.

www.orgsites.com/ny/americanhomelesssociety/_pgg2.php3    }the American Homeless Society,  New York Chapter.

www.policyalmanac.org/social_welfare/homeless.shtml    }from the Almanac of Policy Issues, a report on homefreeness. Also good links on page, categorized.

www.redfeather.org    }Housing for American Indians(sic).

http://www.rfmh.org/nki/programs/homelessness.cfm    }studies of mental health  & the Homefree.

www.rihomeless.com/   }Rhode Island Coalition for the Homefree, good effort.

www.rosies.org/Cultures/en-US/default.htm   }Rosie’s sanctuary for poor and Homefree women. Worth a look. For instance, their programs: http://www.rosiesplace.org/Page.aspx?pid=266   }on this page.

http://salt.claretianpubs.org/sjnews/index.html     }Salt of the Earth, catholic online social justice. Many links on site, new video.

http://www.self-sufficiency.org/index.php/mission-a-history     } Berkeley and Oakland (Ca.). They no longer (2011) have an Archives section.

squat.net/en/index.html   }world news on squatters and freespaces (mostly Europe). An international internet magazine with main focus on squatted houses, car sites and other free spaces.

www.veteransassistance.org/VAF-donate.htm    }Veteran’s Assistance Foundation: veterans helping veterans.

www.weown.net/index1.htm   }info. hub for Housing co-operatives and similar. The page with all the answers about resident control.

www.worldcomputerexchange.org/    }computers for the poor, kids: badly needed.

http://you-are-here.com/los_angeles/genesis.html   }a quick look at Dome Village, Los Angeles.

II. More Peaceniks & Their Kind. (See also Part Deux.)

www.afsc.org/    }American Friends Service Committee. AFSC is a Quaker organization devoted to service, development, and peace programs throughout the world.

web.amnesty.org/report2000/       }Amnesty International. Also with a new video on their site.

www.agnt.org/index.htm   }Association for Global New Thought. (Santa Barbara, Ca.) Clean site.

www.caracole.org    }housing and support for HIV/AIDS people.

www.cassandrasangel.com/mariannewilliamson.php   }her biography…

www.changingourworld.com/site/PageServer    }aid to non-profits for fundraising, etc. Fundraising and Philanthropy.

www.cluela.org/    }Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice. In Los Angeles.

www.commondreams.org/    }News & Views of the Progressive Community.

www.conjure.com/activism.html    }list of Progressive & Activist Sites.  Many links.

www.elca.org/churchinsociety/    }Evangelical Lutheran Church (also helps homefree).

http://www.forgivenessalliance.org/day.html    }Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance. New videos on site. It appears that they no longer have a linklist.

www.forusa.org/    }The Fellowship Of Reconciliation (may have been on JKU-II).

http://www.grassroots.org/about/mission    } clearinghouse for charities and the like. Read their mission statement.

www.housingamerica.net/    }social change activism; housing the homefree. Good site. DL 2011

www.hrw.org/    }Human Rights Watch, privately supported NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations).

www.interaction.org/    }alliance of humanitarian NGOs (US-based).

http://archive.itvs.org/outriders/     }New Freedom Bus Tour (end inequality).

www.kwru.org    }Kensington Welfare Rights Union Philadelphia Pa.

www.laane.org/    }Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy

www.margaretville.8k.com/index.html    }hub for non-profits and volunteerism. “a personal website which exists to educate visitors about poverty and privilege, and to inform visitors about nonprofit organizations promoting peaceful positive change locally, nationally, and worldwide.”

www.mediate.com/    }”The World’s Dispute Resolution Channel”. Locate a Mediator.

nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/peace/laureates/2002/carter-lecture.html    }Jimmy Carter. DL 2011 Replacements: http://www.librarything.com/work/1859990   }lots of info about the book, related to his 2002 acceptance speech or lecture. For instance, http://www.librarything.com/work/1859990/descriptions    }a conversation with President Carter. This site http://articles.sfgate.com/2002-12-11/news/17573768_1_gunnar-berge-jimmy-carter-post-white   }is also informative, but the original site nobel.org is itself gone and so it is hard to find or recreate either his acceptance speech or his lecture. You can watch his speech here http://www.cartercenter.org/news/multimedia/GeneralTopics/NobelPeacePrize2002Speech.html   }but the lecture is nowhere.

www.nonprofitwarehouse.com/index.html    }”provides a continuous stream of revenue.”

http://peace-action.org/      }”Practical, Positive Alternatives For Peace.”

www.peacefulsolution.com     }”Peace through character education.”

www.seedsofpeace.org   }”Empowering the leaders of the next generation.”

http://skdesigns.com/internet/articles/quotes/williamson/our_deepest_fear/    }quotes from M.W. Those of you who aspire to live a spiritual path, should look at some of the websites in this category. N.b.

www.tecschange.org/   }Technology for Social Change (Roxbury, Mass.)

www.tecschange.org/international/index.html   }Their International Projects.

www.thepeacealliance.org/   }founded by Marianne Williamson.

www.thewildrose.net/peace_prayers.html   }Peace Prayers, incl. Nobel speech by D.L. From many traditions.

www.unitedforpeace.org/   }Stop The War, etc. Iraq, Iran, Action Alerts.

www.veteransforpeace.org/index.php     }an official NGO represented at the U.N.

http://www.yesmagazine.org/issues/justice-not-vengeance/diverse-coalition-of-americans-speak-out-against-war     }Americans speak out against war, etc.

III. Cultural Enrichment. (See also the Poetry List http://sdrv.ms/xYANGU )

http://allpoetry.com/      }for the beginning poet and those who like to share. Clean site.

awakenvisions.com/gallery1.html     }computer-artwork, visionary/fantasy. A must-see.

www.colapublib.org/    }another good site for your children/students. The L.A. public library system.

www.computersforcharities.co.uk/    }computers for charities; if the Brits can do it then so can we. (History: Microsoft and Apple already supplied all the nation’s public schools

with computers.)

www.csh.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=Page.viewPage&pageId=332&nodeID=81    }helps communities create permanent housing with services. Links to the other important coalitions.

www.csulb.edu/~jattinas/     }a real nice site. Thorough. Mr. Kamel’s alma-mater. He’s working for bi-lingualism and cross-cultural education between the U.S. and Mexico, and others.

www.edalliance.org/    }invigorating the Jewish community (i.e., Queens, NY)

www.greatmystery.org/news.html   }nice site, but the Café Cody doesn’t actually work. This is The Great Rethinking and The Prophets Conference, and they want to bring in the new world with us.

www.ipl.org/reading/news/    }Internet (i.e., Web) Public Library.

www.lime.com/    }living healthier and “greener”, I guess.

http://www.metaculture.net/guide.asp     }Links to all the other categories; duplicates previous JKUs in some cases.

www.newciv.org/ncn/ncnet.html   }New Civilization Teams. Lookup Flemming Funch for more information.

www.onearth.net/index.html   }This site has myriad well-organized links.  DL 2011

www.sacredhealingarts.net/home/SacredHealingArts   }don’t forget the massage. DL 2011

www.vastushilpa.org/profile/objectives.htm   }research in Habitat Design, etc.

IV. Ecology  (including, e.g. “sustainable housing”)  }Institute of Sciences of the Environment.  Our link is to the page translated into English. DL 2011 Replacement: http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=fr&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.unige.ch%2F   }try this link. We don’t know why Harmony chose to include this link or site on her former website.

www.adobemachine.com/tornadoproof.htm   }explanations of building techniques, too.

architectureforhumanity.org/default.htm  }trying to rebuild the south; nice clean site.

www.builderswithoutborders.org/   }networking for global natural builders. good links.

http://calearth.org/      }build a complete home for $1500.00. Institute of Earth Art and Architecture. They have a new video on their site.

http://www.cypherltd.com/    }global environmental solutions.

www.daviscaves.com/index.shtml   }earthen-homes; many of these firms have units available for nightly rental.

www.dirtcheapbuilder.com/ind.html    }Papercrete, & much, much more. Bookstore.

www.earthportals.com/control.html   }a strange site, have fun with it. Has link to Utne. Their “earthportals diagram” gives a view of the sites connections which is similar to those given by graphical search engines (see elsewhere in JKU for those). Here’s an example of sites you  could link to: http://www.braincourse.com/21stlinks.html   }what could the 21st century be like?

www.earthshipbiotecture.com/home.htm   }Unhook! These heat & cool themselves, etc. DL 2011 Update: the earthship site is down for maintainance, this link may come back later.

www.earthship.net/    }the Earthship web-net. Housing relief for New Orleans, etc.

www.ecologyfund.com/ecology/_ecology.html   }Part of the HungerSite Network. √ it out

www.fourmilab.ch/earthview/vplanet.html    }another version of the type of sites from

“Daily Awareness” from previous JKU. An earth and moon viewer with adjustable settings.

www.greenhomebuilding.com/index.htm    }a comprehensive site; clean.

www.hydraform.co.za/    }low-cost brick- and block-making machine.

www.ldeo.columbia.edu/res/pi/EV/EarthViewHome.html   }”fun” version of sites from

“Daily Awareness” from JKU-III, suitable for students & teachers. Zoom-in to make image larger.

www.networkearth.org/   }eco-friendly building, etc.; partner with network of spiritual progressives(New Mexico).

lxnr.nmdigitalvideo.com     }alt. housing construction methods (adobe/solar, etc.). DL 2011

http://oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov/SeaWiFS/    }Sea & Ocean Awareness site. Phytoplankton and ocean color.

http://oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov/SeaWiFS/reefs/      } remote sensing of Coral Reefs.

http://www.papercrete.com/  }also clay, woodchip, earthen-homes, etc. Links.

www.shelter-systems.com/shelters.html   }alt. housing types, plus other useful items, etc.

www.spot.com/html/_167_.php    }another version of the type of sites from “Daily Awareness” from the previous JKU.

www.strawbalecentral.com/    }strawbale homes: videos, books, techniques.

www.strawbalecentral.com/links.html    }Home On Earth…

www.sustainableabc.com/index.html   }sustainable architecture, building, & culture.

www.tve.org/ho/doc.cfm?aid=395&lang=English    }primitive techniques for moderns. DL 2011

www.worldtrans.org/whole.html     }very nice links to whole systems.

http://yurt.com/gallery/virtual-tour.aspx    }Alt.-type housing, “yurt” style.

V. More Mind Tools.

http://alchemicalarchives.blogspot.com/   }site with Krishnamurti, Alan Watts, Terrence McKenna, Bucky, Carl Jung, etc…. has audio posts as well as video. Joe-Bob says, check it out.

www.breggin.com/    }psychiatrist warns the dangers of drugs, methods (“therapies”).

http://www.breggin.com/brain-disablingch1.html   }the most important page. New Link: http://breggin.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=19&Itemid=45   }his book about brain-disabling drugs and methods.

www.breggin.com/luvox.html   }Dr. P. Breggin re/Luvox… New Link for the Luvox news: http://breggin.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=89   }and there are others.

www.breggin.com/6_7million.html     }and re/Risperdal… 2011 Update: the site has been reorganized, the new link is: http://breggin.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=89    }Risperdal loses in court damages case.

http://www.damtp.cam.ac.uk/about/history.html    }Dept. Applied Math & Theoretical Physics.

http://deoxy.org/tcrime.htm#rel   }thoughts, ideas for your mind. And about the mind, or The Mind. Yes, this could have gone on the Freedom category, or elsewhere, but we thought that it would balance out the other sites in this category best.

http://www.eskimo.com/~billb/weird/wclose.html   }this, too, might have gone in the High Weirdness category, but “Skepticism is a primary tool of science. We’d be hypocrites if we never directed a skeptical eye towards Scientific Skepticism itself. Denied imperfections and errors are free to grow without limit, and Skepticism is not immune to this problem. Unbridled gullibility can destroy science, but unbridled disbelief is no less a threat because it brings both a tolerance for bias and ridicule as well as the suppression of untested new ideas. Better to take a middle road between total closed-mindedness and total gullibility. Practice pragmatism, pursue humility, and maintain a clear, honest, and continuing view of ourselves and the less noble of our own behaviors.”

http://www.fourmilab.ch/rpkp/   }this site is a little more serious than we expected. They do, among other things, scientific experiments and tests of so-called psychic phenomena, such as psychokinesis. Some of you are already scoffing; we almost put this in “High Weirdness” ourselves. You, the site reader, are invited to perform an experiment of your own. They are as scientific as they can be, though. Project Founded by Matthew R. Watkins School of Classics, Philosophy and Religious Studies University of Kent at Canterbury, UK

www.ftrbooks.net/psych/bios/thomas_szasz.htm   }his Biography.

http://www.fusionanomaly.net/jedimindtricks.html   }Jedi Mind Tricks. Under this title, some different and graphic information about mind tools and tricks.  “Verbal slaughterers of the Judeo-Christian ethic”. This page is easier to read if you “zap” the colors.

www.greatmystery.org/newsletters/sheldrake_trialogues.html    }Rupert Sheldrake. 2012 DL. However, we did find a copy of it on the Wayback Machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20070302092107/http://www.greatmystery.org/newsletters/sheldrake_trialogues.html   }Look there now is want an idea about what the original website/page looked like. He’s matched-up here with Terrence McKenna, asking, is Divine Omniscience a Necessary Concept. Here’s what’s left of http://web.archive.org/web/20070228180713/http://www.greatmystery.org/   }the original webstie itself, and here http://www.greatmystery.org/   }is what it looks like today. 2012 Update: http://www.sheldrake.org/homepage.html   }one of the world’s most innovative biologists and writers, is best known for his theory of morphic fields and morphic resonance, which leads to a vision of a living, developing universe with its own inherent memory

He worked in developmental biology at Cambridge University, where he was a Fellow of Clare College.

http://www.hare.org/   }Welcome to “Without Conscience”, Robert Hare’s Web Site devoted to the study of Psychopathy.

http://harmony.kieding.org/relativity.html      }M.C.Escher & Consciousness.

www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-peter-breggin/fda-warns-that-paxil-make_b_21388.html   }Paxil makes depressed adults suicidal.

www.ions.org/about.cfm    }Institute of Noetic Sciences, consciousness studies.

www.issc-taste.org/index.shtml   }The Archives of Scientists’ Transcendent Experiences.

www.madsci.org   }Science labs, research, etc., for students and teachers.

www.learningmeditation.com/   }meditation is enjoying another period of popularity, and this is one of the better sites for beginners. We cannot guarantee the claims of any website, not can we guarantee that you will find the answers you are looking for in meditation. Maybe, you won’t find peace there, other than, say, mechanical calming of the body through changed breathing and the stillness of sitting, etc. That is, it is normal for the mind to busy working all the time.

http://www.manipulative-people.com/understanding-manipulation-tactics-part-two/  }Sometimes a therapist will listen to a disturbed character engage in a well-crafted whitewash of their irresponsible behavior (using tactics such as feigning ignorance, feigning innocence, minimizing, rationalizing, lying by significant omission, etc.).

www.newtherapist.com/szasz.html   }future, if any, of psychotherapy. Enlarge text.

www.paradigm-sys.com/index.cfm    }Charles Tart’s Homepage. (teaches at UCDavis).

www.psychotherapy.net/interview/Thomas_Szasz   }an interview with him.

www.quotationspage.com/quotes/Thomas_Szasz   }some quote from him (teaches psychiatrists).

http://reluctant-messenger.com/misc.htm     }a very nice links page for study of Biblical and other Sacred Texts. See also site disclaimer. Good synopses of ancient ideas.

www.socialanxiety.factsforhealth.org/help/helpfullinks.asp    }a good list and link-list.

http://www.srmhp.org/0201/media-watch.html   }anti-depressant/placebo debate in the media. Site is, Commission for Scientific Medicine and Mental Health.  http://starvethematrix.com/index.php/esoterica/fourth-way/reciprocal-maintenance/268-time-and-initiative   }Reading and thinking about this information may lead you to knowledge; and also helps to reverse brain-rot, that plague of the modern era. So, this site is ‘mind tools’ twice. Of course, the homepage of it is here: http://starvethematrix.com/   }but the mind tools are mostly under ‘esoterica’. Most people today, living in our culture that conditions them to greed and barbarism, that is, American culture, read ‘useless’, ‘unimportant’, or at the very least, ‘unscientific’, when they see the word ‘esoteric’, and that is unfortunate. Esoteric actually means, ‘belonging to an inner circle’, and originally referred to Greek wisdom-teachings, sometime called ‘philosphy’, that weren’t exoteric, or shared with ‘an outer circle’, i.e., made public.

http://itre.cis.upenn.edu/~myl/language/archives/005420.html    }meta-analysis of anti-depressant data.

http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/baw.html    }Neuroscience For Kids.

www.williamjames.com/pioneers2.htm    }”contemporary pioneers of …consciousness”

www.worldtrans.org/whole/cognitivetools.html   }Cognitive Tools (Tucson, Az.)

http://www.zeropoint.ca/Critiquesofnewthink.html   } a page he calls “Critiques of NewThink”, after Orwell; and here he gives some much needed criticism to much of the endless pseudo-scientific, pseudo-psychological, etc., foolishness that our culture is drowning in these days. Dr. Holmes has had some contact with the Work, that much is clear; but he still spends too much charging at political and governmental windmills (see Don Quixote). People in the work are usually quieter and more serious than all that. Included here, though, owing to the service he has done us with his critiques.

http://www.zeropoint.ca/HowtoKnowMrGod.html   }finally, a good critique of Deepak Chopra’s teachings and foolishness, which hopefully will be good for him and his followers. Mayber a good doctor, he should have just stayed with that, and not gone on wild journeys with his writings, teachings, and seminars. More hero-worship we don’t need in our culture, etc. All that encourages fantasizing and impedes clear and sane thinking. http://www.zeropoint.ca/microcosm_4-2pribram.htm   }here he gives a fairly interesting critique of Pribram holographic brain/mind model. We’ve spent time thinking about Pribram’s and David Bohm’s holographic models, including for perception, thought, consciousness, etc., and find them interesting. It is rare to read book reviews by someone who is intelligent these days. We hope that you enjoy this one.

http://www.zeropoint.ca/GSSD-4-6BOHM.html   }he provides, in fact, a good review of Bohm’s writings on holography, and the implicate order, etc., on this webpage.

VI. More Web Tools. (See also JKU Research List. http://sdrv.ms/x8nu4J )

www.bestweb.net/    }various Web Services (site slightly old).

http://www.freeality.com/meta.htm     }metasearches (may duplicate JKU-I,II,III).

http://www.freeality.com/finde.htm     }reverse white-, yellow-pages, e-mail, etc.

www.jstor.org/about/desc.html  }JSTOR. 2011 Update: all the previous JSTOR links have changed; however, this is still their homepage: http://www.jstor.org/    }the site has changed somewhat since 2007 as well.

http://www.jstor.org/about/handouts/general.pdf   }one of their PDF handouts. DL 2011 Replacement: http://about.jstor.org/content-collections   }a little about what it’s for and what they do.

www.jstor.org/about/participants_na.html    }whose involved with it. DL 2011 Replacement: http://about.jstor.org/about-us/organization   }what it is, with links.

www.onr.com/   }”green” powered Web in Austin, Texas.

VII. Metaphysics; Mr. Kamel doesn’t advocate or refute any particular website.

http://arssacra.org/articles.php?p_ID=93&lang=2   }Agnes Hidveghy’s interesting comments on Sacred Geometry.

www.borndigital.com/tree/index.html  }Kabala studies. DL 2011

www.crystalinks.com/directory2.html    }another massive link-list (56 pages).

www.essentia.com/links/L_enlighten.htm   }eclectic links page, some duplicate previous JKUs.

www.intuition.org/others.htm    } this site has a tremendous links-list, one with photos.

www.meetingtent.com/AlphabetInGenesis.html    }Stan Tenen’s beliefs about Hebrew. DL 2011

www.new-universe.com/pythagoras/    }clean site with science and esoteric mixed. Explore this site a little. Samples: http://www.new-universe.com/pythagoras/music-life.html   }the music of life. And: http://www.new-universe.com/pythagoras/secret-power-music.html   }from the site.

www.pistissophia.org/index.html   }The Academy for Future Science: The Pistis Sophia.

www.reunificationchurch.org/    }claims relationship with Biblical Order of Melchizedek.

www.rosicrucian.org/home.html   }AMORC (San Jose, Ca.)

www.rsintl.org/teaching/declaration.asp     }Religious Science Int’l. = Science of Mind.  DL 2011 However, the site is still up at http://www.rsintl.org/   }and you can link to their courses, distance learning, etc., from there.  Also http://www.rsintl.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=379&Itemid=377   }has their mission and vision statements, and their links.

www.sacredsites.com/index.html    }Martin Gray visited 1000 sacred sites in 80 countries. http://sacredsites.com/   }their homepage.

http://www.sacredscience.com/store/commerce.cgi   }the Sacred Science Institute, where ancient wisdom and future science meet.

http://www.sacredscience.com/archive/Wortmann.htm   }Eberhard Wortmann, The Law of the Cosmos, Divine Harmony according to Plato’s Republic and Timaeus: the Platonic riddle of numbers solved, with illustrations. Page has samples and links.

http://www.seattlemetaphysicallibrary.org/    }” The Seattle Metaphysical Library (legally known as the AS-YOU-LIKE-IT Library) was established in Seattle in 1961. We have grown over the past five decades to hold over 13,000 books plus many hundreds of audio and video tapes, CDs, DVDs, magazines and newspaper clippings on a variety of metaphysical and spiritual topics, as well as material selected help remove the Veil of Maya – the veil of illusion – from our eyes.”

www.spiritual-endeavors.org/   }clean, well-organized site of esoteric, metaphysics, etc.

http://web.tiscalinet.it/ulissedicorpo/sintropy.htm    }different spin on Science and Religion. (Site is slightly changed from original version.) Syntropy magazine’s editor: author.

http://www.womenofwisdom.org/   }” The Women of Wisdom Foundation is a National Women’s Organization based in Seattle, providing diverse and innovative programs that offer women opportunities for personal growth and transformation. WOW promotes women’s spirituality, creativity and wholeness, and empowers women’s voices and their contributions to the world, honoring the Divine Feminine in all. Womens events include a range of mind body and spirit topics for a full healing experience.”

www.worldtrans.org/essay/holarchies.html   }Holarchies.

VIII. Music and Video.

www.angelearth.org/TSO.mp3     }Hopeful, positive New age. Composer deceased. DL 2011

http://www.krazymediadesign.com/Stuff2/Wallflowers-OneHeadlight.mp3      }one headlight, by the wallfowers.

 http://www.starnova.com/Orb%20-%20Little%20Fluffy%20Clouds%20(Dance%20Mix%202).mp3    }some Orb. DL 2011 Replacement: http://www.neitherland.com/hyperballad/candy/files/mp3/Rogue/Orb%20-%20Little%20Fluffy%20Clouds.mp3   }little fluffy clouds. 4:26

http://melia.dellabolla.free.fr/trax/orbital_halcyon-on-on.mp3     }and some Orbital. DL 2011 Replacement: http://lenaleto.info/ftp/mp3/Track09.mp3   }orbital, halcyon and on. 9:26.

http://www.eyetap.org/~maali/test-sounds/kiss.mp3    }St. Etienne, Fox Base Alpha. DL 2011 Replacment substitute: http://blahblahblahscience.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/st-etienne-only-love-can-break-your-heart.mp3   }only love can break your heart 4:19.

http://www.razormaid.com/sound/seismicboxset/discF/moby.ram    }next is the e.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpJwBva7Mhg   }video about the Insight Prison Project. 3:41. Recommended.

IX. Science.

http://amasci.com/    }a site for Science Hobbyists. Still a cool site. for example, if you click on neodymium supermagnets, you’ll got to a page with a video on supermagnet bead tricks, 2:23.

www.biroz.net/words/irsonos.htm   }David Bohm’s “rheomode”.

http://www.mcremo.com/   }”Where did we come from? What is the true history of humankind? Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson challenge the prevailing theory of Darwinian evolution with their groundbreaking work Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race. Forbidden Archeology was first released in 1993 and quickly became an underground classic. Today it is a bestseller, with foreign editions in over twenty languages, presenting both accepted and anomalous scientific evidence defying traditional ideas concerning human evolution.”

http://www.electricuniverse.info/Introduction   }”The Electric Universe theory highlights the importance of electricity throughout the Universe. It is based on the recognition of existing natural electrical phenomena (eg. lightning, St Elmo’s Fire), and the known properties of plasmas (ionized “gases”) which make up 99.999% of the visible universe, and react strongly to electro-magnetic fields. Much of the material considered by the Electric Universe is peer-reviewed, but not all (see Speculative Theories, below).”

www.eskimo.com/~billb/tesla/tesla.html    }This, too, is Science. 2011 Update: They have new videos on their site. However, one doesn’t work, so here’s another URL for it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5PGQfUSZ_A   }they didn’t have enough Tesla coils for their party.

www.greatmystery.org/events/sedona07.html    }Orbs: Weird Science (see also JKU-II).

http://www.padrak.com/agn/   }antigravity news and space drive technology. Unfortunately, many of the links on this page are broken; it is an older site. However this http://www.padrak.com/agn/AGPAPER99.html   }is still available. “An overview of “Anti-Gravity” Technology is presented. Emphasis is placed on the review consensus of this intriguing science, its current technical status, the conclusions that have been reached, and the concerns that this technology faces. It is found that several physicists have mathematical theories that support the generation of an antigravitational field, several experimentalists have successfully and repeatedly demonstrated antigravitational effects, and that the sightings of man-made or Earth-built antigravity craft have been seen throughout history, up to and including the present day.”

http://www.sjcrothers.plasmaresources.com/PhD.html   }Stephen j. Crothers ‘an example of suppression in science”.

www.pmel.noaa.gov/tao/    }monitoring the El Niño conditions, mostly using moored ocean buoys. Ocean surface temperature was one of the indicators that Jim Berkland used for his accurate earthquake predictions.

http://www.sott.net/article/234225-The-Corruption-of-Science-in-America   }”The purpose of science is to discover the true nature of Earth and Universe and to convey that knowledge truthfully to people everywhere.” However, it does not do that anymore.

http://www.svpvril.com/index.html     }It’s a Musical Universe: this is Science not Metaphysics.

http://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2012/06/18/traditions-of-science-2/   }traditions of science. “Although the gap between scientific and traditional cosmology is wide and radical in theory, it is considerably smaller in practice, for two reasons.”

http://www.thunderbolts.info/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=429    }transient lunar phenomema. “The Moon is dominated by gigantic circular structures where unusual luminous discharges have been observed. Are they indicative of past electrical events? “

http://www.thunderbolts.info/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5769   }Earth’s surface recently formed. “TPODs Explain Why Surface Features Must Be Recent. Although conventional dating methods say that rock strata are millions of years old, there’s much evidence that they formed much more recently. So I looked for TPODs that say this. Here they are. “

www.vision.net.au/~apaterson/science/david_bohm.htm    }more on David Bohm.

www.worldtrans.org/whole.html     }nice set of links, whole systems, etc. 2011 Update: many of the links are still good.

X. History.

ce.eng.usf.edu/pharos/wonders     }nice site for your children, etc. DL 2011 No replacement.

www.harappa.com/    }glimpses of South Asia before 1947, + Mohenjo-Daro,etc. 2011 Update: this is still a good site, but the articles go through Facebook now, so, here’s the URL of one of her typical responses  to questions (we used our facebook account to get it for you): http://a.harappa.com/content/what-your-considered-opinion-how-and-why-indus-valley-civilization-came-end   }how/why did the Indus Valley Civilization(s) come to an end?

killeenroos.com/1/calendar.html     }std. History i.e. old-school Uniformitarians, etc. 2011 Update: this site is down, but we’ve found the former contents, in a list of pdfs, w/o the HTML, etc. It’s http://www.killeenroos.com/AP/   }just click on the pdf you’re interested in.

www.learner.org/exhibits/collapse/mayans_sub.html   }wiseacring about why civilizations collapse.


1.  Q: Isn’t this List just repeating the Links from Harmony’s site?

A: No, the Links have been pursued to any interesting sites of relevance,

and the DLs weeded out and so forth, for your shopping convenience.

2.  Q: What are DLs?

A: See JKU-I and JKU-II for more information about these.

3.  Q: When was the word ‘homeless’ officially changed to ‘homefree’?

A: In 2004, in the poem, Why I Sit. But the trend away from words

of the form “-less” and toward those of the form “-free”, has been

happening for about 30 years already.

4.  Q: I noticed that your List is different from Harmony’s. What did you do

besides remove the dead links and lost domain names?

A: We also tried to remove duplications by area or category, place items

into correct categories, and avoid geographical areas too distant from the U.S.A.

5.  Q: What’s a Homefree Refuge?

A: This is, of course, a place where Homefree persons receive temporary housing.

6.  Q: Why have the Usenet and FTP sites been omitted?

A: Because the typical reader (of this document) won’t know what they are or how

to use them. Restricting the List to Web URLs makes it simpler for everyone.

7.  Q: How did you decide what the best of Harmony’s Links are?

A:  See also the answers to the above questions. Readers of JKU are a select list,

and this is not for the general public. Sites that folks can or most likely would have found            by themselves are omitted; obvious examples are, online dictionaries, newspapers, e-           zines, and the like. All print publications today are chock-full of URLs and have been for            10 or 15 years. JKU attempts to bring to you, the sites you won’t be seeing otherwise,            music you might not have heard, videos you might not have seen. We also want to            present the core of Harmony’s vision, without all the redundancies and window-            dressing. In some cases, her dead-links have been replaced by URLs of still extant            websites.

8. Q: Where did Harmony find all her homefree links?

A: She travelled all over the country, and recorded the websites of places that were helping              the homefree, etc. This was in about 1998; the authors met her and her companion in 1999.

9. Q: So, how old is Harmony’s website? How old is your List?

A:  According to Network Solutions, the site (http://harmony.kieding.org/index6.html ) was           made on December 1, 2002, about one year  after they moved. We met in San Luis Obispo.           According to Netcraft, the site was first  seen (by them) in August, 2011. The site was last           refreshed on the server, probably by the netblock owner, today, December 19, 2012. Our           List (http://sdrv.ms/y2PQu6 ) was made in  2007 and first released on July 30, 2007.

10. Q: Is there a way that we can contact Harmony?

A: We aren’t sure. She seems to us to be deceased, but we have no proof of that. Her last                            known e-mail was adyharmony23@yahoo.com , and that of her partner, Bjorn Tore, was             bt@kieding.org ; he was her site’s administrator. Bjorn Tore was also the site’s listed             registrant, and he lived in Tonsberg, Norway (http://www.1911encyclopedia.org/Tonsberg ),            at that time. 11. Q: So, how can we contact you?       A: We recommend using our e-mail for that.             Jae Kamel: hillman1932@hotmail.com             Jone Dae: jonedae@hotmail.com . 12. Q: So where is this poem, Why I Sit?       A:  It’s at  http://sdrv.ms/UEIb50   .