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Stephen J. Crothers: Black Holes, General Relativity and Newtonian Gravitation
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Added on 11/27/12
Dear Scientists, Engineers and Thinkers,
I have been interviewed by American scientists in order to explain why
the black hole is not predicted by General Relativity or by Newton’s
theory and is therefore fallacious. So it is no wonder that nobody has
ever found a black hole despite the almost daily reports for them
being found all over the place and being responsible for all sorts of
things. It is even now being claimed that quasars are black holes.
That amounts to a convenient each-way bet! The search of the black
hole has always been destined to detect nothing. All reports for the
discovery of black holes are false; the product of wishful thinking.
The interview is here:
In relation to this interview you might be interested in these two
short and simple papers:
On the Alleged “Black Hole” Binary in Nova Scorpii
On the Alleged ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ in the Bright Quasar 3C 279
(An Open Letter to Weintroub et al.)
I owe a number of you private replies to emails and your papers. I
will attend to them as soon as I can. Any such person who has not
heard from me for some time is invited to send me a reminder email as
some originals may have got lost in my records and therefore have been
overlooked by me. I wish to reply to all who have asked me to do so. I
hope I have no offended anybody by my delay in response.
I will soon go abroad to attend an astrophysics conference and I will
cover the material in the foregoing interview then too, along with the
invalidity of Einstein’s gravitational waves, Big Bang cosmology and
its alleged expansion of the Universe, and the invalidity of General
Relativity itself for violation of the usual conservation of energy
and momentum. Thus the search for Einstein’s gravitational waves has
also always been destined to detect nothing, and the so-called Cosmic
Microwave Background Radiation is certainly not the afterglow of a Big
Bang creatio ex nihilo.
Yours faithfully,
Steve Crothers